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Deadly Focus DI Jack Dylan #1 [PDF / EPUB] Deadly Focus DI Jack Dylan #1 The first novel in the DI Jack Dylan series by RC Bridgestock Deadly Focus is a gripping crime fiction novel set in Yorkshire When a young girl is abducted fear and suspicion haunts the streets of Har The first novel DI Jack PDF/EPUB ë in the DI Jack Dylan series by RC Bridgestock Deadly Focus is a gripping crime fiction novel set Deadly Focus MOBI :ß in Yorkshire When a young girl is abducted fear and suspicion haunts the streets of Harrowfield Dylan's worst fears are confirmed when Focus DI Jack Epub µ the body of Daisy Hind is found on a bleak windswept moor As the murder investigation swings into action another child is abducted and suddenly Dylan has to confront the possibility of a serial killer preying on children and solve the case before a third child is snatched Deadly Focus is written by husband and wife writing team Bob and Carol Bridgestock Bob brings the authenticity of years serving as a policeman with the West Yorkshire police force For over half of his service he was a senior detective retiring at the rank of Detective Superintendent Bob took charge of many leading homicide cases and his expertise in solving these cases was endorsed by Crown Court Judges and working on many leading homicide cases Carol also dedicated her professional career to the police force and received a Chief Constable s commendation for outstanding work She is now the Chair of a local writing circle on the Isle of Wight that involves the community in writing competitions for all ages A Cracking Story Natasha Harding The Sun Newspaper.

  • Paperback
  • 234 pages
  • Deadly Focus DI Jack Dylan #1
  • R.C. Bridgestock
  • English
  • 15 May 2015
  • 9781907565083

About the Author: R.C. Bridgestock

RC Bridgestock is DI Jack PDF/EPUB ë the name that husband and wife co authors Robert Bob and Carol Bridgestock write under Between them they Deadly Focus MOBI :ß have nearly years of police experience offering an authentic edge to their stories The writing duo created the character DI Jack Focus DI Jack Epub µ Dylan a down to earth detective written with warmth and humourBob was a highly commended career detective of years retiring at the r.

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    Deadly Focus is the first book in the D I Dylan seriesI love a good crime book and read plenty of them so it always takes me by surprise when crimes in one book will affect me a lot than in others Reading of someone going around killing innocent and unsuspecting children really got to me I have to admit that some parts made for uncomfortable reading as well as making me uite emotional What I loved about Jack Dylan as well as his colleague Dawn is that they care and I mean really care Even though they have been doing the job for uite a while it has hardened them of course but not enough to not get emotional when they are faced with such sad and pointless losses The way they deal with the children's families I also thought was great as they came across as being very supportive and caring and it was great to read that in a crime novelJack I have to admit to not knowing uite how I felt about him at first Out of work he is like a love sick teenager whilst at work he is this very strong confident man who takes no rubbish from anyone It did take some getting used to but I really warmed to him especially the relationship he has with his colleague DawnDawn I really loved and think she is a great character She is likened to Dawn French in the story and I totally agreeShe obviously has a big heart and you can see the job is taking it's toll on her at times I love the banter she has with Jack anyone else probably wouldn't get away with it but Jack obviously thinks a lot of Dawn and lets her get away with that little bit than any of the others though I very much doubt that anyone else would even dare to joke around with him as he is someone you would not want to upsetDeadly Focus has some strong and likeable characters as well as a gripping storyline that will have the reader flying through the pages Great start to a seriesMany thanks to the authors for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    This is a 'first' novel and it shows The main character and his sidekick are called Dylan and Dawn which made me chuckle sounds like an old music hall act The writing is uite pedestrian and flat; the storyline is very linear and concentrates too much on the 'police procedural' aspect of the plot I found the mushy romance of the main protagonist which trundles along in the background very misogynistic with the little woman anxiously waiting at home always understanding arms open for cuddles and a hot meal on the tableHowever there were parts of the book that were interesting and reasonably well done this writer could do much better with a bit sophistication and polish

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    Deadly Focus is the first of a series introducing the reader to DI Jack Dylan I’ve certainly got a lot of catching up to do as I believe there is already six books in this series Dylan is a senior investigating officer tasked with hunting down Daisy’s Hinds killer Nine year old Daisy was last seen coming home from her grandmother’s house Somewhere in the last hundred yards after she turned the corner to her street she disappearedIf I’m honest I always find books around children being murdered an uncomfortable and upsetting read and Deadly Focus was no different although in the authors defence they handle it with sensitivity and understanding DI Jack Dylan has all the makings of an excellent serial detective he appears hard on the exterior driven but compassionate to the victims and family of hideous crimesI did have one small issue and that was Jack Dylan’s relationship with his girlfriend Jen after a while it began to grate to on me but this is no way distracted from an excellent read It was also interesting to see as the investigation intensified the detrimental effect it had on jacks health and his personal life as he pushed himself to the limits trying to solve the caseThe police procedures were very detailed and added a very authentic feel to the plot in fact the authors give a fascinating insight into what comes after the crime the forensics the collecting of information clues and tactics which made for a very credible and compelling read At times I felt I was there with the investigation team and feeling their frustration and anger as they tried to first find a killer and then build a case against them Also the camaraderie and authentic banter between the police team added some light relief to what could have been a depressing readAt times I found Deadly Focus chilling to say the least this was mostly due to the scenes involving the murdered children but despite this it was a gripping read and very well plotted I wouldn’t consider it to be a fast paced book as this is a story that builds on the police investigation so the strands mesh together over time as you would expect in a true life murder investigation Deadly Focus is a promising start to the series and I will certainly be reading the rest of the books in this series to see how DI Jack Dylan evolves If you love a crime thriller that focuses on the police procedures side then I would definitely recommend this bookFirst published on

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    Deadly Focus was written from the heart of a man and woman who between them have nearly half a centry of police experienceBob writes the storyline of their crime fiction novels Carol puts the flesh on the bones to the idea Having run high profile murder enuires and being in charge of serious incidents the memories don’t go away easy We don’t write about factual murders we feel that would be too painful for the relatives of the victims who have already suffered enough; but every crime scene Bob writes about he has seen Every post mortem is etched in his sub conscious forever all he has to do is draw on the memory of the incident He will never forget Carol worked for the same force for fifteen years as a civilian employee working in various rolesBob was a detective for 28 years of his 30 year service and has performed every role of a detective in the CID office in that time As you can imagine he has a lot of incidents to choose from He was a senior detective for 18 years In his last three years as a Detective Superintendent he took charge of 26 murder investigations 23 serious incidents including shooting serious rapes and attempted murders as well as over 50 suspicious deaths He was also a hostage negotiator taking charge of extortion and suicide intervention cases Carol woe Once Bob has a crime scene in his mind as in the first chapter of Deadly Focus he can write about the enuiry till he captures the murderers as he did in real life with all the highs and lows of any investigation he has taken charge of which could have happened in any CID Office in any part of the world When his first draft of around 120000 words was completed he passed it to Carol She added the emotion She drew out of him his feelings she wrote the scenes from his sometimes harrowing real life descriptions Carol says it’s cathartic for Bob Bob says its work There was never the case of not knowing how to move the story forward or writers block because the investigation opened up automatically just as in real life The end result is a fictional story with the real life feelings of the man in charge who happens to be called Dylan in their books and his partner JenWe’ll never write something because it’s what everyone else is writing Our experiences and feelings are genuine or we don’t write it at all One of Bob’s pet hates is to watch a TV series or read a crime novel and the police procedure is wrongly portrayed But the story is after all fiction It’s fluid Lines blur Rules change It’s about writing about the truth of feelings for us and correct police procedure with some version of reality in the murder There is something about writing something we know We hope you enjoy Deadly FocusConseuences the seuel will be published in the Summer 2011 by Caffeine Nights Publishing

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    An interesting gripping and refreshing readDeadly Focus is the first of in the series introducing DI Jack Dylan I’ve certainly got a lot of catching up to do as there are already 6 books in the series plus a preuel The StoryDI Dylan is a senior investigating officer tasked with hunting down a child killer and while the press and public hound police for action and justice DI Dylan is under pressure to catch the killer before the next child victimWritten by former police detectives Deadly Focus gives some good insights into how a murder investigation is run The investigation will keep you on your toes turning pages to find out what happens as you root for Dylan and his team in the race to catch the killerWhy 5 stars?The main character is refreshing because he's a top cop of many years and isn't an alcoholic with relationship meltdowns Instead he has a loving relationship with his partner and she is supportive of his late nights and missed dinners outings etc He is stressed at times and who wouldn't be in the job he does He gets into scraps with criminals and colleagues alike but overall it's keeping on track to catch those that need stopping that keeps him focused on the jobOther characters are well drawn with some surprising traitsI did put the novel on hold to read some short stories and to do some writing but overall the story kept me gripped trying to guess who dunnit as well as how DCI Dylan would sort itRecommend it to you if you're looking for something refreshing in your police procedurals

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    Maybe 2 12 stars As a police procedural it was good It gave some good insights into how a murder investigation is run and its not all glamour I also liked that the main police characters were neither perfect nor deeply flawedBut as a mysterythriller it was lacking I was still struggling to get into it at the halfway mark I thought the delivery was rather flat there was no atmosphere You were reading the words but you weren't there Here's hoping the pace picks up in the following books

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    This is a good procedural type crime read a well put together mystery with the main Detective as our central character I've shelved it as a psychological thriller I'm not sure it uite meets that as their are no real twists and turns and definitely no heart stopping moments The private life of the main character is also slightly unbelievable too but for an easy whodunit it fulfills the brief

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    This is a belter of a series opener within pages not only have you been plunged deep into the community of Harrowfield as if you are one of their own you immediately have a grasp of who protagonist Jack Dyan is a man and as detective with his earstwhile partner DawnIt takes a writer with confidence to create a first novel with such a horrific crime as a child murderer you fully sense that the disappearance of Daisy has completely unseated the whole of the town It's northern sensibility is firmly pinned to its sleeve surely this a character in and of itself as much as Dylan is As such Daisy's uick walk home from her grandmother's house should have been a straightforward one but when she does not return the alarm is very uickly raised It is unheard of for a 9 year old girl to vanish like that and alarm bells ring loudly and clearly as Dawn brings Dylan back to the station to be briefed on the missing girlHeartwrenchingly vivid and extremely disturbing this tight knit community draws together to firstly support and then to condemn blame and suspect In the midst of this Dylan has to balance public expectations with his professional role leading the investigation and the need to justice to be done When it comes to children there is nothing people will not do to when they feel aggrieved by due process Ad this is wonderfully displayed in a town that is grieving first one then two children The race is on to find the perpetrator before a third goes missingI found this really hard to read as the mother of a 9 year old this hit too close to home Last Saturday Halloween I came home to find my 9 year old had been let out to trick or treat in our streetwith one friend and no adults there Throwing my shopping at the stairs I yelled at my other half 'This is exactly the kind of headline which covers newspapers 9 year olds vanish trick or treating on their own doorstep'It was dark cold and everyone was wearing costumes as I ran up the street asking kids if they had seen mine I found her all was well and yes that was a complete overreaction but the sheer overwhelming panic to find her gone even for minutes was hideous This book does not use a child disappearing as a plot device it is neither gratuitous nor gory it simply is This is the catalyst for some truly shocking revelations and excellently illustrates the police procedural is a genre which has so much life in it and iterations than certain uarters give it credit forA huge fan of detective stories I really enjoyed this novel which has the added kudos of being written by a couple whose combined experience shines through on every page It has the weight of authenticity behind it and I am so glad to be playing catchup on the Dylan series there are 4 books so far from Dome and hopefully Highly recommended for fans of Angela Marsons and Caroline Mitchell

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    Detective Inspector Jack Dylan Had A Child's Murder To Investigate And He Was Filled With Rage That A Nine Year Old Girl Was Snatched Feet From Her Own Home Poor Little Daisy Hinds Had Only Wanted To Show Her Grandmother Her Bridesmaid Dress Now The Wedding Would Be Postponed And Daisy Would Never Breathe Again Before Jack Could Get His Breathe Another Child Went Missing Jack Kept His Move In With Jen Jones Who Worked In Administration At Headuarters A Secret And He Told Himself That He Was Protecting Her From Office Gossip But Even Though He Told Her That He Loved He Was Afraid Of The Next Level In Their Relationship But Promised When He Caught The Killer That They Would Go On HolidayR C Bridgestock Penned The First Book Of The Jack Dylan Series That Kept Me On The Edge Of My Seat As One After Another Children Just Kept Coming Up Missing In The Small Town Of Harrowfield And Once Found Their Little Bodies Displayed The Terrible Acts Against Them Jack Hardly Slept And Ran On Gallons Of Coffee Yet When He Thought He Had Nailed The Guilty Party He Had To Let Him Go For Lack Of Evidence Jack Worked A Eighty Hour Week But Could Not Rest As He Knew The Murder Murder Would Strike Yet Again Until He Stopped Him

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    Excellent read A crime novel by a real policeman and his wife Great insight into how cases are run Good series character in Jack Dylan Looking forward to

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