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The Last Man [PDF / EPUB] The Last Man When a young Israeli woman suddenly goes missing her boyfriend an American nuclear engineer suspects her disappearance is connected to her tantalizing theory about the haunting fortress of Masada He d When a young Israeli woman suddenly goes missing her boyfriend an American nuclear engineer The Last Kindle - suspects her disappearance is connected to her tantalizing theory about the haunting fortress of Masada He decides to travel to Herod's year old mountain fortress to see if her theory was right There he makes a discovery so astonishing that forces from the dark side of Israeli intelligence begin to converge on him to deflect his pursuit of the truth by any means necessary With the aid of a beautiful Israeli archaeologist he struggles to bring to light the treasures he believes are concealed in the mountain unaware that there is a dangerous contemporary secret at stake.

  • Audio CD
  • The Last Man
  • P.T. Deutermann
  • English
  • 02 October 2016
  • 9781611063417

About the Author: P.T. Deutermann

P T Deutermann is a retired Navy captain and has served in the joint The Last Kindle - Chiefs of Staff as an arms control specialist He is the author of eighteen novels and lives in North Carolina His World War II adventure novel Pacific Glory won the W Y Boyd Literary Award for Excellence in Military Fiction administered by the American Library Association; his other World War II novels are Ghosts of Bungo.

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    “The Last Man” by PT Deutermann published by St Martin’s PressCategory – MysteryThriller Publication Date – May 2012If you know the story of Masada this will be a must read If you don’t know the story do yourself a favor and read about it – then read the bookMasada is the true story of 960 Jewish Zealots who committed mass suicide including women and children rather than be taken captive by the Roman X Legion Today it is the most visited Israeli siteAn American David Hall on good advice attempts to find out what really happened at Masada It seems there may be to the story than committing suicide just so they would not be captives of the Romans He must let the Israeli Government think he is just trying to relive the moment when in fact he is trying to find an underground cave that may contain the real story of MasadaDavid is shadowed by Judith Ressner who has been assigned to make sure he does nothing to disturb the site David must make night time excursions to the site without anyone knowing and upon discovering a cave must Scuba dive to get to itAll is not what it seems to be as not only is the cave and artifacts discovered but a sinister plot by modern day Zealots that add mystery to the site A great read with valuable information and one heck of a trip to Masada

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    This book didn't uite fit into any standard tags It is an artifact thriller but also a nuclear weapons thriller a spy thriller etc It is about an American's uest to find out what really happened on Masada or Métsada as it is called in Israel Our hero has a theory about why the people chose to commit mass suicidemurder and leave no survivors although a couple of women and children did make it out alive when the Romans finally were about to crash through the siege wall after 2 12 years of trying According to legend and the ex Jewish turned Roman historian Flavius Josephus the 960 people on the mountain decided to kill themselves rather than surrender to the Romans be taken prisoner tortured raped and put into forced slavery and have children flung from the ramparts The Romans were NOT happy with them They made sure to leave plenty of food supplies and water so the Romans would know that this was their choice not because they were forced into it by starvation A last stand thumbing their noses at the Romans The men were commissioned with killing their wives and children and then killing themselves The men then drew lots ten to determine who would go around and do the clean up killing those men who couldn't kill themselves and anyone missed on the first round And then one lot was drawn so that one man the last man could finish off any left and then kill himselfBut uestions remain about treasure from the temple mount in Jerusalem when it was razed by the roman a number of years before did some people take the treasure out of Jerusalem and hide it in the desert or at Masada? David Hall an American nuclear whistleblower physicist now out of work because of it decided to test the theory so he plans an elaborate ruse of a man following a dream to explore Masada deeply and commune with the spirits Many have said that the dead walk there and in the Roman encampment still evident around it's base But as he clears it through the red tape and bureaucracy he is assigned a scholarly minder Dr Yehudit Ressner who is a widow her husband died in a nuclear accident 5 years ago and she has retreated from the world This little adventure is supposed to draw her back into the world of people And so it goes the American has deeper plans than what he has led the authorities to believe and several Israeli spy agencies seem to be inordinately interested in his every move For me a slow beginning gradually building up the tension and suspense to the level of traditional thrillers but it still kept me back at times since I had been there and so many places mentioned in the book I had visited or spent time at I had gone to Israel in 1976 to Beersheva to join an archeological expedition there on the site of Abraham's well as part of my college training But we traveled to all the major historic sites including Masada Ein Gedi the Dead Sea etc So I would stop reach back into my memories and go off on a tangent coming back only 5 20 minutes later So that may be the cause of the slowness at times All in all an interesting speculation and as there have been a few books I have read lately involving Masada it was a nice place to come back to

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    A great book? No A good book? Not particularly But a fun book Yes The Last Man hinges on Masada and the Roman conuest of Jerusalem spies buried treasure and the possibility of nuclear destruction As such the novel provides pleasure on cold dark winter evenings

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    I enjoyed it If you like the history behind Masada and have an interest in Israeli geo political issues then this is a great bookIf you don't like history and prefer thriller type action books this book may not be for you I typically can't stand the over the top excitement of most action thrillers This book was thought provoking and had of an intellect and scholarly approach than a shot em up James bond approach Most people gave this book bad ratings because of the historical aspect This is why I'm giving it a good rating because I enjoyed that

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    Not happy about the incredible detailDeutermann seems compelled to include ever miniscule fact he learned about Masada and I think he repeats some of them but there's so much it's hard to knowI'm waiting for the love story to develop between the depressed widow and the protagonist who lost his girl friend but doesn't know how or is it why she disappearedWill he discover the treasures and religious relics from the Jerusalem temple that were hidden away under Masada? Will she discover his attempt to find the treasures?These are the uestions to which the answers can be guessed with a high probability of accuracyNonetheless I'm hopeful that given so much exposition the facts ma'm nothing but the facts the story and some excitement will develop Deutermann is usually pretty good so I'm hopeful

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    Overall this was a decent read An amateur American archeologist goes to visit Masada in Israel to visit the site or is that all While there we run into uite a varied cast of characters involved in lots of intrigue some history of the site and a possible international incident So this book does pack a whole lot into a decent sized package just over 550 pages in large print Yet there were moments where the imagination limits were being stretched just a bit The ending kind of pulled it all back together bringing this book in at somewhere over the three star rainbow

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    The sheer enormity of this plot boggles the mind The book is set at the fortress of Masada in Israel which you will learn much about from the book As in any good thriller there are twists upon twists but a few here leave you breathless Yes the prose becomes a bit turgid at points but the action uickly takes over The book is a departure from his prior works but fans need not be bothered Once you put the book down you will still be wondering

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    It is just not worth the effort It takes half the book before you begin to figure out what is going on or why it matters His descriptions of physical environments are completely inadeuate and the plot stretches credulity It's just not worth the labor to get through this book

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    Scripture in a nuclear ageA fascinating plot with enough twists to keep you turning the page The end creates an interesting revision of the relationship between Christ and his betrayer in the context of survival of modern Israel in a nuclear age

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    While I really enjoy reading Deutermann's work this was not one of my favorites

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