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Dead Reckoning [PDF / EPUB] Dead Reckoning Risky maneuvers are no novelty for stunt pilot Ginny McCutcheon… until danger follows her to the ground Someone's targeting Ginny— and former air force pilot Ben McAlister won't rest until he ï ¬ Risky maneuvers are no novelty for stunt pilot Ginny McCutcheon… until danger follows her to the ground Someone's targeting Ginny— and former air force pilot Ben McAlister won't rest until he ï ¬  nds the culprit He'll stay glued to Ginny's side until she's safe whether the stubborn beauty accepts him there or notGinny tries to resent Ben's protectiveness—and instead finds herself falling for the man whose fierce determination so perfectly matches hers But trusting Ben means going home something she can't bear to do Until someone gets very close to grounding her—and Ben—forever.

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Dead Reckoning
  • Rachelle McCalla
  • English
  • 11 October 2016
  • 9780373444502

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    I also reviewed this book on my blogThe Real World According To Sam HmmI'm a sucker for a good romance Although my typical romances typically follow along the lines of YA and manga This was a nice change of pace After Patricia recommended it I took my time getting started on it I had a lot of other books I felt were important HOWEVER This last statement I recently discovered is totally false This is one of the better books I've read A lot of my past experiences with romantic books had left merather like a shell They had no substance and existed only for the purpose of labeling the novel not because the romance was true Dead Reckoning was a very nice surprise I was astonished at how real the story felt and even shocked at the relationship between Ben and Ginny They both seemed extremely real I felt as if I was standing right next to them the entire time instead of just staring at black dots on paper I really don't know how to describe it in a way that would give the book the credit it is due I really enjoyed the plot It wasn't totally unimaginable This could be possible and that's partly why I enjoyed it so much I was also thrilled by the touch of aviation that Ms McCalla included in the story I love aircraft and this gave me a chance to get a deeper feel of what certain branches of aviation are like Ginny is a strong heroine who is NOT IMMORTAL OR PERFECT IN ANYWAY Nowadays authors are always trying to create the perfect character The one who is always strong and invulnerablebut I've always preferred characters I can relate to and who seem just like anyone elseand I can say that almost everyone I know has agreed or made this point Ginny knows she is just an average woman but that doesn't stop her from flying in the Dare Divas flying troupe Sure she's been shot at her trailer's been burned and things just seem to get worse and worse but still she manages to keep her head up and keep fighting when we all know she would rather crawl into her warm bed cry and wish it all away Ben is the perfect guy for Ginny He IS strong and he was a pilot in the Air Force So for starters they both know the joy that flight provides But as much as he saves protects and CARES for Ginny the he knows that he can't hold her back from what it is she wants to do This book left me smiling and really gave me a taste of what a REAL romance novel should be I look forward to finding novels that follow along the TRUE romance line that Dead Reckoning has set for me

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    Ginny McCutcheon is no stranger to danger after all she's a stunt pilot with the Dare Divas an all girl flying and wing walking troupe However accidents both in the air and on the ground are becoming freuent and Ginny seems to be the main targetBen McAlister has been given the assignment of bringing Ginny home in time for her brother's wedding An assignment that becomes urgent when Cutch and Ben discover the news reporting the trouble following the Dare Divas They want Ginny safe Ginny however is not inclined to bring danger to her loved ones Her friend Kristy is in a burn unit having taking Ginny's place at the last minute in a show She can't live with her family being hurtAs the trouble and danger towards Ginny escalate Ben is determined to keep her safe and uncover who the culprit isWhile I liked this story I didn't enjoy it as much as the previous two in this series There were a couple of things that seemed a bit off to me one being Elise's cousins knowing their secret but keeping Cutch's sister in the dark You will probably want to read the previous two stories in the Holyoake Heroes before this one especially #1 as it tells Cutch and Elise's story which provides a lot of the family background for this story including the McAlisterMcCutcheon feud and Ginny's late father's battle with cancer Holyoake Heroes#1 #2 #3

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    Loved this book Heart pounding suspense and compelling romance

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    Not great but not terrible mild spoilers aheadThe author tells a good clean Christian love story but the characters fell flat for me Ben is a typical tough military man who jumps out of a plane within a week of getting shot in the stomach come on really? and Ginny is an old fashioned damsel in distress who cried a little too much for my liking I get when characters point out the attractiveness in their love interests but this was over the top Yes I get that Ben has beautiful hazel green eyes you don’t have to mention it twice every chapter Ginny who Ben refers to as “the beauty” nearly just as much 🙄Though a lot of the story was predictable but I was still pleasantly surprised by who the villain turned out to be The climax was well written and kept me on edge and the resolution tied up most loose ends except the grudge between Ben’s brother and Ginny’s best friend— seuel perhaps? 😉😉So despite the many flaws I found with Dead Reckoning I actually enjoyed reading it It was short and sweet perfect for staying in and avoiding the world as I’m sure many of you are 😝

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    Ginny and Ben's relationship is fun and convincing The progression between friendship and romance was well paced However the character I really want to see of is Ben's younger brother Tyler who had some of the best lines in the novel

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    Uniue story lineThis story has a story line unlike any others I have read Stunt flyers and Air Force pilots over the Midwest made for a fantastic read

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    Whenever you pick up a romance you know that two people are going to end up together The fun in reading that romance is finding out who and how The how’s usually entail many missed signals and misunderstandings that the two characters will they have to work through on their way to love In this story Ginny McCutcheon and Ben McAlister have their work cut out for them only it isn't as simple as missed signals and misunderstandings it is about missing gunfire swinging fists and sabotage all the while trying to come to terms with the fact that someone is out to kill Ginny Through the desert and fire and even some cattle we see Ginny come to terms with unanswered prayers faith and ultimately love During this time Ben saves her not only with his fists and his wits but with his heart and his faith and love for God and for her While reading these types of stories you want to be swept away into believing this particular story can happen and at the same time believe that this type of love doesn't happen every day In this book I was swept away by the characters not only because they live in the world of aviation but because they were both believable and likeable Ben and Ginny are both avid pilots Ginny being the famous Ginger McAlister chief diva for the Dare Divas Barnstorming Toupe while Ben is a former Air Force Airman who has recently left Uncle Sam behind to return to his hometown Holyoake Holyoake a place Ginny ran away from and has no intention of ever returning to Not only does it hold too much pain for her she genuinely loves her life as a pilot for the Dare Divas Holyoake is the last place she wants to be At times I found Ginny to be naive but in the end it didn't bother me since being naive is not that uncommon in real life Ben was as wonderful a man as any woman could hope to ever find a true angel even when he wasn't up in the sky flying This story is exciting genuine and heartwarming It contains interesting twists and turns on page and in the sky which were very uplifting A wonderful story that I won on Goodreads and that is definitely a high star goodread”

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    Dead Reckoning by Rachelle McCalla ISBN 978 0 373 44450 2This is the third book in the series The first is Out On A Limb and the second is Danger on Her Doorstep Excellent suspense books that keep you guessingGinny McCutcheon left home right after high school and joined the Dare Divas an all female stunt pilot troupe She changed her name to Ginger McAlister She had always admired Ben McAlister He was older than she was and had joined the Air Force and she considered him the greatest pilot ever He was now standing in front of her in a field after almost causing a crash There had been so many accidents with the troupe lately he had scared her coming into her air space And he was saying he was there to take her homeBen McAlister did not think he would ever get to meet Ginger McAlister face to face He had seen her show several times Almost bought her poster almost He was surprised when his friend Cutch had shown him a recent picture of his little sister Ginny and he recognized her as being Ginger Cutch had married Ben's cousin Elise and ended a long feud between the McAlister's and McCutcheon's They had a small wedding because they wanted Ben's dad there before his cancer took him In a few weeks they were having a large wedding and celebration and Cutch wanted Ginny home early They had read of all the accidents around her the last few months and decided she needed to come home where they could watch over herGinny was not going to go back to Holyoake Iowa She did not want to bring the trouble surrounding her back there and she needed to keep her distance from this handsome airman She had always admired Ben and now seeing him up close was worse After he rescues her several times since his arrival she realizes she needs to leave Wyoming though Trouble don't stop there a storm and emergency landing in the middle of Nebraska a sprained ankle and one incident after another allows Ben to continue to rescue her

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    Suspenseful tale about a female stunt pilot and a former Air Force member Keeps you guessing as to who the stalker that's trying to kill her is The ending was a little rushed as far as the hero and heroine declaring their love for each other but otherwise it did a good job of wrapping up the plotlines and was emotionally satisfying Epilogue is fun

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    What a hard to put down series I wish there was another book to this series with Tyler and Megan as the main characters Great story loved Ben but I wanted to yell at Ginny a few times when she was given Earls real name and when his Dad showed up at the hospital I'm glad Ben and Tyler never gave up

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