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Butler Did It Matthew Butler Adventures #1 [PDF / EPUB] Butler Did It Matthew Butler Adventures #1 When Katherine Annenberg a beautiful South African photographer scuba diving in the Seychelles saves a drowning man she discovers that someone is trying to kill both of them A chance rescue by Matthew It Matthew ePUB ↠ When Katherine Annenberg a beautiful South African photographer scuba diving in the Butler Did Epub / Seychelles saves a drowning man she discovers that someone is trying to kill Did It Matthew Kindle Õ both of them A chance rescue by Matthew Butler and his sidekick Tommy Did It Matthew Butler Adventures Kindle - Cooper suddenly thrusts them along with the zany crew of their converted LST the Pelican into conflict with a murderous band of gunrunners attempting to foment a revolution by the theft of an ancient treasure Using everything from Leonardo’s Parachute to an orange juice cannon unlikely hero Matthew Butler and his crew battle the mysterious death merchant Alexander Levasseur in the hope of recovering the treasure and preventing a civil war.

  • Nook
  • 198 pages
  • Butler Did It Matthew Butler Adventures #1
  • Keith Pomeroy
  • 24 June 2014

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    Synopsis I thought I’d start with the synopsis so those of you who skim don’t have to go too far into this to get the idea Hopefully that encourages you to go fartherhinthintcoughThis is a good read fun exciting full of humor It has some typical Indie pub issues but overcomes them with spontaneity humor and showing experiencing than telling narrating The characters are the strongest point These guys made me laugh out loud while I was reading and while I was listening in the car Trust me if the Kindle automated read to me voice can pull the joke off then this book is darned funny There are sexy characters and some racy situations but no real sex There is plenty of violence but generally suitable for Television and there is Romance or maybe puppy love but we’ll see how that sorts itself out in the next book Bottom line it’s recommendable it’s very readable it’s fun there is violence but easily palatable there are sexy characters and romance but not so much sex the characters are fun the humor is worth the read and it’s exciting and fun For the particulars look belowCharactersMatthew Butler – at first I wasn't so sure about him and I’m still not Without his supporting cast to play off of I think he may beif not “too uirky” too uirky in the wrong directions Overall he’s likable enough to enjoy and have fun with He has a good sense of humor but he sometimes seemed like a cardboard cutout against the even colorful and fun cast and crew of the Pelican Book read jury out he’s a good hero type the uirky over achieving paladin with a fairly liberal core I know the idea probably was for him to be “uirky” and maybe a bit “eccentric” but I think making him a bit like the “ every man” who struck it rich might have helped his believably He didn't have a ground I’d have liked him to have been grounded in the ultra rich elite or in the blue collar adventurer group a little solidly or even in both yes it’s possible but he seemed to lack identity Identity comes from family and is shaped in our youthKatharine – The Damsel in Distressshe even joked about being the Damsel in distress at one point it does help to live the life you have doesn't it? I liked Katharine a lot better than Matthew She seemed believable better designed and though I love strong heroines and this may surprise some of you I don’t actually mind Damsels in Distress as long as they don’t become fluff and fold bambi cringing at the harsh word and fainting at a cruel comment the uintessential victim Katharine fortunately was none of those Sure the good ol’ DiD Damsel inyou get the idea does tend to be a target and a victim but Katharine was also intelligent most of the time on that later capable self sufficient and trainable I can see a book 4 or 5 maybe 8 or 9 where she’s every bit the action hero as others Face it not all women come out of the womb ready to decapitate zombies and stake vampires from birth Some have to learn and train their way into it just like most men have to She was not a shallow character rather we had shallow information on her Background does not eual depth but neither do details How she reacts to others friends and foes alike adds depth and other things We could have learned about her if she had not been so artificially protected by the authors on that later I liked the joke about “I’m the Damsel in Distress” It worked well among the tropish and stereotypical crew types it did anywaywhich I’m really okay with for a story like this And we could have seen the bikini in a beach scene or two I mean it was prominently mentioned in her introduction and Hell isn't she is the hot babe on the cover? Not fair teasing us old very manly if grumpy curmudgeons like that At least some sex on the beach maybe? but I digressTommy The Side Kick Wesley Crusher from Star Trek NG meets “” from James Bond with a dash of Peter Sellers Inspector Clouseau SP Pink Panther Tom was the comic relief the Al Diorgino to Matthew’s Dirk Pitt and the Sundance Kid to Matthews Butch Cassidy He reminded me of the tall zany Welshman from Notting Hill the movie Tommy was a lot of fun self absorbed and able to make every mistake in the book with such style and grace it’s remarkable Every book needs a Tommy I’d have liked to get inside his soul a bit than we were By that I mean than just what’s in his head thoughts but what is he feeling as things go down EB The Smokin’ Hot Ships Engineer I’m not going to say much EB other than we really needed to see of her If we are going to have the beautiful and sweet Katharine as the DiD then I would have liked to see a bit of EB She was the strong female character that if not cancels out because all things are never eual at least show of a range of roles for women within the framework of the story The book was not anti girl it was just kind of pro testosterone A strong showing from EB who had her moments and “air time” would have been nice since she was the SWOC of the bunch Strong Woman On Campus for the record I don’t mean physically strong I meant competent capable and intelligent with a real job and a leadership role who did not fold in the face of a crisis and “HOT” we did see of her in a “one piece than we did Katharine in her itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikiniI’m jus’ sayin’ Read the profile DOS Here Dirty Ole Sailor here remember?but I digress againChan – the Tai Chi instructor Chan was a force of nature used sparingly but perhaps my least favorite character I liked him in teacher role and I liked the idea of the regular Tai Chi lessons but not so much in the super action spy support character role I think he’d have been a better “guru” than the combat monster he turned out to be and where I understood his ruthlessness as necessary I didn’t really like it It didn't seem very “Zen” to me Now if he had a daughter then we’d have EB in the Star Trek Spok chair Katharine in the DiD seat and Chan’s Daughter in the “Kick butt and take name’s later” role That might be better than Charlie’s Angels General Given all of the emphasis on the Lecherousness of the bad guys which goes well if you’re going to have a DiD in the story it might have worked to have one of the hero types that go toe to toe with the famed Ice Princesses without bringing in Chan for that role Maybe the next story Chan could be “Dahli Lama” teacher of Tai Chi and less “Zen Warrior?” Daughter Chan with a butt load of Daddy’s teaching the Prodigal Daughter maybeMaybe even an Old Girlfiend of Matthew’s coming to the Pelican to join Papa san and Momi san after a failed adventure or maybe even after a successful one might add some spice to Matthew he’d have a complicated past now and Katharine who’d need to learn to be confident and trust Matthew because she’d need help kicking Chan Daughter Chin’s butt in a chick fight there has to be ways to a man’s heart than being able to drop kick a bowling ball through a truck windowjus’ sayin’ an idea that there are other ways to go not so much a good idea Villains – maybe the most Tropish of the lot but also the most forgivable for being tropish This is Action Adventure not Epic Dramatic Historical Fiction Action Adventure is full of Tropic predictable villains and there’s nothing wrong with that These guys were incompetent than most but other than that they worked well as villains I didn’t mind the general “thugs” being so incompetent when compared to the good guys Tommy Matthew Kobi and Katharine I thought they should have had success even as they failed to catch them than they did and surely the “Ice Princesses” should have kicked somebody’s ass so we know that they are actually competent instead of just looking that way Lots of description that lead us to believe the blond Scandinavian beauties could kick butt but I don’t recall them succeeding at any time except as a decoy PlotNot much to say one way or the other about the plot It was a typical action adventure type plot a lot like what we saw in the movie “Fools Gold” or like you might get in any other action adventure There were times when it seemed a little “canned” and “Tropish” to me but it worked I think it worked through timing and execution but it gets a passing grade from me what ever the reason The story was funhow could the plot not work and the story still be so fun? To me a Trope is a nifty name for something that tends to appear in the same or very similar form in multiple stories by different authors One might say it’s “cliché” though cliché’ tends to be of a negative term than “trope” to me Just because something is kind of “Stock – issue” doesn't make it wrong or bad though it isn't really original either but then what is these days?I think it exceeded expectations in letting us experience action and chaos it came very close but didn't uite meet the “building tension” needs for the story to go to the next level on that later World BuildingStandard world Building for action adventure in the modern era there was no super science like in a James Rollins novel No magic and paranormal activity like in a Larry Corriea book only a little bit of historical mystery like in Rollins McDermott and Cussler There was some science in the stretching machine enter Tommy that “pushed limits a bit” but no super leaps that needed me to press the “okay I believe” button to get through That’s far less common these days than one might think without going to a military espionage genre and therefore a “plus” for this book I like a good wild scientifically out there yarn and this managed to capture that while at the same time I liked the setting Kenya and the Seychelles and I Love LOVE LOVEed the Pelican and all the nifty toys I loved Captain “Z” and the crew I even liked “Movie night” Though maybe not as much as other things Generally I think the book should have been longer so that there would be room for details about people gizmos etc to go with their history and back story Still this is a “plus” for me overall Well that’s basically itIt sounds bad than good but do not forget that I liked this book and I recommend this book to people who like reading Though I think it has a couple of “Indie Pub blues” issues I also think it can hang with books of this genre that go through the publishing mill and the super polishing edits and proof reads It’s worth recommending and reading I look forward to the next book

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    A fun action packed read

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    Adventure and mayhem off and onshoreAnyone who enjoys mariner and military gadgets will enjoy this adventure set in and around Seychelles Just do not expect believablyIt is a adventure with evil men mercenaries arms dealing marital arts and lots and lots of exciting explosions from military euipment ingeniously adapted That part of just too much funDespite the violence this book is not serious In fact the interactions of the characters is engaging and at times very humorous I can see this as a low budget movie of they could take all the gadgets I am sad the author's did not include detail of the Seychelles We got a taste while Katherine was under water but there really needed to be Sadly there is not enough detail about the Seychelles to include this in my World Challenge

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    On the one hand there was not enough descriptive narrative to really get into this land and seascape so I cruised along on the surface and didn't really dig deep On the other hand the dynamics between Butler and Tommy and the other characters were very visual and I could easily see this book as a movie that would be both fun and entertaining I am of two minds about whether to read another but am leaning toward a yes

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    Would give it 2 12 if there was one but I can't give it a 3 Too odd not professionally written and sometimes moved at good pace sometimes slow sometimes really jerky I got thru it because it was just interesting enough to keep me wondering how it would turn out but I still can't figure out where it belongs Mystery? Military? 007? Funky romance? Intrigue I wouldn't read it again but I can't say I'd tell no one to read it It just didn't work for me

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    This was a great read Sally begins her book with some good insights into her characters We are able to see what led up to their lives colliding There is plenty of action and suspense but the violence is not described in graffic detail There is some swearing but not excessive I can't wait for the next installment

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    This book gave a new meaning to the butler did it After saving a drowning man life Katherine discover that someone is trying to kill themRescuing Matthew Butler and his side kick put her life on the lineThis is an action packed with murder gunrunners and ancient treasureA nice time had by all and a good read

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    While photographing deep sea creatures Katherine becomes involved with pirates after rescuing a man escaping from the pirates Butler and his shipmates help thwart main sales to Kenya and help rescue historic valuables

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    The authors write this is an adventure it's not literature For a book that features a fight on the high seas using beanbags orange juice cans loud disco music and laser lights to dissuade the attackers that is a true statement

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    FunThis was a fun read The romance side of it could have been developed a little or left out as it didn't add much to the story The action was fun and entertaining All in all a fun read

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