Nicholas St North and the Battle of the Nightmare King

Nicholas St North and the Battle of the Nightmare King [PDF / EPUB] Nicholas St North and the Battle of the Nightmare King Before SANTA was SANTA he was North Nicholas St North—a daredevil swordsman whose prowess with double scimitars was legendary Like any swashbuckling young warrior North seeks treasure and adventure Before SANTA was North and Epub Û SANTA he was North Nicholas St North—a daredevil swordsman whose prowess with double scimitars was legendary Like any swashbuckling young warrior North seeks treasure and adventure leading him to the fiercely guarded village of Santoff Claussen said Nicholas St PDF/EPUB ² to be home to the greatest treasure in all the East and to an even greater wizard Ombric Shalazar But when North arrives legends of riches have given way to terrors of epic proportions North must decide whether to seek his St North and PDF/EPUB Ä fortuneor save the villageWhen our rebellious hero gets sucked into the chaos literally the fight becomes very personal The Nightmare King and his evil Fearlings are ruling the night owning the shadows and sending waves of fear through all of Santoff St North and the Battle Epub / Clausen For North this is a battle worth fightingand he's not alone There are five other Guardians out there He only has to find them in time.

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    I must admit I didn't know the books about The Guardians of Childhood until I had seen the movie But as soon as I had realized where the story came from I bought all of them and thought that December was the perfect time to start reading the series I started with The Man in the Moon which is like a picture book for really small children Nicholas St North however is of a storybook with less pictures Nevertheless I enjoyed it tremendously The story is funny and full of wit as well as instructive and the drawings are simply magnificent The author really put his heart into it one can tell Also what is good for reading the book as several bedtime stories to a child is that the chapters are almost all relatively short Also I'm glad that this story as well as the ones to come which I have already started are longer than the first

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    This was a great story and yet there was something about it that didn't fully hook me After reading his other books like the Sandman I know William Joyce can weave a crafty tale that carries you along on wings of silver and this story was missing something to bring it fully to lifeSantaff Clausen is the name of the city this takes place and there is magic in the world that this place harnesses The imagination behind the book is fantastic as usual I do plan on going on with this story and I hope it gets better with each book

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    This book was exactly the sort I love to find in the children's section it had the wonder and imagination of childhood while still offering danger and adventure It kept me turning pages and the illustrations were gorgeousThere were so many things about this book that I loved All the twists given to childhood characters was one of the best The Man in the Moon the Boogeyman and of course Santa Claus were all done in fresh ways I even liked how djinns and Abdominable Snowmen were used in the story By far I have to say I'm most intrigued to read about Nicholas and the journey he will take that leads him to his future roleThe community of Big Root was fascinating as well and all the spells put in place to keep it safe were later used with great effect when Nicholas and his bandits came byI can hardly wait to see how the author deals with the Easter Bunny and the Toothfairy in the next installments I almost feel like I read this book too uickly I was anxious to see what would happen but am a little sad that it's over I'm just grateful that the story isn't over yetI would recommend this to all those who are young at heart I promise that you will be enchanted

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    The possibilities were endless Battles would be fought Wonders revealed Many journeys Many lands Many joys Many sorrows Long ago there lived a swashbuckling swordsman under the name of Nicholas St North North to his friends who would one day be known to the world as SantaNorth in his youth ran with the roughest lot always looking to make a buck When he stumbles upon the village of Santoff Claussen he must for the first time decide what the true treasure is gold and glittering gems or is it friendship?Ombric the wizard of Santoff Claussen has noticed that the Nightmare King Pitch along with the Fearlings evil underlings are once again wreaking havoc across the land It's going to take far than an old wizard to take down the King but will North be enough?ButLet me start with I LOVED the Rise of the Guardians movie and every 6 months I desperately search the internet for hint of a seuel The books that go along with the Rise of the Guardian are set far before the movie Keep in mind I have not read this series before so it's entirely possible that the books will eventually work their way up to where the movie beganOne thing that really stood out to me was the pacing it was uick staccato plot development We are constantly leaping from one idea to the next the world expanded by leaps and boundsI think it worked for what it is a middlegrade book where you don't necessarily want to spend chapters unfolding characters and the world but as an adult I wish there was a bit of a slower development I could've used a bit back story and longer transitionsBut overall I did enjoy this book it was fun and fierce I'm excited to see where it goes nextYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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    Okay so I saw the film and wondered what the books where like Can you say I am the only one?So I went looking for the books and here is the first one It is not what I was expecting and to be honest I am very glad This book has not only the same feel as the film but a lot of the graphics have made the transition too However this is the story of St Nick master swordsman and master of the north This is the very beginning of the story where as the film in rights is the very end So what of this book yes its aimed at a certain age group no wonder I enjoyed it so much but the artwork and imagery is incredible creative but also atmospheric its one of those stories supported by the illustrations which is ageless and I suspect stand the tests of time Yes there is a rip roaring adventure which rattles along at such a pace but there is also creativity and a sense of wonder which just makes you want to reach for the next instalment even though you can pretty much guess how it will be This is one of those books that when you are not sure what you want to read next and dont really feel like diving in to anything too heavy or demanding and yet you want a fun adventure this is the sort of book I would look for Now I know its only me but there are only a few such books I would go back to like that Before Tomorrowland is another example The only problem now is I have to go looking for the next one on the series

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    “The possibilities were endless Battles would be fought Wonders revealed Many journeys Many lands Many joys Many sorrows William Joyce Nicholas St North and the Battle of the Nightmare King The Guardians#1In the center of a large forest protected by a spirit that tempts trespassers with glittering jewels and guarded by a ferocious bear that stalks the shadows lies the hidden village of Santoff Claussen This strange place is hidden from the world and is home to an odd group of individuals including families with children that are capable of speaking to insects and an old wizard from Atlantis Ombric Shalazar who is able to perform amazing magical feats Deep within the shadows an evil stirs an evil that is both ancient and terrifying Pitch the Nightmare King and his Fearlings have awoken and Ombric cannot defeat them on his own He needs the help of a brave warrior who may not know just how special he is This is where Nicholas St North enters the picture A bandit who knows the way of the sword is the only one with the power to help save Santoff Claussen and destroy Pitch once and for all The only problem however is getting North on their side North loves adventure and is soon lured to the illusive village His men all easily fall to the traps that protect the people and North is the only one who enters Santoff Claussen This one man is pure of heart and becomes Ombric's apprentice North begins to display some interesting talents and builds a creature unlike any other a mechanical djinni This creation may be his undoing as Pitch will use anything to rid the world of Nicholas St North Will North be able to defeat the Nightmare King or will his own handiwork be his undoing?William Joyce has crafted a delightful children's story filled with adventure and inspiring characters He removes all previous notions of how old St Nick should be portrayed North is nothing like the jolly white bearded elderly gentleman that we often picture as Santa Claus He has crafted North in such a way that he is seen as a warrior but a warrior that still holds the desire to save children and their happiness within his heart I love the fact that Joyce has created such interesting origins for famous holiday icons and beings that many children believe in The series itself is a great concept and I cannot wait to read the stories of the Easter Bunny Tooth Fairy and Sandman I have to say that this series definitely piued my interesting after I was able to see the movie The Rise of the Guardians Both are severely dissimilar but it's great to be able to see where the movie's inspiration arose My only ualm with this book however would be the fact that it was not as in depth as I had hoped it would be It is a Middle Grade novel therefore the characters are not as deep and the adventures are uite short I wonder what the story would have been like if it had been a Young Adult novel?Overall it was a great book and it head breathtaking illustrations

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    This reminds me so much of classical children's books It's very different from the movie but in a good way that I appreciated I think it could have focused a bit on the problem of Pitch rather than North just hanging out in Santoff Claussen but I really enjoyed it Definitely a book to read to young children and for children to pick up when they're just discovering their own love of reading

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    This was honestly so good It's basically everything I needin my life which is sort of funny because the first time I watched the film well I didn't really like it But I've watched it many many times since and it's one of my favorite animated films So imagine my surprise when I find out that it's based off of books Uh I like books Let's read the books William Joyce certainly doesn't disappoint even if this is a children's book It captivated me the moment I began reading The story is wonderful Nicolas is wonderful It's just all so wonderful But what I really like is the backstory we get on Pitch I mean this guy was a fallen hero People adored him and he's the way he is now because he was trying to be kind even if they did sort of bait him but still Basically it's just really great and everyone should read it thumbs up 45

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    I believed in Santa until I was 12 Seriously The guy is a real live person in my head and he's sueaky clean safe and all he is supposed to be So when this came across my library list I was on it and it was in my list Nicholas St North of the title is Himself SC The Dude This is his backstory and I dug it He is a thief with a heart so pure he passes all the magic tests and that makes him a little cranky because he really wants his crew to buy his story and continue to follow his every I'm the leader of this gang order but the pure heart business gets in the way I'm sure you know what I meanyou want to be the bad boy but you can't because you are just too good It happensAnyway it's a story my 12 year old self would have demanded all the books at the top of my list Dad carried our lists around for years and big 'ol tears fell when I found the box he kept them in after his death He was serious about our Christmas lists As it went on into minutae I did grow a tad weary but then I am sure all of those details were pertinent and necessaryFrom this 12 year old x 5 3 stars If it was the original 12 year old there would be 5 Trust me Maybe 6

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    Okay first of all I feel it necessary to establish that I think William Joyce is an American treasure A top tier illustrator of many many children's books overflowing with imagination Check out Santa Calls or Dinosaur Bob or the Rolie Polie Olie books and associated television show which worked a sort of throwback to the early Disney stuff Joyce is amazing and his Moonbot Studios is responsible for this year's Academy Award Winning short film The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris LessAll that to say William Joyce you are very good at what you do Except for the writing part Because YIKES The lesson was right there in the title of your Award winning movie; in the name of your main character Less is Less is In order to achieve that magical uality a good story has to be lightly seasoned with it Joyce upended the whole spice rack creating a nearly undigestible stew of things Giant bears sentient moonbeams mystical forest spirits an ancient wizard walking trees a ghostly boy a robot djinni devilish spells astral projection spaceships moonbots a monastic order of lunar lamas an army of abominable snowmen and that's just a warm up But the writing is never really magical and the story never feels magical It's magical because Joyce fills the books with magical things Joyce also never slows down This happens then that happens then this and it's on to that It's less a novel than an outline of a novel with some connecting phrases At about the half way point the book seems to decide it has a plot a sort of uest and the antagonist a fallen angel named Pitch does his level best to stop Our Heroes But when everything is neatly solved by magic a tragic incident early in the book is easily fixed with a spell or two it's hard to feel any sort of peril An inside cover blurb promises that this book is the story of Santa Claus before he was known as Santa Claus And that blurb is the last time you'll have any suggestion of it When he's first introduced Nicholas St North is a legendary Cossack bandit By the end of the book he's a reformed bandit and that's it Granted this is the first book in the series so Joyce probably gets around to establishing North's ultimate destiny by the finale except the future books are supposed to focus on other Guardians of Childhood The second book recently out focuses on the Easter Bunny Ironically one of the problems here is that less isn't always In this case the book could have used of a focus detail matter less art I'm not sure I'll bother with the rest of the series A book this short shouldn't also be this tedious

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