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    I was definitely NOT going to like this book when I started it I was sure of that The main character is angry and bitter and kind of a brat But Shawn Stuart Ruff is so amazing at writing honest characters that I couldn't help falling under his spell once again This book is not really my cup of tea It left me with even less understanding of the NYC art community and gay culture than I had before I read it if that's possible And it certainly didn't turn me upside down in the wonderful way Finlater did But the writing cannot be ignored Its simply stunning

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    ‘I’ve lived in a sort of fugue state for year’s now – my mornings beginning during most people’s supper my evenings ending at the start of canine morning rush hour when the sidewalks glisten with the new day’s fresh piss I’m likely to recognize the dog than I am the person holding the leash’ So begins the latest novel TOSS and WHIRL and PASS by Shawn Stewart Ruff whose rise to literary importance since the publication of his first novel FINLATER has been swift and sure Ruff is a national treasure a gifted writer who is unafraid to tackle difficult topics because his use of the English language is as polished as anyone writing today He can comfortably move from elouent poetic prose and poetry this time to raw sensuous erotic descriptive tones in a manner that does not draw attention to his talent but instead propels his story along And what a storyteller he isRuff moves so easily from the present to the past by a seamless use of flashbacks that it is sometimes difficult to know where we as readers are in the story It would seem that TOSS WHIRL PASS is actually one day in the life of our narrator Yale Battle an Ivy educated HIV poetartist whose life and very being are still uivering from that terrifying moment we all refer to as 911 No particular time frames are mentioned but it FEELS as though that could have happened approximately two weeks before the opening of Yale’s story But then perhaps it is the author’s intention in this paean to those countless men lost to the plague of AIDS to draw a parallel despite the insidious onset of that disease with all of the physical signs Ruff so astutely describes in the course of this book the end of life of the victim has the same momentous impact as that explosion of the twin towersThrough a series of carefully choreographed episodes ‘choreographed’ is an appropriate term here as Ruff names each of his chapters after a dance position explaining the French terms in English in a way that foretells the content of the words to come Yale tells us a bit about his childhood including his introduction to same sex activity with his friend Hillary who later claims to have been assaulted to his move into adulthood and progression to Ivy League schools in pursuit of his life as a frustrated writer finding a lone friend in college moving to New York and encountering Angel his Dominican friend who dies of AIDS and his ultimately meeting the ideal man of his life – one Courtney Baines Arrington a ballet dancer with the Alvin Ailey Dance Company and a wannabe choreographer Throughout the book there are the trials and pleasures of his relationship with the narcissistic Courtney and the discovery that Courtney is HIV while they work together to make a dance company for Courtney and encourage the development of Yale’s writing gifts The story begins with Yale seeking meds for their dying cat Zsa Zsa Gabor when the pharmacy will not supply Yale relies on his own supplier the very young Solstice who also happens to be bedding Yale’s stuffy British neighbor’s wife and it is at this point that we realize that Yale has long been a drug addict Since Courtney’s death he has been increasing casual about his life the descriptions of his physical encounters is of the uality of Henry Miller Genet Gide et al and eventually later on in the day that the story begins he gets arrested in the park for drugs and public sex with a Jamaican man who is likely the only real person Yale knows Yes this is a lot of story but it is related with such aplomb and brilliant dialogue and intelligence that the reader forgets this happens to be a day in the life of Yale Battle At the end of the book Yale confronts his own anguish with an extended poem about his eternal love then resolves the loose ends of his story that began on page one The final chapter burns itself into the memory of all who have lost loved onesIn addition to the beauty of this writing the book design is also a work of art designed by Don Joseph as an irregularly shaped volume with excellent font and with the tenderness of printing the extended poem toward the back on black and gray pages This is the second truly brilliant work by Shawn Stewart Ruff and with it he places himself solidly in the ranks of our finest African American writers – NO simply one of our finest American writers Grady Harp

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    Toss and Whirl and Pass  is finally here I've been patiently awaiting this follow up to Shawn Ruff's exuisite debut novel  for some time now Our book group here in Atlanta unanimously selected his first novel Finlater for our book of the month and we collectively chose it as one of the best books we read all year For those unfamiliar with Shawn he's also the editor of  a fantastic anthology Go the Way Your Blood Beats An Anthology of Lesbian and Gay Fiction by African American Writers of LesbianGay fiction by African American writers Like Finlater Toss Whirl and Pass is wonderfully designed and beautifully written You owe it to yourself to read this fantastic author

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    I honestly don’t think this is the way the gay community wants to be remember or portraitThe book is full of stigmas do they really want to be remember as promiscuous junkies careless and hoor ish attitude towards life and relationshipsI couldn´t wrap my head around the concept The whole drama with the cat was funny at point to be honest kitty cancer? Really?It was supposed to be about dealing with grieve losing the one you love and dealing with itBut it was too obscure too pretentious in the writing too all over the place in the MC ramblingsA uote from the book that says it all “You think?” he said grinning a little shyly “Maybe you’re right Half the time nobody knows what the fuck I’m talking about”Like I said in one of my updates maybe I´m not smart enough for this book Feel free to give it a try if you are not easily offended

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Toss and Whirl and Pass [PDF / EPUB] Toss and Whirl and Pass From highly acclaimed author Shawn Stewart Ruff comes a fearless new novel set in New York City two weeks into the nightmare of the World Trade Center's destruction For Ivy educated HIV positive Afric From highly acclaimed author Shawn Stewart Whirl and ePUB ↠ Ruff comes a fearless new novel set in New York City two weeks into the nightmare of the World Trade Center's destruction For Ivy educated HIV positive African American poet Yale Battle the will to go on since the death of his lover a famed Alvin Ailey dancer and choreographer and casualty of AIDS in the early s is never acutely tested than when the city he loves is engulfed in grief Wandering the memories of Yale's old life and deep Toss and PDF/EPUB or in the terror of a drug and sex odyssey that lands him in jail Toss and Whirl and Pass ponders the nature of eternal love and celebrates the city of dreams.

  • ebook
  • 194 pages
  • Toss and Whirl and Pass
  • Shawn Stewart Ruff
  • 10 October 2016
  • 9780981942056

About the Author: Shawn Stewart Ruff

Shawn Stewart Ruff is author of Whirl and ePUB ↠ the novels GJS II Toss and Whirl and Pass Finlater winner of a Lambda Literary Award for Debut Fiction; and the novella Oneth the first of ten small entwined works inspired by W E B DuBois' The Talented Tenth He is also editor of the landmark anthology Go the Way Your Blood Beats .