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Beyond Terror [PDF / EPUB] Beyond Terror Is international terrorism really the single greatest threat to world security Since the 911 attacks many Western governments assume terrorism to be the greatest threat we face In response their dange Is international terrorism really the single greatest threat to world security Since the attacks many Western governments assume terrorism to be the greatest threat we face In response their dangerous policies attempt to maintain control and keep the status uo by using overwhelming military force This important book shows why this approach has been such a failure and how it distracts us from other much greater threats of climate change competition over resources marginalization of the majority of the world and global militarization Unless urgent coordinated action is taken in the next five to years on all these issues it will be almost impossible to avoid the earth becoming a highly unstable place by the middle years of this century Beyond Terror offers an alternative path for politicians journalists and concerned citizens alike.

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    Beyond Terror by Chris Abbott Paul Rogers John Sloboda“Beyond Terror” is a book about the assessment of various threats to global security and the development of sustainable responses to those threats The authors make persuasive and succinct arguments on how to address such important issues This 128 page book is composed of the following six chapters 1 A Clear and Present Danger? 2 Climate Change 3 Competition Over Resources 4 Marginalisation of the Majority World 5 Global Militarisation and 6 The Way ForwardPositives 1 Accessible comprehensive and succinct Straightforward prose2 Well researched and well written book3 Excellent format Each chapter begins with a chapter appropriate uote and ends with a summary4 The authors have a clear vision of what they wanted to convey and did a great job of getting their points through 5 The authors place the threat of terrorism in proper perspective6 The comprehensive research led the authors to the following global threats of today Climate Change Competition over Resources Marginalisation of the Majority World and Global Militarisation7 Thought provoking and interesting takes on very important issues8 Fair and even handed The authors did a good job of avoiding personal attacks The book is about what our problems are and what we can do about them9 Many interesting facts and references As an example find out who is the greatest polluter of the planet10 Climate changejust the facts11 Interesting and somewhat controversial take on nuclear energy12 The problem of limited resources A focus on oil but water gets some attention as well13 Great uotes “Poverty is the worst form of violence” by Mahatma Gandhi14 Good use of charts and illustration to illustrate points visually15 HIVAIDS and its global impact16 Great insight on understanding terrorism and political violence17 Global wealth and the problem of euitable distribution18 A sound assessment on global militarisation19 A look at why current strategies are just plain wrong20 A comprehensive and practical list of what we can do to address the issues the authors have brought forward A ‘sustainable security’ in other words sustainable approaches to terrorism21 Links worked great and great resources provided for reference sakeNegatives1 Not as fully revised and updated as I had hoped2 In a short book like this don’t expect to get a lot of depth It’s like an appetizer yet it does get its main points across3 The book never mentions the empowerment of women as a potential solution It is known that societies that empower women tend to be healthier societies in practically every aspectIn summary I enjoyed reading this book while simultaneously learning some new things The authors did a great job of presenting their points and provided compelling arguments in support of them The book gets to the point and can be used as reference material It also lays out a sound call for action Good book worthwhile readFurther recommendations The Crash Course by Chris Martenson Merchants of Doubt by Erik M Conway Science Under Siege by Kendrick Frazier Storms of my Grandchildren by James Hansen “Lies Damned Lies and Science” Sherry Seethaler and “Changing Planet Changing Health” by Paul R Epstein

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