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What Do You Believe? [PDF / EPUB] What Do You Believe? What do you believe Do you know why you believe what you do What Do You Believe introduces readers to the many religions of the world and its eually numerous philosophies from global religions such as What do you believe Do you know why you believe what you do What Do You Believe introduces readers to the many religions of the world and its eually numerous philosophies from global religions such as Christianity Judaism Islam and Buddhism to lesser known faiths and from ancient philosophers such as Socrates Aristotle and Plato to modern thinkers such as Kierkegaard Nietzsche Kant and Sartre.

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    The pages of this book are jammed packed with colorful pictures and basic information on a broad range of religions I thought it was organized well and even as an adult I enjoyed looking through it Should be a great reference point for educating my kids on world religions But I doubt either of them will want to be reading it solo till 10The only thing I felt it was lacking was information on Earth based religions or Paganism Probably could've spent a bit time with secular humanism as well

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    Excellent starter book for my kids to learn about different religions and what are the components of spirituality I learned some things myself May purchase this to have as a reference at home We loaned it from the library

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    This book is of a reference book that discusses all the religions of the world as well as the traditions and customs that go along with them It goes into detail about the religion's first appearance it's holy book where it is practiced and why and the different holidays that are used to celebrate different things It has many photographs that are used to help explain different ways that religions are practiced It is a great book to have in a classroom where teachers can assign projects and papers that discuss different religions of the world It enables children to learn many religions that they may have never heard of and also teaches them to respect one another's beliefs

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    The genre characterization for this book is informational What Do You Believe? is a book that gives information on numerous religions across the globeThe illustrations in the book are spectacular There are captions timelines photographs and cartoons This books focuses on the main religions of the world Buddhism Christianity Hinduism Islam Judaism and Sikhism which I never heard of before This book also gives information on atheism agnosticism and indigenous beliefs It talks about morality and philosophy while known philosophers like Socrates Aristotle and Plate This book has GREAT information many world religions This would be a great book to have when talking about the different religions of the world and being able to compare and contrast themThe writing trait I pick for this book is organization This book is strictly information I did not find any bias or persuasion which would be extremely hard to write for the topic at hand I also picked this because of the illustrations Although it is a book about religion it can keep children's attention because of the different types of illustrations used

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    Good reference book A lot of good information but a couple places it felt skewed toward westernChristianity Also not much on African based or South American based religions I realize they’re going by the numbers of current believersmembership but it felt incomplete

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    In the beginning of first grade my daughter sat with a new friend at lunch and they started talking about the weekend and soon enough the new friend mentioned church and going to hell for not going to church That launched a big library trip for this momma as she tried to navigate explaining religious beliefs and fervor at times in a way that did not shut down anyone's personal faith or narrative but also supported religious freedom not just tolerance though sometimes it has to start there Luckily their classroom teacher was also very adept at sensitively redirecting the discussion and moving away from the topic of hellI found this book to be an excellent resource to use as a launching point for religious discussions in general It is not just about Christianity In fact it gives summarizes of dozens of religions and descriptions of customs and traditions without judgment I could learn alongside my daughter why Christians believe certain things and then conversely look at why Hindus believe other things Despite having taken multiple religion courses in college Lutheran college none of that translated well enough for this introductory and delicate conversations This book was an amazing tool for that purpose I cannot attest to how accurate it is but I will say that it is all set out without indoctrination or proselytizing agenda It's just information I can imagine using this book in the upper elementary for research or history projects or even comparecontrast and point of view papers I am certain that I will need to refer to it at some point if I am in a younger elementary classroom to help lead a message on acceptance and diversity or just have available for students that have interest or curiosity about the numerous world religions Being mindful that I don't want to be accused of mixing religion and schoolWriting traitsOrganization so many incredible text features photographs with captions tables timelines charts and Each religion is presented without bias and students can compare and contrast from page to page

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    This is a well done book on world religions religion in general and why people believe what they believe As a Christian I studied the parts that referred to Christianity closely With rare exception I think the authors of this book presented what I believe accurately Thus I assume the same is true for the other religions discussed in the book This would be a helpful tool to use to discuss world religions with upper elementary and middle school kids

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    This book is brilliant It is such a great way to teach kids the basis of different religions without any indoctrination or negativity It's very important to me that my kids are well informed when it comes to religion I love the layout of this book because it allows kids to see and understand where each of these different religions come from and how they were started Awesome book

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    I would highly recommend this book to anyone who either has a pre teen or early teen child with uestions about religion or adults who want just a brief primer on world religions I bought this for my 10 year old niece who is struggling with a lot of religious uestions right now I read it first to see if it was appropriate and am thrilled with the book

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    This book is an excellent introductory reference book that is packed with information It allows children to easily compare and contrast numerous aspects of the major world religions in an organized accessible format

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