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    Second chance story that demonstrates just how effective gaslighting can be The author plays ten different cards to prove how wrong the heroine has been all along Hh were married 17 years before labor and delivery nurse heroine divorced her surgeon husband for neglecting their marriage and then cheating on her with a ONS with an employee from the hospital They have a seven year old daughter The story opens when the hero suffers a stroke after a long day of surgeryThe hero’s friends and heroine’s mother guilt the heroine into moving the angry uncooperative hero into the family home while he recuperates So immediately the author plays the 1 physical punishment card to help absolve hero of his many years of neglect and the one night of cheating that was motivated by his need to hurt the heroineAs the heroine’s mother helpfully points out 2 heroine was cold and shut the hero out when they were having problems Then mommy plays the every marriage has infidelity card 3 and confesses that she had a two month affair when heroine’s father was busy being a surgeonYes heroine’s father was a surgeon and chief of the hospital when Hh met Heroine vowed to never marry a surgeon and yet she did after the Hh had broken up for a year The author explains again and again how the heroine had cold feetlack of commitment 4 – even the night before the wedding The hero then contemplates suicide 5 so the heroine feels even guilty and begins to sleep in the same bed with him The hero then accuses her of treating him like an object of pity rather than a man 6 so they begin having sex againMeanwhile heroine’s widowed mother is lecturing the heroine about having sex later in life and starting over as she goes to bed with a younger man and then marries him in a Vegas Wedding Heroine needs to look forward and not back 7Then the hero’s friends tell heroine to let him go if she can’t accept that he will be a surgeon again since she was always so selfish about his time 8When heroine does let him go Mommy dearest and hero accuse her of running away again 9 Also hero brings up heroine’s ONS with his enemy after they were divorced 10Finally the hero agrees to change his ways since all day and night surgery was too much for him and arranges a trip to Italy All is forgiven then and is still rosy 20 years later in the epilogue where the daughter is a surgeon and the cycle can begin againAfter all of this nonsense and numerous flashbacks of the Hh having hot sex and then hero leaving for work yet again – I can only come to the conclusion that the heroine should never have married the hero in the first place Their relationship was always unhealthy they had sex in common and the hero reveled in his power over making the heroine back down again and again and the heroine enjoyed her martyr status for some reason And nothing really changed Hero didn’t give up surgery for the heroine – the stroke changed his career trajectory Hero got what he wanted always His biggest enabler was his mother in law and I’m sad to say with a manipulative mother like that heroine had no chance What a depressing story of a weak heroine and gaslighting herofamily The many many passages about the hero’s rehab also made the story drag

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    An older divorced couple 48 to her 45 I think who don't really actseem that old to me Could have been a story about 30 somethings too Especially as they had a child bit late in life a 7 yo daughterAnyways they are a divorced couple as let their marriage of two decades fall apart he by being highly career driven and she by being unforgiving and rigid mostly at the end really as she's uite supportive through the years Now he's had a stroke and she offers very grudgingly to take him back in and help during his recovery and rehabThe daughter has a minor part considering but seems the only grown up around at times The h's mother is a nice cameo and her 'dear heart'ing and 'my dearsweet boy' added the otherwise missing sweetAnnoyances?With SpoilersRealistic but too much realism about the daily routine can make it boringThe flashbacks begin pretty soon I got used to them later and I understand the author wants to give a perspective about their past history as well but I wanted their present interaction and got less of thatThe h is cool and distant Maybe she has good reason he did cheat during the initial separation but also I could see that he is a good person and a supportive husband except for his single minded passion for his career but then good driven successful surgeons are just like that It's a miracle how they draw out than 24 hours worth out of a dayWorse? She loved him for who and what he is but wanted him to chose between her and his career Her grouse Who's his first love? Or who's the love of his life? That's hardly love Yes it's tough living with him but as a nurse herself she of all people should understand that She resented taking time off her job when he comes to stay with them and her lapses of attention cause mistakes at work and it's pointed out to her Instead of being repentant she gets aggressiveYes growing up her surgeon father too neglected them and she always had issues and so she had doubts about the H right from the beginning But the good times had outweighed the bad till the later years She walks out he cheats they divorce While she emotionally cheated by cribbing about him to his bete noirerival down the years and then she slept with this same man while he remains celibate after the divorce I would have liked him to decide about his work on his own and decrease his workload because he wanted to not under pressure from her as that's how it seemed in the end That disappointed me somehow So it was realistic till it wasn't so Because to be really realistic he should have been an egoistical and domineering d b and maybe have cheated all along as well

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    This was a good and entertaining read about love and second chances one of my most favorite tropes Annie and Jack have been divorced for two years when he suffers a stroke Given he is a heart surgeon there are uestions about his ability to return to his career This becomes a crippling and devastating blow to himAnnie agrees to take Jack back into her home to help in his recovery She is a nurse medically aware of the long road to recovery and she can offer all the necessary help and support It's obvious that these two still love each other but the road back to a HEA is not so easy Not only did Jack put his demanding career before his family there was also Jack's past infidelity that is standing in their way The author did a great job in building the history of this couple through a set of well timed flashbacks interwoven with their current life It worked really well My reason for giving it 3 versus 5 stars was due to the annoying interference of family and friends It was not only irritating but rather far fetched given both were in their late 40's Secondly this just lacked the gripping intensity that I have come to expect in a category romance But all in all a good read If you like second chances you might want to give this one a try

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    Very good readthe story progressed well between flashbacks of past and presentJack Anne still loved each other but had issues which they did'nt talked out which led their marriage on rocky part and Jack's one night stand was the last strawAnne divorced him but then after 2 years Jack suffers a stroke which brings Anne back in his lifeits a second chance for themJack regrets his mistakes but now has decided to bring his love back in his lifethey talk out all the issues also the cheating partDelia helps them along and they manage to get their HEAOverall a good emotional readRecommend it

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    Well it was certainly realistic I was in the mood for some angst and nothing does harsher angst than a cheating husbandThis book is about an older couple; actually they're middle aged and divorced after a long and happy marriage because Jack cheated Anne offers to let Jack move back in with her and their daughter after he has a stroke and suffers physical and mental disabilities so she can help take care of him There's a harsh dose of reality for ya This kind of setup wouldn't have normally appealed to me but maybe that secondary plotline in The Surprise Of His Life got me subconsciously interested in a situation of an older devoted couple broken up by cheatingWe never do get much detail about the cheating There are flashbacks of their early lives interwoven throughout the story but never about the fateful event It was only a nameless one night stand which is not as ignominious as an affair Somehow it seems surmountable when weighed against the love between the couple You definitely get the sense of Jack's yearning for his wife so by the end it seems there's just no other viable conclusion except to be together for the rest of their livesI liked this book although there was a tiny niggling dissatisfaction because the angst wasn't as extreme as I'd hoped I mean there was certainly angst and the love was very deep in a realistic sense as well but I guess I'd been wanting drama from this kind of premise

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    This is well written but frustrating The couple has been divorced for 2 years a drunken ONS was the straw that broke the camels back for a heroine who was tired of being second best to his medical career People around them had no issue telling her this should have been expected he’s a surgeon but no one calls him on his broken promises of cutting back and being there for his wife and daughterGuilt puts them back together short term—he’s suffered a stroke as the result of a ruptured aneurysm and there’s no one else to help him recoverDid she focus on the negatives of their relationship? Yes but she wasn’t necessarily wrong in doing so no one understood her anger hurt and frustration level basically telling her she was wrong and to move on He mother being the worst offenderShe was not to blame for their marriage falling apart she shared her feelings and frustrations and he ignored them It’s only when she’s walking away again that he finally makes changes to avoid losing her again and she acknowledges that despite her anger he was there for her when she really needed him But as readers we know life isn’t lived during the emergencies it’s lived in between day in and day out and they don’t figure this out until 95% and we get an epilogue 20 years later telling us they made it work

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    This book wasn't exactly fun but it was uite realistic and romantic The book shares a story of an older woman who is divorced from her husband She works in the same hospital as him as a nurse where he is a famed surgeon He overworks himself and suffers a stroke which is where our story starts The h takes responsibility to care for him at the home she kicked him out of for cheating on her At first he is stubborn but slowly begins to follow through and grows stronger as he sees this as an opportunity to get his life back with herI felt like the book was a great read except I'm not sure why the H cheated It seems so out of character because he does it once and the rest of the book sees him pining for the h whether in flashback or present day story It seemed out of placeThe h's tryst with the H's rival received attention This wasn't cheating because she had the one night stand with him after her divorce but still felt guilty H seemed to have issues with it but not enough to stop pining for herTheir daughter was a delight and the side story of the h's mom finding love was adorable

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    This is a cheating husband book that I actually didn't mind You could tell that these 2 were really in love with each other Although jack cheated for one thing with this book that clinched it was that annie wasn't celibate she actually slept with someone else while they were separated and it just happened on jack and Annie's anniversary So that was a bonus I dont mind cheating books but only if the h actually does something about it like leaving his ass and have handr own life I'm not one who likes to see the h give in to the cheat straight away because that's just not me

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    first book that i give a full mark of 5 stars this is such a lovely story a complete full round of love story between 2 people from the first time they met being in lovethe proposal having their first year of marriage the problems they encountered wech year passing by the plan they had to hv their child the surprised the work that finally consumed both of their marriage life the one mistake of betrayel the longing oh it's just a full round of beautiful story im not used to read a story where the H and the h are both in their middle age of over 45 i love how the story keep flashing back and forward about their past and their current situation as if it was somekind of strayed memories give it a try to read this book and you will find a really beautiful story of 1 guy who willing to fight his wife back and learn from his mistake fortunately the cheating only took as a one night stand only with whatever girl i can work wthat as long as it wasn a long time affair i might burn the book

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    4 Stars The narrator did an awesome job reading this story The shift between the past and present was done very well which is a credit to both the author and the narrator Not once is there a doubt that Jack and Annie love each other deeply and really should be together The break down of their marriage had been devastating to both of them Pride and stubbornness are powerful things and often get in the way of honest communication Ms Gold created two characters that are far from perfect and has wrought their journey to a HEA with many obstacles This heartfelt lovestory is a testimony of the endurance of love

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Fall from Grace [PDF / EPUB] Fall from Grace When a marriage of twenty years ends is there anygoing back Can you regain what's been lost For heartsurgeon Jack Morgan the answer is yesParalyzed by a stroke he has no choice but to turn tohis ex wi When a marriage of twenty years ends is there anygoing back Can you regain what's been lost For Fall from Epub / heartsurgeon Jack Morgan the answer is yesParalyzed by a stroke he has no choice but to turn tohis ex wife Anne—just as if they were still marriedDuring the months that follow they discover that thememories of their marriage have an unexpected powerto bring forgiveness—and the return of a love thatnever really left.

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  • Fall from Grace
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