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Chubster [PDF / EPUB] Chubster ARE YOUR SKINNY JEANS STARTING TO FEEL A LITTLE SNUG You don’t have the right clothes for the gym You don’t do protein powders wonder berries or green tea The idea of going without beer makes you ARE YOUR SKINNY JEANS STARTING TO FEEL A LITTLE SNUG You don’t have the right clothes for the gym You don’t do protein powders wonder berries or green tea The idea of going without beer makes you weak in the knees But there’s no denying you are one fat hipster Lucky for you Martin Cizmar has come up with the least awful diet plan of all time The Chubster way It revolves around calorie counting deal with it and enjoyable undercover exercise urban hiking and gum chewing Martin gives you the tools to become a self sufficient weight loss machine capable of functioning in any environment From frozen dinners and drive through menus ethnic eating to microbrews he’ll point you to the responsible choice steer you clear of the real diet killers and dispel some of the myths giving you that tire around your waist Like That Stella you’re holding It has calories than Guinness Dieting is never fun but with Chubster weight loss doesn’t have to cramp your style.

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    i started reading this book because i noticed i was holding in my gut for Facebook pictures i needed a BOOST INSPIRATION A KICK IN THE ASS A NEW FACEBOOK PICTURE i needed CHUBSTERlet me start by saying the author is an asshole a nice asshole the kind of asshole that picks you up at the airport but borrows money and never returns it you know THAT kind of asshole this hipster asshole makes fun of everyone and every weight loss idea known to mankind i dont know anyone but christians that have that much disdain for people that being saidhe's a funny fucker this book was honest and straight forward it didn't have a man crying into a bag of dortios either or crying about how small his dick looks under his protruding stomach actually i would've like to hear about that i am a high self esteem mcfatty about 25 overweight depending who you're talking to and i'm glad i didn't have to hear a pity party all dang day that being said this book lacked MOTIVATION this guy pratically said 'hey fat fucker lose weighthere's how you do it just stop being a fat fucker and eating like fat fucker' ummmmi need a little than that i can tell that mr author would not humble himself into wearing a jerry curl and tiny shorts and yelling SWEAT i understand that is the anti cool i get it but damni need SOMETHING to push me i wanted to finish this book bench pressing babies for goodness sakes that is the difference between comedians and motivational speakers one has us laughing at life's problems and the other has us DOING something about it author falls into the former category he had me laughing and learning about calories and frozen pizza and converstaton with stupid friends but he did not have me CARING about any of those thingsi give this book 3 stars because it is funny and moderately educates about calories and hiking and walking up elevators and some shit like that

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    25 It's pretty hard to fill a whole book when the advise is count caloriesHe obviously doesn't cook or care about blood pressure as a full third of the book is reviews of frozen dinners and another chapter is on take out meals There were some chuckles but I certainly wouldn't read again

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    Eh Douchey

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    The Christmas feasting kept going until February this year so the time came for me to read a book with a vegetable on itI started several from my library app but look I take myself way too seriously as is Books that frame lentils or oatmeal as the dark forces of Armageddon make it that much harder to lighten up booEnter Chubster Man what a title This particular book was just the right amount of cringe and laid back encouragement that I was looking for If you are tired of Instagram babes laxative tea saleswomen telling you what to eat you might like this bookChubster is somewhere in between a B movie and a pep talk The author is a self aware hipster d bag but in the same way that at least one of your friends are self aware hipster d bags It’s comforting Nostalgic even Maybe that’s why I got through this book when the others made me want to throw thingsIs it original? No Polished? No Annoying? Yeah sort of Helpful? Probably

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    Ok a point off straight off the top for being a self loving hipster Sorry But the book itself? Well done Martin Cizmar starts off with a little about his weight loss journey then gets down to both the science and history of nutritionweight lossweight gain diets and all of it is actually really interesting He explains in basic terms what a calories actually is which is nice to know since so many people just talk about them without ever defining them He also breaks down the BMI and BMR euations helping you to further understand what everyone is talking about I also liked reading about the early beginnings of the weight loss industry – which he comes down pretty hard on but still interesting reading to see where our current culture is coming from and where it might be heading He gets very hipster ish when he talks about being healthy is getting on board with a new trend ahead of the massesHe outlines different types of hipsters who are now chubsters like the Music Snob who wears ironic t shirts and got fat by eating too many microwave burritos while downloading mp3’s And the All Natural Hippie Hipster who always carries reusable grocery bags and put on weight from all the cheese when trying to go vegetarian I was laughing and then realized I ualified very much as the Nerdy Bookworm Hipster Except for the part about the gingerbread Ok maybe a little from the gingerbread – but that was a cooking experiment based on something I read about pirates not Emily Dickenson He really stresses finding out what works for you – if you’re having a love affair with your new phone then there are aps a plenty to chose from to track food and calories intact If you’re a technophobe then fine write it all down He does this for all parts of his advice – find what foodsactivitiesprogress trackingetc work for you rather than trying to suish yourself into someone else’s boxHe goes through most of the old wives tales of weight loss debunking some – spicy foods won’t make your metabolism burn calories faster recommending others – drink water before a meal but mostly being just “me’h” about them – green tea and ice water won’t do much but they won’t hurt eitherHe makes good points about calories being both eual and uneual – he cites a study where a scientist lost 27 pounds on a “junk food diet” – but he ate the junk food in very small portions But he also points out that for 100 calories you can have 2 Buffalo wings or a pound of celery – emphasizing the importance of foods that have the highest satiety factor like potatoes oatmeal and applesHe spends a chapter talking about his favorites and least favorite frozen meals and chain restaurants – then takes time to explain in a long passage this is not a book for the all organic crowd and if that’s what you’re looking for check out The Omnivore’s Dilemma He points out it’s all about how much time and money you have – and when you lack in those departments well its probably going to be Lean Cuisine for dinner rather than that homemade dish of all organic materials lovingly picked out at the farmer’s market and slaved over for hours He has a point Then comes the chapter labeled “Alcohol and Drugs” He gets all “seriously guys?” after showing that most diet plans are all “Just Say No” in their approach And after he made that point I was sucked in as well Yeah seriously guys? That’s the best you got? ‘Cause that worked soooooo well when Nancy Reagan said that I mean really Nancy just say no? Do you have any idea how messed up that program was??? Ok sorry promised not to go on another Death to DARE rant this week Anyway he breaks down different types of beers wines and hard liuors looking at how many calories you’re drinking down and what are the smartest choice He suggests vodka and burgundy as the smartest choices Hmmm InterestingHe also for lols puts in a small section about marijuana pointing out that smoke has no calories but pot brownies have them in spades He also makes a very good scary funny point that there is no scientific data about weight and marijuana because and I uote “It’s hard enough to get the government to support marijuana studies involving cancer and AIDS patients I guess without bringing the comparatively trivial matter of weight loss into play” Ouch trueAnd now the exercise Which he hates doing Especially in a gym No really he has the idea in his head that gyms are where are the “un cool” people go so he has no part of it More hipster attitude But he breaks down a lot of outdoor exercises that are simple and effective Also shamelessly shells for several clothing and shoe brands He wraps it up talking about the importance of attitude and playing well with others during a lifestyle switch to better eating and exercise habits amusingly offer advice on what to say when people ask the oft repeated uestion of ‘what’s your secret?’ He stresses the importance of maintaining weight loss balancing the warnings of how often people re gain weight with his own cheering on about how happy he is now A good weight loss guide for anyone afraid that weight loss is to complicated for them to do

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    Full disclosure I read this book only because it was available now on my public library's e book lending site and I thought it might be entertaining in the way that the old Hipster Handbook was So I am not this book's target audience which is I believe aging fat guys who want to lose some weight while feeling superior to everyone else by TOTALLY eating at McDonald's and having skinny hot girlfriends the whole time Right? RightAs a book of diet advice you probably indeed will lose weight following this guy's plan which is basically Jenny Craig without buying the JC meals mixed with some fast food As a human being though do yourself a favor and avoid it The author is about 10% as funny as he thinks he is nb he thinks that he is HILARIOUS He goes on long long tirades that are somewhere between offensive and ignorant no one goes hungry in America except by choice; people who support farmer's markets are stupid; cheap and processed foods are the best ones He also very actively hates Weight Watchers and apparently the stereotypical overweight middle aged women whom he imagines might attend its meetings He also seems to have no idea what a hipster actually is but whatever he also seems to live in Arizona or something and I'm pretty sure they don't exist there But hey buddy if you're reading this wearing TOMS shopping at HM or going to coffee shops doesn't make you a hipster I'm not even remotely a hipster and I could tell you thatIn conclusion terrible Being smug is not a calorie burning exercise

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    It's ground breaking It's revolutionary It'scalorie counting I'm with Cizmar it's the weight loss plan that is sure to work and his hipster angle is cute Much of the book is about what to eat when you go out but he based his calorie counts on well known restaurants My main gripe with Cizmar's take is his emphasis on pre packaged or restaurant food His premise which I can't really uibble with is that prepared food is making us fat and prepared food can help us lose weight again Yes it's easier to count calories from a frozen microwavable meal than to make that meal yourself and try to count the portion yourself Ad I know the book is supposed to be hipster and the point is to lose weight not necessarily worry about other stuff But there's to health than calories of course Sodium for example It's not bad to count calories easily to start but at some point let's advocate cooking for yourself and leaving processed stuff behind once you figure out portion control I think there are a couple of recipes in here but I would like to see emphasis on food choice for health not just bang for your buck weight loss longterm

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    This was really meh like a whole section about his favorite frozen lunches? At least Amy's made the cut I guess? But it was like so sexist could this have been called getting thin for girls? And plus it starts with his hot girlfriend thinking he's fat and so he need to keep her oh and she also does all the shopping and cooking so he has no advice for your fat ass Good job I will admit some of the practical advice for working out and switching out alcohol was nice it was cool to see some pop culture vocabularies in this book as well as acknowledge that a lot of social people going to shows eat and drink poorly so it's an underserved markets but his book was NOT the solution I somehow felt worse about myself after reading it

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    I found this book via the SFPL's list of February Acuisitions Hmmm I thought a diet book for hipsters? This might be useful as inspiration for the get fit book I could write someday Alas it was not In fact it was pretty much the opposite of useful Cizmar devotes a few pages to explaining that weight loss is the result of eating fewer calories than one burns and then he spends chapters and chapters recommending pre packaged foods for readers to try Pretty sure no one who self identifies as a hipster hipster or even one who self IDs as vaguely culturally relevant will be stoked to chow down on m f'in Lean Cuisines Total stinkbomb

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    Practical advice delivered with panache Cizmar's book was a uick informative read that I will end up recommending to others I couldn't use some of the recommendations but I really appreciate that he was so thorough in his appraisals of various restaurants foods and items of apparel Cizmar's voice is fun with a low tolerance for diet BS and this book provided a good overview of current wisdom as well as a lot of the basic mathematical euations upon which weight loss are based which the majority of books I've read do not

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