三姉妹探偵団 San shimai tanteidan PDF Æ

  • Paperback
  • 254 pages
  • 三姉妹探偵団 San shimai tanteidan
  • Jirō Akagawa
  • English
  • 19 June 2014
  • 9784061860094

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    There's a story behind how I came across a copy of this book in JapanThe only English language book I found at the ryokun my wife brought us to First published in Japanese as Sanshimai Tanteidan 1982; English translation 1985 by Gavin Frew Published by Kodansha English Library with a bookmark that says “Enjoy Reading English” While a widower is supposedly away on business his three daughters are almost killed when their house is burned down The police also find the body of a young woman in the remains of the house Whodunit and where is dad? He’s disappeared and is now wanted for murder Three resourceful sisters investigate bodies pile up and the trio learns that OK no spoilers I left the book behind at the ryokun in the spirit of wanting some other English starved reader to have the same experience I did I didn’t have wi fi or Internet at this hotel so it wasn’t till after that I looked it up on to see if I could find any other English translations of the author No But I did see that this edition is going for 500 from used book vendors Damn I shoulda swiped it To blazes with this peace love granola stuffA few uotes some politically incorrect but included as cultural reference pointsShe suffered from low blood pressure and although none of the sisters was particularly good at getting up in the morning Ayako was in a class of her own “Ayako’s no good in the mornings She has low blood pressure you know” Yuriko said Like “He’s from Barcelona”Of the three sisters Tamami the youngest was the most practical It might be a reflection of the times“A sensitive girl like you is uite rare these days”“You’ll find that once you’ve worked at the same place for almost twenty years no one complains whatever you do”did not know the difference between a chit and a memo“Do you think Ayako is really coming home?” “Where else could she go?” “I don’t know Someone might have made fun of her and she jumped in front of a train on the Yamanote Line” “Don’t be silly She doesn’t use the Yamanote Line”“Funny being followed on a lovely warm afternoon like this” Yuriko thought “Beautiful women are only supposed to be followed by menacing shadows in the dead of night”“Does the bruise on my forehead show?” she asked as if she wanted to blame him for that too “No not very much” “That’s a relief Good looks are a woman’s main asset you know If I was scarred I wouldn’t be able to find a husband” She rubbed the sticking plaster lightly “If that happened would you take the responsibility?”“I want to buy some new underwear I feel so dirty”Tamami “They didn’t rape you did they? It costs a lot for an operation to restore your virginity you know” “That’s taking things a bit far” Yuriko said raising a fist “You hit me and I won’t give you any money”“My lover is a mature woman of over thirty who is very understanding”“Of course but I missed seeing you in the nude just now I don’t suppose you would consider an encore would you?” Yuriko flung one of the sofa cushions at him“Kunitomo was very impressed by your body in the bath He said that you had a mysterious beauty” “You mean that he saw me” Yuriko said angrily and blushed “He’s a nice person” Tamami said and whistled “But detectives don’t get paid very much you know You won’t be able to live a life of luxury”

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    I chose this as my 'book by an author with the same birthday as you' this was hard to find Akagawa was leap day 1948It was a cute little book and I managed to read it just at the end of my birthday week so it was just in time This was excellently translated using just the right words collouially and not stilted which I'm finding to be a rarity I feel that's worth mentioning The story itself was not the greatest it's three sisters in their late teens20's whose house burns down along with the body of a young woman they've never heard of Their dad is nowhere to be found and so they set out as little Japanese Miss Marples to try to get to the bottom of the mystery and prove their dad's innocence of course I had the mystery figured out halfway through the book so it wasn't exactly a clever or difficult mystery and I'm pretty sure the book is aimed at girls of the same age as in the book But it wasn't a bad little read especially for someone who's written over 400 novels in his lifetime I don't know how they do it

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    Even in translation the playful spirit of the author shines through in how he draws the reader close to his characters the three sisters each with their distinct personality A good telling of a good mystery I read the book because I had heard Akagawa's books were very popular in Japan and now I see why

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三姉妹探偵団 San shimai tanteidan[PDF / EPUB] 三姉妹探偵団 San shimai tanteidan Their house burned downtheir father missingthe body of a murdered woman discovered in the ruins of their homeWhat are the three sisters—Yuriko Tamami and Ayako—to do They set out to solve the myst Their house burned downtheir father missingthe body of a murdered woman discovered in the ruins of their homeWhat are the three sisters—Yuriko Tamami and Ayako—to do They set out to solve the mystery with the help of a young and sympathetic detective.

About the Author: Jirō Akagawa

赤川次郎Best known for his humorous mysteries Akagawa's first short story Ghost Train was published in and went on to win the annually granted All Yomimono New Mystery Writers' Prize by Bungeishunjū a Japanese literary publishing company Other works of his The Incident in the Bedroom Suburb ホームタウンの事件簿 私語を禁ず Homu Taun no Jikenbo Shigo o Kinzu and Voice from Heaven 天からの声 Ten kara no Ko.