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A Land of Ash [PDF / EPUB] A Land of Ash The Yellowstone Caldera has erupted once every 600000 years We're 40000 years overdue A LAND OF ASH Lava flows stretch for hundreds of miles A cloud of ash billows east burying the Midwest destroying The Yellowstone Caldera has erupted once every years We're years overdue A Land of Ash Lava flows stretch for hundreds of miles A cloud of ash billows east A Land eBook ↠ burying the Midwest destroying crops and falling upon the Pacific Coast like a warm dead snow The remnants of the United States flees south as the global temperatures plummet Amid this total devastation are stories of families friends sons and fathers and wives the survivors Within are eleven stories focusing on the human element of such a catastrophe from an elderly couple gathering to await their death to a father sealing his shelter in hopes of keeping the air breathable for his daughter Contributing to this collection include many popular and up and coming independent authors including David McAfee Daniel Arenson and.

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    I'd love to be able to sit down and write a glowing review about Land of Ash as with Grants Pass But I didn't love it I've always had a fascination with Apocalypse be it man made or Mother Nature herself visiting doom upon humanity It must be my eschatological upbringing but I'm a sucker for a story that asks what happens after the end of the world? The first story of this anthology drops the reader into the middle of a last supper among friends Except these friends feel like some of them are just individuals who share geographical proximity facing their last moments together It had potential to be uite poignant and could have been brilliant as a novelette but fell short due to too many elements in the short story that overshadowed the graceful bravery it seemed to have meant to showcasePart of the problem I suspect is there is absolutely no introduction to the anthology There's no “what if” or “it could happen” Land of Ash is about the end of North America and the world as we know it brought about by the eruption of a super volcano There are some scientists who believe we are overdue for this type of extinction event And yet even with this fascinating idea we are simply dropped into the middle of an idea While this can work well for a full length novel it's risky for shorts that may need some sort of set up If this premise for the anthology had been included as a forward it may have enhanced the reading of these vignettes of living and dying by fleshing out the picture of what a super volcano eruption event would mean for survivors Some of the stories are touching yet few are compelling There are very few last minute acts of redemption although Duperre's The One That Matters is a standout There are a few instances of brutality consistent with this type of fiction One story Dalglish's Toward the Storm hints at potential conflict between believers and non believers in an apocalyptic world but we get the brutality without benefit of development of the underlying conflict The overall tenor of this anthology is that of grim despair It largely lacks what compels one in similar works that is hope Even in the face of a story for which the final resolution can only be hopeless it's human nature to express hope The last two stories in the set Duperre's mentioned above and the last one Dalglish's Let It Continue inject that small bit of hope so needed to make this group of stories rise above being simply character sketches In spite of these flaws the writing flows well in most of the stories The characters had their own voices and each story was uniue There's a short afterword from Dalglish where he mentions how this collection was influenced and inspired by Bradbury and the tone of The Martian Chronicles Knowing this going in I would likely have read Land of Ash differently and with appreciation as a series of tales with just a droplet of homage to a master storyteller

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    Normally when someone gives something away for free that usually means it sucks Sure that couch sitting by the curb may look like a good deal but as soon as you get it home you’ll realize that one of the cushions smells like asparagus and the other is actually a giant rectangle of matted pet hairBut when it comes to e books sometimes free is good When independent authors give away their product in the Kindle store they’re doing it to advertise for themselves after all there’s no better way to get someone interested in your work and as such they necessarily have to focus on the uality For this reason there are a lot of good e books out there that you can pick up without spending a penny Of course there are also a lot of bad ones The only problem for you the reader is sifting through all the crap to get to the gemsWhich is what Goodreads is for Why spend time sifting through crappy books when you could sift through my eually crappy reviews where I apparently go for three whole paragraphs before even starting to talk about the book I just read?Which reminds me there’s a reason we’re here We need to talk about A Land of AshI was excited to check this book out because I figured I’d get exposure to a lot of different indie authors and could find some new ones I liked As it turns out there’s not as much variety as I’d anticipated most of the stories are by the editor David Dilglish But that’s fine because I felt his stories were the best anyway for the most partAlthough none of the characters in the stories are connected they’re all operating in the same world where a volcano in Yellowstone has blown its top and covered much of the US with mountain dandruff Unfortunately the government’s plan to have helicopters douse the country with Head Shoulders didn’t work out so we’re left with a genuine catastrophe on our handsEven though there’s no direct connection between characters from one story to the next the collection does still tie itself together by being arranged in a realistic sort of timeline with the earliest stories being about the coming of the ash splosion and the later stories dealing with the aftermath Things start off strong with Dalglish’s “One Last Dinner Party” which gives us one view of how people may react to learning of their inevitable demise A few stories later we’ve got Daniel Arenson’s “Beach Puppies” which has a similar premise Skip ahead to Dalglish’s “A Harmless American” and you’ll find the best story in the book and read Robert J Duperre’s “The One That Matters” if you want an intense story that shows the sick and twisted side of human desperationOf course as with any anthology not everything can be made of gold There are a few clunkers in here the absolute worst of which was John Fitch V’s “Refugees” The main character is a total bitch which might be okay in some cases but it doesn’t really work when she seems to take particular delight in bossing around the people she’s trying to help I swear Fitch seemed to throw in this lady’s smiles randomly—I can’t think of any other explanation for why she’d be grinning at some of the things she said unless her character is just insane It didn’t help that after smiling at her own inexplicable sadism she got all choked up while talking about the survivors What the hell is wrong with this lady? Where’s the character consistency?As if crazy bitch lady isn’t bad enough halfway through the story we switch perspectives and never hear from her again I may not have liked her but that’s no excuse to just cut her out so that I don’t figure out what the fuck happened with herAlthough nothing else was as bad as “Refugees” I was also unimpressed with Michael Crane’s “Last Words” There was just some inconsistent character voice in there a guy who says “ that don’t explain ” shouldn’t be starting sentences with “Perhaps” That guy says “Maybe” Not “perhaps” He doesn’t even know what “perhaps” meansAnother gripe I had is that Crane threw in a lot of unnecessary character actions because he felt the need to break up dialogue It took me years to figure this out for myself but as it turns out it’s actually perfectly fine to have two characters talk back and forth for long stretches of time without taking random breaks to fidget in most cases anyway Crane’s characters were twitching so much between sentences that I thought they had ADD or a swarm of ants in their clothes Still the story isn’t as bad as I’m making it out to be; certainly nowhere near Fitch’s “Refugees” UghDavid McAfee’s “Alone on the Mountain” could have been good but the problem is that it seems like the entire story was built around the mystery of what was happening to this old hermit in his cave The ground is shaking animals are fleeing the valley and ignoring their usual predatorprey relations what’s going on?Oh right A volcano is erupting I already knew that because I’d read the title of the anthologyBasically I think McAfee’s story might have worked better in a collection that’s not tied to this theme If I were reading his story and had no idea what the deal was with the tremors and fleeing animals I might have been flying through the pages to find out just what was happening As it is I already knew so there was no suspense If I’m not mistaken this was the only story in the book that centered around someone who didn’t know the catastrophic event was coming and I think that’s what kept it from being particularly strongThere are 11 stories total in A Land of Ash and if I didn’t mention one by name that means it’s probably pretty enjoyable Overall the book was a good read even though I spent half my review being critical about things I disliked it’s just the way I operate—I tend to put emphasis on the bad than the good and I can’t help itIf you’re looking for a free Kindle book that doesn’t suck this is a good place to start

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    What a freaking depressing book I guess I just didn't understand what the stories would be about when I started Not my thing and I uit reading halfway through Too bad because I like David Dalglish

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    This is an unusual anthology using the Yellowstone super volcano and the effects of its eruption as the basis for its short fiction Most of the stories are by David Dalglish with various writers rounding out the rest David McAfee of 33 AD being the only one I've previously heard of The short tales are uite good and are very character driven considering the topic on hand Also they tend to be uite depressing with only the last story having any real sign of hope A foreword explaining the super volcano and the predicted results of its eruption would have been helpful as I am not sure this info is household news and it would have been helpful as background material to the less informed reader After all it is 40000 years overdue I liked McAfee's Alone on the Mountain best but can't say any one story stood out Still an interesting collection

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    HOLY CRAP This book had me nervously looking out my window at an incoming storm cloud What makes it so scary is how easy it is to relate to the characters in the book It's so easy to put yourself in their shoes to feel their same desperation and despair in a world now destroyed by ashThis book delivers 11 gut wrenching short stories about different people in different areas trying to survive after an eruption in Yellowstone As you progress through the book you find yourself at further time points from the initial eruption The stories are all extremely well written and they all manage to grip the reader with the amazing characters found within Seriously go read this book Don't even bother with the rest of this review just go read it If you are still planning on reading the rest of the review here's my two cents on each story1 One Last Dinner Party A 65 year old couple enjoys one last dinner party with their friends before an ash cloud envelopes them The story ends on a very sad note but it's heart warming at the same time I loved when the characters all got to enjoy one last moment of beauty you'll know what I'm talking about it sort of lightened the mood of the whole story When the ash begins to fall like snow it paints uite the mental image And sets the stage for the ash filled stories to follow2 Alone on the Mountain Interesting story about a man who has been living in a cave on a Kentucky mountain side for the last 15 years The story is about the three days he spends noticing the increasingly strange animal behavior precipitating bad earthuakes My favourite element of the story was reading about how he adapted over the years to living in the wilderness I also had to laugh when he was being chased down by wolves and thinks to himself so this is how it ends Such a calm thought to have in the face of imminent death3 Shelter This touching story features a man and his 6 year old daughter holed up in his modular home sealed tight with duct tape They are trying to weather the ash storm until it is safe enough to go out The descriptions of how the ash coats and crushes anything was rather haunting The mental image was burned into my brains days after I finished reading When Jason reflects back on how he always meant to buy a generator but it's too late now everything is too late now it serves as a smack to the reader's head get out and do those things you've been procrastinating on The only thing I disliked a bit was that the reader is left wondering what happens to the characters This is certainly not a fault of the author this is simply my strange mental issue with feeling like I didn't get adeuate closure from a book 4 Beach Puppies This uick tale circles around Harvey who is sitting on the beach of their island with all his friends They are living their last night watching lotteryraffle winners escape on jet planes We learn Harvey has a secret he's been keeping from his friends simply because they mean so much to him5 Toward the Storm A story about hope and faith Gertrude and her cat are walking west on the highway towards the storm to follow the food since everyone else headed east with only what they could carry she knows they will soon run out of food She on the other hand finds plenty of food and supplies left behind in abandoned vehicles She awakes one night to find a stranger sitting near her Samuel He seems like a legit guy but we soon learn that he has no tolerance for Gertrude's faith in JesusGod He tries to convince her that the eruption is proof enough God doesn't exist but Gertrude remains faithful to the end6 Last Words Here we meet Harold who is trying to reach out to his distraught 30 year old son Gary broke up with his girlfriend several months ago because she wanted to move to California and he did not When they last spoke to each other he got very angry and said something terrible to her Now he is trying to come to terms with his guilt over the last words spoken to his ex and Harold is hoping to alleviate some of this guilt7 Refugees Carly is an aide to the president and has arrived in Boston to prepare the mayor for the wave of refugees coming The reader really gets a sense of how desperate things are becoming as food and shelter become a luxury Then we meet a man and his daughter two of the refugees arriving in Boston A massive riot occurs and their survival depends on their escape8 A Harmless American This story takes across the border into Mexico Javier is patrolling the Rio Grande to ensure no Americans cross into Mexico with the order to shoot anyone who manages to swim across the now freezing ash laden river However when a little girl washes ashore on a log he cannot bring himself to shoot her He instead takes her to his tent and manages to hide her underneath the bed when his partner Sergio arrives Sergio loves his job and has a very bold stance on why no Americans should be allowed into his country As the two men smoke and conversate on the riverbank the reader is constantly wondering if Sergio knows about the little girl in the tent This is my favourite story out of the entire book 9 Secret Mission Okay I'll admit it I did not really like this story at first It opens with a 5 year old boy Derek being sent on a secret mission by his mother The two are in a crowded refugee camp in a football stadium with thousands of others He has a secret package in his pants that he cannot open until he finds a private place I was a little creeped out by the part where Derek is thinking about how beautiful his mother is and how often he tells her this It just came off weird for a 5 year old Anyways the story is about his search for a private place to enjoy his secret package The ending is very heart warming10 The One That Matters Now THIS is a tear jerker Guido has spent 20 years builing a bomb shelter in his Conneticut home even though everyone told him he'd never need it But now he's looking smart and has refuge from the Event He also has Alyssa a little girl that wandered into his yard as he was securing his shelter in preparation for the ash storm Even though he turned away his own neighbours he adopts this little girl and the two hide out in his bomb shelter for 112 days The reader begins to understand Guido a bit better when the girl asks to hear of his stories These stories are actually conspiracy theories about the Kennedy assassination 911 and the moon landing Then one day they hear on the radio that the French have arrived with ships to help the survivors They set off towards the harbour but are stopped by five teenage boys gone mad who want the girl Guido fights with his baseball bat but succumbs to their planks and rusty nails Guido's only concern is the safety of his granddaughter11 Let it Continue This is the perfect story to end on It's filled with hope for the future in this destroyed new world of ash A married couple have traveled to Maine to meet Faye a nurse The reader learns that the husband has brought them here to terminate the pregnancy whereas the wife thought they were going to have Faye assist with the deliver of the baby The story is basically two parents to be struggle to decide what's best for their child can they really bring a new life into a world filled with hunger and despair? But can they live with themselves if they choose to terminate? Whew Well that's that Now go get this book what are you waiting for??

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    update on 9 13I had to change my mind and give this 5 stars after dreaming all day I work nights about different families running from the heated and heavy ash If a book can have that kind of effect on my sleeping delusions it fully deserves a 5 star rating original post on 9 12Good set of apocolyptic short stories by different authors that are all tied into the same catastrophic event If some of the stories had a bit deeper story line it would have gotten 5 stars but some of them are really short Overall I liked them alot and was easy to read on my breaks at work

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    I really enjoyed this book It reminded me of why I used to love reading short stories so much and was a welcome change from the long books I've been reading lately I particularly enjoyed David Dalglish's short called Toward the Storm my favorite from this collection

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    I really enjoyed these short stories very fast read

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    I don't normally read these type of books but after reading the first story I just couldn't stop reading

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    This is a collection of eleven short stories about what people might do encounter endure when faced with the eruption of the Yellowstone caldera I'm a fan of apocalyptic stories and really liked the book with the exception of one story

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