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Scandal and Sin [PDF / EPUB] Scandal and Sin First in the Men With Tools seriesRye Coleman falls in lust with Alaina May the first time she walks into the office of his construction firm During the tour of the old house that she wants to renovat First in the Men With Tools seriesRye Coleman falls in lust with Alaina May the first Scandal and PDF or time she walks into the office of his construction firm During the tour of the old house that she wants to renovate that lust takes over when Alaina falls on a broken step right into his arms Sex is hard and fast and he imagines a lot of it—until she tells him she’s the sister of the woman who humiliated him in front of the entire town three years agoRye accepts the remodeling job but refuses to have anything personal to do with Alaina He can’t be sure she won’t treat him like her sister did But Alaina is determined to convince Rye she’s nothing like her sister A picnic meant to thank him for his hard work turns into the first of many nights of lovemakingA murder from seventy five years ago a ghost in the old house and a modern day man determined to stop the remodeling threaten the blossoming love between Rye and Alaina.

About the Author: Lynn LaFleur

I was born and raised in a small town in Texas close to the DallasFort Worth Scandal and PDF or area Writing has been in my blood since I was eight years old and wrote my first story for an English assignment The baby of four children I was spoiled rotten and still amI can't imagine ever writing anything but romances I enjoy writing about two people or sometimes than two falling in love If you like the.

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    They had me at Men with Tools guys MEN WITH TOOLS It's entirely accurate too There are men and they do have tools They're triplets in fact Triplet men with tools HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG HERE? You can't That's howI could talk about the triplets who have tools but instead I'm going to skip off and talk about ghosts and decades old murders and other such shenanigans But before I do that here's a TRIPLETS WITH TOOLS for the road You're welcomeOkay So There's a house And Alaina wants to buy it remodel it and turn it into a bed and breakfast Did I mention that part about men and their tools? Yeah Those men help with the remodel Or the gutting of the old house if I'm going to be really accurate Rye and Alaina hook up Alaina tries to be honest with him so that they can possibly start a relationship without the taint of lies and misdirection hanging over their heads and it blows up in her face Bummer Then the ghost of a murderedYou know what? Men with tools 'Nuff saidThe mystery might be fairly easy to figure out but the journal entries chronicling the events that led up to the murder the ghost of the murdered girl and the smokin' sex than make up for it Kelly Reading the ParanormalScandal and Sin was a free Kindle book I downloaded on 020713 for the Why Buy the Cow? reading challenge

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    This book is your stereotypical romance novel Girl has problem man falls in lust sexy time ensues then after reading the whole book you find out they actually love each other Alaina gets left a very large fortune by her grandfather which she usesplans to use on remodeling an old historical house into a bed and breakfast Which I think is kinda cool because it has this huge library and window seats up the wazoo Oh and she has a couple uirky friends It definitely wasn't my favorite book of the year or my secondactually let's say it probably doesn't even rank in the top 60 but it was uick and easy haha get itromance noveluick and easy to read and was semi enjoyable

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    A wonderful mystery romance short story Alaina has returned to her childhood neighborhood with the intention of buying an old deserted house She plans on restoring the house and making it into a bed and breakfast She hires the man that had once been engaged to her older sister That romance ended badly and once he knows that she is the sister of his X fiance he wants nothing to do with her Unfortunately Alaina has had a crush on him since she was in her early teens and wants to persue the relationship A mystery deveolps along with a ghost sighting as they work together restoring the house There is plenty of good loving and a fun mystery I found this to be a very enjoyable read

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    4 stars Why I gave 4 stars well that is a good uestion Let me explain I gave 4 stars because of the Triplets of course RYE DAX and GRIFFSexy Men that works with there hands yum; Men that work with heavy tools Erotic Okay Okay that story was good as well but I wanted a little But above all finally Rye got a woman that loved him unconditionally after being tormented by the disaster he had in his past Bravo to Ms LaFleur for bring deliciously these triplets that work with there hand wink wink

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    Originally posted at chilling ghost story figures prominently in the plot of this engrossing romantic mystery Alaina is experiencing sightings and confusing messages from a dead woman from the past She has also fallen for the sweet and sexy hunk Rye Coleman Rye along with his two brothers are doing the construction and design work on the house that she has just purchased to renovate She is afraid to tell him at first but the evidence of the paranormal events becomes too important to their shared venture and to their relationship to continue to hide it There is as the title suggests plenty of scandal on several layers of this intriguing tale The central scandal begins in the late 1930's history of the Stewart house that Alaina plans to turn into a bed and breakfast hotel in the small town where she grew up That is when Rye's great grandfather was convicted and hanged for the murder of a townswoman named Laura who's ghost now haunts the house Rye is unaware that Alaina has had a crush on him since she was thirteen A scandal involving Alaina's sister and Rye several years earlier gets in the way of his feelings for Alaina when Rye makes the mistake of assuming that she is as cold calculating and promiscuous as her sister who broke his heart The proud and sensitive man has not been able to trust a woman ever since He gradually sees the real woman that lovely open hearted Alaina is and the fireworks between them are explosively consuming and powerful There is so much going on for a book of this length that it almost gets bogged down in sub plots which threaten to distract from the beautiful love story between the main characters That story and the supporting plots are fascinating and enough in themselves to carry the tale But aside from being a little complicated than necessary this was a great read about a realistically evolved romance that pulled at my heartstrings often and captivated my interest throughout As usual Ms LaFleur's writing is fresh and elouent; the characterization superb I love how she creates heroes who are passionate generous and creative lovers that any woman would fall for The blazing hot sex between this couple nearly creates flames The emotional interaction between the two and the expertly realistic dialogue make the lovers irresistibly personal to the reader All of the main cast in this delightful story are interesting fully fleshed out characters that are uniue believable individuals It is so easy to like the young enthusiastic people who are central in this series I was left wanting Scandal and Sin is in fact the first in Ms LaFleur's series Men With Tools This story has something to offer everyone and I recommend it enthusiastically

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    Scandal and SinAlaina comes back to Lanville and purchases an old home that she plans to turn into a bed and breakfast She hires Rye and his brothers construction company to do the renovationsRye and Alaina fall into lust the minute they see each other But once Rye discovers that she is the sister of the woman who humiliated him he says he wants nothing to do with herRye soon learns that she's nothing like her sisterDuring the renovation a 75 year old murder conviction is cleared up with the help of a ghost

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    Alaina returns to her childhood hometown to fulfil her dream of starting a BB She´s already got the place and the funding planned out now she needs a construction firm and the owner to agree to a saleOld history in than one way is trying to bring her plans to a halt Rye the construction firms leader has some trouble with her family and old ghosts are haunting herSmut fluff ghosts and anal play if thats a hard limit for you

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    If I could give half points this is one of those 35 kind of books I don't usually enjoy books with ghosts but this ghost added without overwhelming I liked the structure of the book how the diary unfolded a mystery while the other story progressed I'd recommend it as a uick light read and I intend to read the seuelsIt was sexually explicit but pretty conventional except in one surprising scene

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    PhewHOTThis was a freebie and it surprised me to be a good readhad a bit of mystery in it hot sex hot brothers and a great lead femaleSupporting characters where really good as wellI will continue on with the series

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    An author with better writing skills could have taken this outline and made a better book of it The sex scenes seemed to interrupt the flow of the story The protagonists experienced no character growth over the course of the story Glad this was free You get what you pay for

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