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Raising Dragons [PDF / EPUB] Raising Dragons When a dragon hatches on her pa’s farm a young girl finds a best friend At first Ma and Pa are wary of Hank but it’s not long before they see him as their daughter does and welcome the baby dragon When a dragon hatches on her pa’s farm a young girl finds a best friend At first Ma and Pa are wary of Hank but it’s not long before they see him as their daughter does and welcome the baby dragon into their family As it turns out Hank is not cut out for farm life but still he warms the hearts of those around him and leaves a legacy that no one will ever forget.

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    Cute story about a girl and her dragon Who'd a thunk having a flying fire breathing dragon could come in so handy on a farm? With sweet illustrations by Elise Primavera

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    I can't believe I haven't reviewed this before This is one of my favorite picture books of all time A darling little girl living on a farm finds a sparkly egg and hatches a dragon She names him Hank She and Hank have a number of sweet adventures and then she delivers him to dragon country where he can live comfortably with his own kind But fear not Just like farming's in Pa's blood raising dragons is in hers The pictures are charming but this girl's sweet voice I named him Hank is what really gets me

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    This is a thoughtful story about how a little girl judging from the pictures I'd place her age at 6 or so but her actions in the book seem to put her closer to 8 or 9 even considering that fantasy characters get a lot freedom than real kids learned that raising dragons was in her bloodThere isn't any tragedy in this book The unnamed girl closest we get to a name is Cupcake but that's probably not intended to be her real name talks about the great things her dragon does but there's nothing to scare or upset the little ones The worst thing that happens is that her dragon becomes popular so she decides to bring him home and even then it's clear he comes back to visitIt's a really good book Very vivid colorful illustrations realistic dialog and a charming storyThere are a few things you might want to take note ofThe narrator doesn't speak Standard American English but instead uses a nonstandard dialect I think of this as a good thing but some people do find that a problem so I thought I'd make that clearAlso the whole story does start when the girl deliberately disobeys her parents it says so explicitly and there don't seem to be any conseuences for that I don't have a problem with this but I know some people mightIt should additionally be noted that this is a very long very wordy book The cover on my edition suggests that it's for children over the age of six and I agree This is not a picture book well suited for toddlers or for children with a very low attention span

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    We just rediscovered our copy of this book which had been packed away in an unopened box from our last house move much to my six year old's joy and to my joy too It's just such a wonderfully fun book on the older end of picture books I think we got this when my son was 4 and he still loves it now as a six year old but my almost two year old is still too young for it there's too much complicated text for him to follow The voice of the heroine is so so strong and funny and compelling and the whole story is just the best kind of fun as a girl whose father has farming in his blood finds her own vocation dragon raising With hilarious and wonderful results like the best and funniest and sweetest kind of tall tale Perfect for any little kids and fun for the adults who get to read it out loud too

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    A farm girl with a gift for storytelling recounts how she came to raise a dragon named HankThe girl's story is rich with detail Ma bakes eel potpies for Hank Hank pops a field of corn with his breath and when you think Hank and the girl's friendship might be headed for aPuff the Magic Dragon style goodbye it takes a sweet turn It's also worth mentioning that like Corduroy and The Snowy Day Raising Dragons one of those rare children's books in which a black child gets to just be a kid a dragon raising kid It's delightful and magical and my kid says she'd give it 10 stars

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    Stole My Heart Black girl magic at its finest I wish people knew about this book but I think 18 year old picture books have a hard time making it to the diverse books lists? The narration sounds a little American rural without being overdone or stereotyped and it's just lovely to watch this gal's click moment about her destiny when she discovers a dragon egg on her family farm I also admire her uiet self assurance and competence in her chosen vocation

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    A book my 6 yr old as well as my twin 3 yr olds loved A solid reading level 1 book this cute story keeps all ages engaged with the bright colorful pictures and cute story A great addition to any children's library

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    This was my favourite book when I was a kid I got it as a birthday present from the library and then I insisted that my mother actually get it for me She read it to me uite a few times back in the dayGood memories from this

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    This book shows that children can help take care of their pets and make that a family business or hobby

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    SUMMARY A young girl lives on a farm Her parents raise many different farm animals and crops One day they discover an extremely large egg The girl waits for it to hatch and discovers it is a dragon She takes care of the baby dragon but her parents believe it doesn’t belong on the farm The little girl and dragon help with the farm duties and prove her skeptical parents wrong Eventually she brings the dragon to live with other dragonsPERSONAL RESPONSE I was pleasantly surprised while I read this book At first I thought it was going to be “just another children’s book about dragons” but I love the way the author wrote about duties on a farm raising pet even untraditional pets and the work reuired to keep up with a farm I enjoyed looking at the illustrations They were simple but look like they were done by an artist most likely a painter

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