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Trump Surviving at the Top [PDF / EPUB] Trump Surviving at the Top In 1987 Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal took the country by storm; selling than 825000 copies in hardcover alone Now Trump is back in a book with a distinctly personal edge taking the reader behind at the PDF ´ In Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal took the country by storm; selling than copies in hardcover alone Now Trump is back in a book with a distinctly personal edge taking the Trump Surviving ePUB Ñ reader behind the scenes on the business deals that have kept his name continually in the headlines Here too for the first time is Trump's account of the decline and fall of his celebrated marriage to Surviving at the Epub Û Ivana pages of photographs.

  • Hardcover
  • 229 pages
  • Trump Surviving at the Top
  • Donald J. Trump
  • English
  • 01 November 2016
  • 9780394575971

About the Author: Donald J. Trump

at the PDF ´ Donald John Trump is an American business executive entrepreneur television and radio personality author and th President of the United States of America He is the CEO of the Trump Organization a US based real Trump Surviving ePUB Ñ estate developer and the founder of Trump Entertainment which operates several casinos He received a great deal of publicity following the success of his reality television show T.

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    Surviving at the Top is the fourth book by Donald Trump that I have read so far and it was definitely one of the better reads It was interesting entertaining and pretty informative as it relates to the President's past life as a private citizen As with many business oriented memoirs this too was nothing revolutionary in the realm of literature but that's not why I read Trump's books but rather for pure entertainment which this book has in spades Though a successor to The Art of the Deal and written during his business oriented days Surviving at the Top was not that much of a business book which I found to be great I have no business acumen and share no interest in anything business related so I was relieved when I found this book to be about Trump's personal take on things rather than a dry retelling of business transactions Though he touches upon a lot of his dealings and acuisitions in this book they never felt beyond my realm of comprehension nor did these instances bore me with any analytics or legal details At the end there is a section on toughness which Trump credits as being one of the most important aspects to success in business and in life He talks about the tough people he has met and the instances where he displayed toughness to get a job done If you were looking for a business lesson this would be as close to that as you would get from this book Yet the majority of Surviving at the Top was basically Trump bragging about his victories or nonchalantly brushing off the deals that got away from him This may not appeal to some people but I found it to be entertainingSpeaking of Trump's braggadocio you will find it here in spades This is classic Trump once again You will notice that he has not changed too much since his first literary outing in The Art of the Deal and to be honest does not seem to have changed all that much since becoming President In fact it seems like he had been emboldened by his successes in business since his first book and has somehow become even confident about himself and his organization For a guy who is already as in love with himself as much as Donald Trump is that is truly a lot of confidence to speak of He also tries to humbly brag about himself on several occasions in Surviving at the Top where he will talk himself up one way but play it off as though it were merely a fact that he was relaying to his readers making it seem like no big deal in the first place This can come off as highly arrogant to many people and I have to concur However since this is something I notice about the President even to this day I found these instances to be uite humorous and enjoyable In short this is the same Donald Trump as always and if you happen not to like him all that much for any reason you probably should skip this book entirely Like I have previously mentioned since his writing of The Art of the Deal Trump had been on a roll in real estate and had become braver as a result Because of this newfound success Trump did not feel the need to pull his punches when referencing his business adversaries Though never one to hold his tongue with such matters as disparaging a rival he seems to have taken things a step further in Surviving at the Top by appearing to be uite ruthless at times He really lets loose when trash talking somebody who had wronged him or crossed him along the way and I loved it I may not seem like a good person for enjoying these moments of discourteous conflict so much but I primarily read to be entertained and that desire was fully satiated by Trump's anecdotes Again if you are of a passive disposition do not generally like conflict or have a strong aversion to uncivilized conduct Trump's book and Trump in general may not be for you One specific conflict worth mentioning for this review was Donald Trump's divorce from his first wife Ivana which he touches upon early in the book I have always heard of a lot of malice existing between the two parties whilst in the midst of their high profile separation but Donald Trump downplayed any such notions in his book He made it seem as though things were okay between he and Ivana but I find that hard to believe especially since the media had been covering it so fervently as to rile up both he and his wife to a boiling point I think he just did not want to make things seem worse for him than they were in reality which is typical Trump behavior He came out of the divorce looking heartless so he opted to paint himself in a totally different light for his book which is understandable but I wish he was candid about his separation To his credit though he did refrain from badmouthing Ivana as harshly as he had his business adversaries which was uncharacteristically lenient of him to do so I figured he would have taken this opportunity to really go after her and rip her to shreds but he did no such thing I am glad he did not put anything in print that he would have later regretted because after all she was still his first wife and the mother to his three children so to speak ill of her would have been in poor taste Perhaps the most insight I learned about Donald Trump was how he conducted high end negotiations As stated earlier these stories never divulged too deeply into the logistics of the business world but were simply discussed with that signature Trumpian style As such we got to read about how he handled certain negotiations in his own uniue way What Trump would do was he would start a negotiation at such a ludicrously unfair unmanageable position that he would have no choice but to bargain himself down to a reasonable place in the deal Beginning talks at these ridiculous heights demanding the impossible asking for too much giving very little only to talk himself down somewhere within reason gave him the appearance of being flexible and willing to cooperate In reality however this tactic would often land him at or above his intended asking price for whatever it was he was dealing in knowing that had he begun his talks somewhere in the ballpark of where he wanted to buysell for the other party would naturally negotiate themselves in a favorable position thus resulting in Trump having to settle for a higher buying price or lower selling price His method of negotiating while perhaps unconventional and highly risky often yielded him great success at least up until this point in his career I have yet to read The Art of the Comeback but I have a suspicion that this tactic may not have always worked in his favor Nevertheless these bits were really informative and helped me to understand why Trump does or says a lot of unbelievable things before engaging in negotiations Simply put if you are going for 50 start at 100 and negotiate down to 70; you will look flexible while getting than you set out for All in all I was satisfied with Surviving at the Top for it provided me with nearly everything I was looking for in a Trump book He may not be the most popular man in America right now but he is undeniably one of the most interesting and this book helps to solidify that fact If you have an interest in learning about the past lives of world leaders – American Presidents in particular – then I think any of Trump's books will satisfy that need for an unconventional history lesson In Donald Trump's case you will be getting some of the most irreverent contributions to Presidential literature in all of our country's history which makes everything so much entertaining

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    My main purpose in life is to keep winning And the reason for that is simple If I don't win I don't get to fight the next battle Donald J Trump Trump Surviving at the Top Page 13Written at a time when Trump was going through a divorce with Ivanka Trump He discusses this and He shares the business dealings he currently has worked on at this time and some business deals that he closed He also speaks about his adversaries and how to win in business and life Kick ass as he is famously uotedI think he was in his 40's when he wrote this book and even then he had ideas on politics and shares them He had good ideas then and now Especially concerning other countries raping the systemThe best part of the book in my opinion is his definition of Toughness he starts on page 228 which I share in closingToughness is pride drive commitment and the courage to follow through on things you believe in even when they are under attack It is solving problems instead of letting them fester It is being who you really are even when society wants you to be somebody else Toughness is walking away from things you want because for one reason or another acuiring them doesn't make sense Toughness is knowing how to be a gracious winner and rebounding uickly when you lose For a nation toughness means avoiding complacency meeting and solving problems head on and being willing to use power for goals you know are honorable In business toughness means playing by the rules but also putting those rules to work for you It is looking at an adversary across the desk and saying simply No Sometimes if you hang in there long enough and as the boxing trainers always say keeping punching till the bell people take notice and give you a boost

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    I think this is one of the best books i have ever read I really became increasingly interested in Donald Trump after he declared he was running for president in the 2016 election I have read several of his books but this is by far one of his bestI think this is a great read due to the fact that so many people for no reason hate MrTrump I think you really need to read this book and get to know Donald The way this book is edited is very good keeping you on your toes throughout the whole book Since this book is a biography you can relate to the events talked about in this book Im a firm believer that you should really investigate the presidential candidates and by reading this book i have gained alot of respect and faith in Donald I think this is one of my favorite books so far Great read and I think you should read this book

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    Donald Trump now Donald Trump then very much the same

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    More enjoyable than The Art of the Deal as the stories have a personal touch to them This book hallmarks Donald Trump of the early 1990s and you really see the first inklings of his political aspirations Or rather insight into his thinking which brings forth the self help aspect of his writings Whereas The Art of the Deal was of an autobiography Surviving at the Top tones down that element and structures the stories around the theme of endurance creating a richer subtext Yes the autobiographical stories are still present but since there aren't as many the reader can absorb the themes better

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    I enjoyed Art of the Deal so much I thought I'd like this one too And I did This book starts about three years after the end of AotD thus circa 1990 when the overheated New York real estate scene goes southHence the survival aspect Trump is never humble but he blames nobody but himself for getting caught behind the eight ball with banks and creditors And his account of the disintegration of his first marriage sounds truly heartfelt Short entertaining and not a whole lot of new insights

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    Moderately interesting second memoir from our current President Interestingly many of the planks for his political platform were already in their incubator stages and are ideas Trump has been kicking around for some time If you like Trump you’ll enjoy the book The Resistance won’t change their mind but those on the fence about 45 there have to be a few will appreciate the insight into a younger The Donald

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    I decided to continue my journey through Trump's memoirs with the next book in his portfolio This time around Tony Schwartz has been replaced by Charles Leerhsen as his ghostwriter It's been a while since I read The Art of the Deal so I can't say for sure whether the style has changed considerably It felt like the book jumped back and forth between years a lot making it a bit hard to follow the chronology of events Overall though it is or less an extension of his first book; to uote my review back then it's “A bit braggy at times but an entertaining read nonetheless”

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    Pretty obnoxious overall Only interesting parts are his comments on toughness and even better his thoughts on alcohol He talks about an article that was written as a let's see what happened to all the people who once were at the top of business banking and other fields Without exception each one died poor often in debt their children suffered and in many cases they became victim to drug abuse Trump does not drink smoke and at the time of the book never has even tried coffee He seems acutely aware of the dangers of substances than most people and he is also attune to human motivation than most people This showed me that he often writes difficult rules for himself and sticks to them I would not recommend this book despite how interesting it is at times to read knowing that now he is the President

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