Ghost Stories eBook ß Kindle Edition

  • Kindle Edition
  • 46 pages
  • Ghost Stories
  • Lorna Bradbury
  • English
  • 26 February 2016

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    In 2010 the Daily Telegraph launched a ghost story competition with the six winning entries published in this short ebook I'd had it on my wishlist for ages and as it's only 87p I'm not sure why I didn't buy it earlier Anyway I decided I was in the mood for some ghost stories this weekend so I impulse bought itA couple of things to note about the stories are1 I assume there was a very limited word count for any stories entered into this competition as all of them are extremely short This obviously limits what can be done with them and often makes the conclusions feel incomplete and unsatisfying I think the better written stories in the collection could have been turned into something far effective if the authors had been given a higher word count to play with2 As absolutely every other review of this anthology on Goodreads and has pointed out poor editing spoils the reading experience For some reason there are lowercase letters at the beginning of sentences and lowercase 'I's and proper nouns all the way through the book Really not sure how this has ended up happening but it's very annoyingThe six stories areGrace by Gill Baconnier There were some beautiful turns of phrase in this story but in other places it was clunky and felt rushed I was interested but not really compelledDaniel's Caul by Ceri Hughes I really didn't like this Poorly written with cringeworthy dialogue and a rather baffling plotA Hollow Cause by Craig Drew This was like it well written interesting and properly fleshed out central character effective building of tension The schlocky ending let it down thoughThe Rites of Zhou by Justin Crozier Another good one in terms of style and theme but there really wasn't space to resolve it all within such a short story The ending was far too abruptGimme Shelter by Pat Black uite atmospheric but too obviously amateurish it reminded me of something you might have come up with for a GCSE English assignment and definitely didn't feel as accomplished as the previous twoFriends by Richard Crompton The winner of the competition and it's not hard to see why as this was definitely the most original of the stories I enjoyed it but again wished it could have been much longerI enjoyed a few of these tales but overall the collection was frustrating than anything else I'm glad I satisified my curiosity but there are lots and lots of superior ghost stories out there

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    A collection of great short stories that aren’t outwardly SPOOKY but leave you with a bit of a spine tingle I enjoyed them

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    If you are looking for ghost stories and cold chills down your spine you will be soooo disappointed But if you are ok with some melancholy and atmosphere then this will be fine I found the stories haunting but in the way old photos stay with you Only the first even tried to be scary if you ask me and the title is hugely misleading but once I made my peace with it they were fine

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    Gave up on this book which isn't like me It's lots of short stories and had too many mistakes in it

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    My favourite stories from this collection are Friends and Gimme Shelter Though others like Caul and Grace are pretty chilling as well

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    Some good writingLiked the one titled Friends best what visuals And something to think about regarding social media and what happens after death

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    This book was not bad but if you're looking for scary ghost stories keep looking None of the stories in this collection are at all scary nor are they intended to be They are interesting They might even be considered literature But they are just simply relayed to the reader without any attempt to make them spooky or otherwise ghostly I have to admit I was a bit disappointed; I had this book on my TBR list for most of a year before I finally spent the 082 for it yeah I'm a big spender The stories were interesting like I said but I was looking for something spooky eerie scary gory whatever Just not interesting

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    The poor editing made reading some of these stories hard work in some places I also found the stories uite variable Some I really enjoyed and some I got to the end of feeling I must have missed something I particularly enjoyed 'Gimme Shelter' which was a chilling tale and 'Friends' which was clever and up to date The extract of 'The Small Hand' was enjoyable and I went on the buy the full version

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    Disappointing If I did not know better I would assume that the endings were actually cut off of some of the stories

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    Stories to briefsome of the stories you get into them and then they end like it needed or it makes you want

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Ghost Stories[PDF / EPUB] Ghost Stories In 2010 thousands of people submitted ghost stories to The Daily Telegraph's first ghost story competition Standards were chillingly high and only the spookiest went through to the shortlist of six Pr In thousands of people submitted Ghost Stories to The Daily Telegraph's first ghost story competition Standards were chillingly high and only the spookiest went through to the shortlist of six Presented here are short stories from Gill Baconnier Justin Crozier Ceri Hughes Pat Black Craig Drew and the winner Richard Crompton whose story ‘Friends’ is an uncanny take on social networking Currently available only in ebook form they are the perfect company for a long winter's night.