Into Passions Dawn The Loves of Angela Carlyle #1 Epub

  • 320 pages
  • Into Passions Dawn The Loves of Angela Carlyle #1
  • Michele Dubarry
  • English
  • 22 February 2015
  • 9780843921861

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    OMG these two assholesAngela and Scottthe most dysfunctional abusive couple you'll ever meet in a bodice ripper I guarantee itYes than The Silver Devil's Domenico and his fair abused Felicia More than those Battling Morgans Steve and Ginny And than Sean Culhane and Kit from that rollicking domestic comedy StormfireIf I had to describe Angie and Scotty I would say they're like Rosemary Rogers laced with Natasha Peters she of Savage Surrender fame DuBarry's writing is pretty rough like Peters' and Angela and Scott flail each other down to the bone with gunshots brandings whips and whatever else comes to hand Ropes Ropes are good They get the ball crushing job doneAngela is married off to old fart distant cousin the Duke a pervy lech who is intent on begetting another heir in order to disinherit his n'er do well son Scott Scott's not happy about that and drugs his dad on the wedding night and rapes the new bride in the same bed His plan is to knock her up and then reveal the true parentage and get revenge on Daddy I guess??? IDK To be honest I lost track of this nutty plot early onScott vanishes for a long period and Angela finds love of sorts with a couple other guys and tries to find some kind of normalcy but Scott shows up like a raving stalkery loon who pisses on any and all restraining orders and is intent on raping her back into loving himDoes it work or not? WHAT DO YOU THINKIt's the Anthony Welles Plan from Devil's Fucking Embrace Guaranteed successThe writing is excruciatingly dull in spots the whole plot tangent with the highwayman was pretty dull Angela is a total fucking moron and Scott is simply BEYONDReal mixed bag The erratic plot pacing and kinda blah writing style is what makes me side eye it to 3 stars But still it was trainwrecky enough that the entire thing wasn't ruinedIf you like feeling ragey or reading wallbangers for the lolz I highly recommend it

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    Approximately half way through this benumbing experience I decided to stop recognizing the overabundance of exclamation points and chalked it up to editorial errors and author's false enthusiasm It was a bodice ripper but the exclamation points strives to achieve lightness of tone or dramatic significance that which put a damper on my ability to critically analyze the extreme content so I simply pretended I wielded a red mark of doom to slog through thisBEHOLD SPOILERS GALOREInto Passion's Dawn felt much like a small cage with a handful of feral creatures fighting for territory or one breeding female The prose was too rich and saccharine whereas the characterization on all parts suffered greatly because you're constantly shown this great internal mirror and uite frankly there wasn't much of anything there to actually view The dialogue cannot seem to navigate the storyline to any emotional merits and we're left with HISSHISSI HATE YOUI LOVE YOUSING TO ME SWEET LIPS schizophrenic regurgitation I don't uite think any of the character's graduated to any level of maturity but I will say that this endless trope mire and the constant unrelenting WTFery kept me intuned Hey I likez what I likez If something has the capacity to create hilarity from its own ruination I'll still read on I'll still give it a chance I'm still giving it some freakin' starseven if the story was held together with the sort of sticky sweat of lust and shameAngela our beloved heroine sualid fleshpot marries an elderly Duke to be able to afford her mother's medication and relocation to warmer climates at the tender age of fifteen Her wedding night consisted of sheer rapeage by the Duke's only heir and estranged son Scott our erratic hero who makes her nightlife a living hell for uite some time in attempts to impregnate her and complete his revenge plot against his supposedly abusive father The Duke is an afterthought a backdrop; their neighbors and friends Jane and Keith were moppets ready to serve as agreeable character sacrifices for the hero the heroine to use and abuse and dispose of without establishing their own impression within the story itself Much as Stormfire's Cat vs Liam I believe Angela's catatonic and bipolar tendencies with that one spurned a true gentleman's heart and bent their will to some demented degree in pursuit of their happiness and sense of honor Keith actually fell in love with Angela attempted to rescue her from a highwayman the ever Cliche and Honorable Gentleman Jack who was holding her for ransomand became her new lover but he shows up after the terrifying demands were sent and Angela tries to kill HIM instead YE UNGRATEFUL DOUCHEBURGLAR | Even when Angela REALIZES how she has used and abused every dangly bit in her radius it doesn't uite change her methods at all; she continues on with aplomb but that's OK because the hero is no different He plies his charms on Jane too They both get their fixes anywhere when it suits the moment So the very pregnant heroine is in a pregnancy hormonal rage and stalks off for the conveniently absent hero who is off dillydallying with the heroine's best friend Jane who he not only raped but is engaged to; heroine finds them in bed and they start fighting; he slaps his pregnant heroine and the best friend runs off downstairs The heroheroine start having sex INSTEAD after he slaps her around and crawled off of Jane and says YOU'RE A BITCH IN HEAT AND NEED STUD SERVICINGMY LIL' WHOREyou like that? HAHAHAHAHA D Oh he's so romantical was his willy EVER dry in this novel? Hero finally naps off the sex0rz euphoria and confronts Jane downstairs and in her dismay How could you make love to her? And the hero saidIt's the only thing that would calm her down LOL Scott's shenanigans is what both prompted me to both LIKE the book and criticize it too He was so frackin' wishy washy woe begotten self reflective and blindingly emoz in his rationale I couldn't believe a hero in a BR was that pitifulso I read on I didn't want him to redeem himself at that point because I was enjoying his can't win for losing machinations He was the WOOOORST kind of hero but not on a serious level He has about the same amount of brain freuency of a crystal meth rager Dubarry revolutionized and pioneered this state of feck tarded patheticness to a whole new level for me Pregnant backhands crop beatings and brandings? Full bodied bitingtill she bled and was bruised from it endless rapings infront of Keith Nothing surprised me with Scott Not even when he literally tried to drown Angela moments before she told him she was pregnantScott's threats were every other WORDand her responses were usually I HATE YOUs to combat him They tried desperately to kill each other I mean several times she shot him he tried to drown her; crashed her wedding to Keith threatening to blow her head off if anyone made a move and kidnapped her then and there I don't care if you hate or love me as long as you're mine and they sailed off to Scotland where they all met up he begins wooing her with some type of new leaf of refrained aggression; having already kidnapped their child maid where it was simply laughed off HAHAaww dayyum that thoughtful papa for bringing us all together in a foreign land in an abduction scandal in broad daylight but as long as he's happy they all are Eh? Scott's propensity to bullshit a little longer holding the demons at bay was the whole claim to a HEA this train wreck in the midst of hurricane and alien invasion could hope to muster Do I think the hero was sincere or changed by the ending? Hell no A resounding NO In book #2 he'll be back after he soul searches new ways to inflict pain on the heroine whilst she's pregnant Maybe a pregnancy condition that reuires lots of bed rest that keeps her on her backwhere he wants herpopping bedsoresGiving it a solid 4 stars I was seriously conflicted about this one but I stopped wondering how I'd review it; what star rating I could live with and just enjoyed myself It was so terrible that I had to see it to believe it

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    One of the craziest bodice ripper I've ever read An OTT violent H and a nymphomaniac hYou really need to be in BR mode to read this one and I mean by that put your brain on rest and forget all about logic and common sense

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    A Bodice Ripper on SteroidsPublished in 1981 this is a bodice ripper that likely won’t appeal to the average romance reader today though it is a well written page turner It’s the first in a trilogy by DuBarry that tells the story of Angela Carlyle beginning in the late 18th century when she is a child and then into the early 19th century A beautiful young woman even at 15 Angela consents to wed an old lecherous duke with the idea of giving him a son in exchange for the funds to take care of her ailing mother On her wedding night the duke’s son Scott seeking vengeance for his father’s plan to disinherit him drugs him and violently rapes Angela telling her the only son she’ll ever have will be his That Scott is also attracted to Angela is but a side noteAngela is horrified by the experience which left her bruised and aching The next day she shoots Scott in the shoulder I was all for it In turn Scott drugs and rapes her again By night her new husband sleeps like the dead never touching her while she is swept off through secret passages to Scott’s bedroom for a night of passion After an unsuccessful attempt to shoot him with a pistol Angela apparently never found another gun Eventually she stops fighting him Rape is not the only abuse Scott inflicts on Angela It’s a love hate relationship complicated by other characters who have feelings for both Scott and Angela and Scott’s smuggling that takes him off to the Caribbean for a time Despite Scott’s dabbling with other women he remains obsessed with Angela At first I saw Angela as a victim and felt sorry for her; eventually I thought her a slutThe thing about this book that kept me reading I knew you’d be asking was the very good storytelling by DuBarry She made the whole bizarre tale intriguing and compelling Still this is definitely NOT for everyone Even fans of bodice rippers might find it a bit much I contrast this novel with Christine Monson’s STORMFIRE also a bodice ripper and at times violent but it was so much believable The hero who took vengeance for the deaths of innocent Irish villagers inflicted by the heroine’s father was loved by his men and noble at heart eventually coming to admire the heroine’s spirit and courage I can’t say that for Scott in this story He seemed bad to the bone and selfish to boot His rare moments of kindness and his eventual “love” for Angela were unconvincing And the whole Highwayman episode was just bizarreBecause I’m a stickler for forms of address I have to note that the author had the forms of address all wrong the nobility didn’t use surnames but went by their titles and very rarely used first names A duke would be addressed “Your grace or “My lord” And the oldest son of a duke who was given a courtesy title would likely be a maruess not a viscountThe trilogy As far as I can determine these are the only books she ever publishedInto Passion’s DawnAcross Captive SeasToward Love’s Horizon

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    PUBLISHING INFO Star 1981ISBN 035230913XGENRE Historical RomanceSETTING England Scotland 1802 1806SERIES The Loves of Angela Carlyle #1MY GRADE A PARTIAL SPOILER SUMMARY Brace yourselves I've stumbled upon the most effed up over the top anti hero ever but I'm getting ahead of myself I'll detail the abusive stuff belowBlack haired light blue eyed Angela meets the seventy something year old Lord Percival 'Percy' Harrington at her parents home when she was ten He's a distant cousin by marriage to her mother Five years later she realizes her father is running out of money so she doesn't know what else to do but write to Percy and let him know in a roundabout way she needs money He visits and lets her know that if she wants money she has to marry him She's horrified at the thought since she's only fifteen and lets him know it He's described as being tall fat with yellow tobacco stained broken teeth She agrees to it and before the wedding she meets his son Scott one day when she's outside That's when his obsession with her begins He's ten years her senior and has brown hair and brown eyesOn their wedding night she lays in bed and waits for Percy He arrives drunk and passes out Out of the darkness appears Scott He tells her he drugged his father and that he's going to rape her right in the bed with him passed out He rips her gown off she claws his face and bites his lip He flings her off of him hitting her in the face in the process He throws her on the bed she claws his back he calls her a bitch and ties her hands to the headboard then rapes her She bleeds heavily for a hour The next morning Percy wakes up thinking they'd had sexSoon after that incident she finds a diary in the house that belonged to Scott's aunt Blanche It talks about how Scott was unwanted neglected ignored and she begins to feel sympathy for him but hates him with a passion at the same time We never learn exactly what went on in his childhood We just know that he and his father hate each other She took the diary to him and he had the nerve to proposition her have sex with him willingly or he'd continue to rape her She doesn't agree to itHis abuse towards her is off the charts from then on out He continues to drug likely have a servant do it his father every night her too sometimes and sneak into her bedroom through a secret underground tunnel that leads to his own house on the property and rape herShe shot him once when she realized she'd been drugged by him He smacked her twice put her over his knee and whipped her until his arm hurt then raped her Another time Angela insults him and he calls her a bitch and slut carries her into the ocean and drops her in right as she was telling him she was pregnant He rescues her then and they get in bed and have sex her supposedly not remembering the near drowning She's as mentally screwed up as him for saying that him doing that was partially her fault for 'goading' him into anger Another time Scott sneaks into her room and finds her in bed with her friend Keith He beats the heck out of him and smacks Angela Now for the worst of his abuse right after beating Keith up he tied Angela to the bed with Keith passed out on the floor and began biting her all over lips breast neck nipples everywhere He turned her over and alternated between beating her with her uirt short riding crop and raping her He heated his signet ring in the fire and branded her butt cheek with it If ever a hero needed a bullet to the brain it's him At some point in the book Keith smacks and rapes Angela once tooHe kidnaps her at her wedding to Keith and takes her to Scotland At this point she's nineteen She becomes pregnant again He's trying hard to get her to marry him but she refuses He tells her that he'll take her home to England but the children have to stay with him She says and they begin a consentual sexual relationship with each other She finds happiness with him and agrees to marry him and that's how the book ends MY THOUGHTS Nothing shocks me in old historicals any but there were several moments in this book that made my jaw drop and eyes pop Scott is beyond disturbed Unfortunately for the reader we never learned what happened to him in his childhood that helped turn him into the jealous possessive monster he became He's really arrogant tooPoor Angela sees herself as an 'unwilling captive of desire and revenge' She's very spirited and feisty not passive at all She hates yet loves him and he won't let her break free There are periods of consentual sex between them throughout the story She has a sexual relationship with three men and never has sex with her elderly husband who's not in the story muchThere was a part in here where she's kidnapped by a highwayman named Jack Newton who's forty years old She's about seventeen He's not abusive while he's holding her for ransom for six weeks They become lovers even though they're both married He eventually hangs for his crime This part became boring to me once he was captured and went to trialI like warped romances and this one fit the bill I'm calling it an extreme bodice ripper

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    This was so filthy with crazy shit happening at every turn I had a close encounter when my grandma came into the room while I was reading and took a look at the cover After seeing it and reading the tile my super innocent 83 year old grandma bluntly stated well she must really get around I uickly changed the subject view spoilerThe only thing I disliked was the fact that they weren't exclusive throughout their sexcapade That's really just my preference but it had me feeling like this throuh half the book whenever they started getting hot and bothered over some other character hide spoiler

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    I first read this book when i was in high school and fell in love with the strong character that Angela becameI lost the book but through the help of kind fellow good readers i managed to locate it once againi was curious whether it would leave the same impression as it did all those years ago and it didlet me start of my saying this is a bodice ripperit is violent filled with beatings and rape But well worth the experiencethat being said i admired the fact that the main character didn't succumb to the abuse but took it head on and gave back as she gotshe even shot the lead male character She put her family first and in doing so went from girl to woman over night but instead of most heroines who are meek she fought back and that is what drew my attentionHave ordered the the follow up in the series and cannot wait to read it

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    Both heroes deserved each other He took his girl friend's virginity and ruined her and the h had affair with a married man with 6 children that loved his wife and tried to resist her

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    One of my favourites

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Into Passions Dawn The Loves of Angela Carlyle #1[PDF / EPUB] Into Passions Dawn The Loves of Angela Carlyle #1 Across a continent she followed her one PassionAn unselfish motive led lovely fifteen year old Angela Carlyle to consummate a brazen bargain in Lord Harrington's bedchamber But the wedding night unlea Across a Dawn The PDF ☆ continent she followed her one PassionAn unselfish motive led lovely fifteen year old Angela Carlyle to consummate a brazen bargain in Lord Harrington's bedchamber But the wedding night unleashed anothers conniving lust planting the seeds of passion in Angela's breast And thus her new life began a tumultuous story of lost innocence and restless desire sweeping the beautiful Angela into a world of flesh and fear For the fire which consumed Into Passions PDF/EPUB or her could be uenched by one man alone the man she both detested and desired.