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Destiny Entwined [PDF / EPUB] Destiny Entwined A Greek god master of the arts of persuasion and seduction An exiled Minoan princess abandoned to live out the rest of her life on a deserted island And a prophecy that could bind them together foreve A Greek god master of the arts of persuasion and seduction An exiled Minoan princess abandoned to live out the rest of her life on a deserted island And a prophecy that could bind them together foreverif only she can take one final leap of faithLength Short Story.

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    BoringErotica without a point Never want to read it again and didn't want to finish it this time This review needs too many words

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    Destiny Entwined by Nadia Lee is a very short storyIf I could have done half stars this would be a 3 12 for me Better than a 3 but not uite there for a 4 star reviewI knew this was a very short story going in That part was not a problem for me I guess what I found difficult with Destiny Entwined is that I just could not seem to get interested in it I know that Greek gods had unusual names and all but I couldn't figure out how to pronounce anyone's name but Apollo and Zeus for the most part The main characters I ended up having to think in shortened names and it made it difficult to stay in the storyI know this was supposed to be an erotic short but even the sexual parts were lacking in my opinion I've read a few of Nadia's books and this is the first one that just really didn't sit well with meI'm not sure if I'm just having a bad day for reviewing or what Don't let my review keep you from checking out this or any other of Nadia Lee's booksI will still be reading Nadia's stories for as long as she writes There is always something for everyoneDisclaimer I received a free e copy of this book for the purpose of reviewing it

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    I will never look at the word lubricous the same way againIf after reading this you aren't hoping for stories with the NL treatment then reread and languish in the written word There is no Disneyfied retelling just an erotic undertaking that revels in the lush setting of the Greek gods Destiny Entwined is an excellent example of how story reboots can be handled When properly executed with respect to the premise of the story as well as what liberties the writer can take you can be presented with a carnal undertaking that will have you eyeing your nearest Classic text with glee Read the full review here

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    Destiny Entwined is the perfect bite sized erotic romance Every word has to count in a short story and I loved how much lush description Nadia managed to pack in such limited spaceAnd ok so maybe I’m a tad biased because again tremendous geek who just happens to geek over Mythology But you can’t tell me no else wondered what happened after Theseus gives Ariadne the boot? No? Just me? Ok But as someone who wishes she could find a lover as loyal as Guilt I completely related to Nadia’s portrayal of AriadneAlthough of course I wish I could have spent time in the story And not just because of the fan worthy scenes

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    I liked it with a huge but tagged onto itWhile the story itself is great very well written and a good readIt's extremely short Too shortAnd when I was done I got annoyed at finding two excerpts of other books made up the rest of the downloadSorry I won't be picking up another because I felt I'd bought an advertisement for the other books rather than a short storyWhen the adverts combined make up volume than the actual story itself I wouldn't uibble if it had been a freebie but it wasn'tAll that said it is a good read and entertaining

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    There was nothing really wrong about the story Just that it was lacking a lot of things Length for instance I would have loved to get to know the characters better their history a bit backround story etc Now I was left a bit hollow and well empty I didn't hate the story or writing I just didnt feel anything

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    Okay so I have always loved the story of Ariadne and Theseus and I love that Nadia Lee could tell this so erotically This story was well written and well told It was good and definitely worth 3 stars I give it 3 stars because it was so short and there is not much to rate therefore middle of the way for me I will read from this author

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    Fun and sexy but too shortThe only thing that kept this book from getting a 5 star review is the length I loved it and I really wish I could have seen in the story The characters are well defined even with the shortness of the story and the writing is well done

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    A sweet short erotic story I would have preferred it a bit longer but I will be checking out of Nadia's books

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    Destiny Entwined by Nadia LeeGood uick erotic read

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