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Pick Up Sticks [PDF / EPUB] Pick Up Sticks When Wall Street's John Putnam Thatcher and his Down East crony Henry Morland started hiking the Appalachian Trail they hardly expected to stumble over a dead body Nor did real estate promoters Eddie When Wall Street's John Putnam Thatcher and his Down East crony Henry Morland started hiking the Appalachian Trail they hardly expected to stumble over a dead body Nor did real estate promoters Eddie uinlan and Ralph Valenti plan to play hosts to a murderer at their luxurious new vacation development Now the Head of the Sloan Guaranty Trust Department must again combine his financial skills and unbounded curiosity to solve the murder of a man nobody seemd to dislike enough to Pick Up PDF or kill.

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    Even top Wall Street bankers need to get away from it all sometimes Thus John Putnam Thatcher senior vice president of the Wall Street firm Sloan Guarantee Trust is hiking with a friend along part of the Appalachian Trail This is something the two try to do annually eventually hoping to cover all of the trail While on their first day out they stumble upon a young couple lost blistered and totally unprepared to meet the outdoors It turns out the couple has escaped from the hard sell tactics of a new resort but have no idea where they are so Thatcher and his friend offer to guide them back to their car Before they can drop off the refugees and return to their hike they find themselves embroiled in a murder Suspects include the ex wife a fancy architect and the backers of the New England development The solution manages to be both uniue and satisfyingThis series focuses on Thatcher a senior vice president at a Wall Street bank and other members of the banking establishment Thatcher is a smart detached wry observer of human nature a widower with almost no social life No profanity sex or violence here Instead these books feel to me much like Agatha Christie novels with a focus on a few likable characters and the mystery itself All the clues the reader needs to unwind the puzzle are included but they're pretty deftly hidden The stories are very well written intelligent and contain some gentle humor People are presented in all their strengths and weaknesses but Thatcher's general kindness keeps them from looking ridiculous Usually anyway Another strength of the series is the variety of settings The mysteries don't actually take place at the bank but instead in different businesses the bank has an interest in Or as in this case while Thatcher is on vacation Each book gives the reader an insiders look into some aspect of business Here it's how the Appalachian Trail functions and is maintained I really enjoy these forays as well as the minor characters we meet as the story develops A possible complaint is that despite the fact that the author was actually two highly successful career women all the MCs are men The only females here are wives daughters and secretaries This never bothered me I think because when the women do show up they're generally pretty sharp and independent Still it's too bad no one had broken the glass ceiling at Sloan Guarantee and Trust during this series Also it's not like the men are paragons of intelligence or virtue either There's a sweetly cynical cast to everyone in these books I like itI've been a fan of this author for decades I own all of her their books picked up in pre Internet days from used book stores and library sales Still I'm very happy to see the books available on ebook for reasonable prices You don't always have access to your books mine are in storage in another state right now and it's easier to recommend books to friends if they're actually available to the reader So yeah ebooks Some reviews mention terrible typos and other errors Apparently these have been fixed in the titles I've purchased so far You can always try an ebook and return it to if the typos aren't fixed It's not necessary to read the series in order as each book is very much a stand alone My favorites are When in Greece Murder to Go Pick Up Sticks Ashes to Ashes Murder Without Icing Going for the Gold and Right on the Money This author really deserves to be much widely read I hope she soon will be

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    I loved this book a lot This was my first Thatcher mystery and I could not stop laughing at all the uips and jokes within the text I am hoping to come across of Emma Lathen's works As for the mystery I did not figure out the culprit so I was very intrigued to see how it all unfolded in the end I thought the plot was decent enough to keep my interest throughout The one character who holds the story together though is Henry Morland His morbid enthusiasm to the case and his ability to be a great nuisance to his wife and friend without recognizing it makes me hope I will see of him in other Thatcher stories

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    Thatcher is hiking the Appalachian Trail when he finds himself ensnared in a building development scheme A murder victim's personality begs for enemies and the hard sell style of the developers is plenty abrasive too Thatcher cringing a bit from battling wives will have to resolve the conflicts to get back to his vacationRead 3 times

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    Enjoyable but not brilliant this detective story immerses Thatcher in the rough world of holiday home real estate It reserves grudging admiration for the slyness and hard sell tactics of a pair of ambitious young developers and their eccentric architect but their best laid plans go badly wrong when murder exposes the flaws The unusual setting for Emma Lathen provides some refreshment of the cast though the stock character of the Petulant And Immature Woman makes her traditional appearance Latsis and Henissart really have a grudge against the species The plot has the usual follow the money denouement and it is a bit disappointing because despite all the red herrings there has always been only one obvious suspect

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    I thought this one was really good Thatcher gets away from his desk and off on the hiking trail but his hiking companion finds a dead body Thatcher gets drawn into the investigation The dead man was also an avid hiker but it's his complex relationship with his wife and ex wife that had everyone thinking Great book I found it at the library so if you can't get a copy elsewhere try it there

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    Thatcher is hiking the Appalachian Trail there's a phrase with a new connotation with his friend Henry when Henry discovers the body of an acuaintance at a new vacation development This book wasn't as enjoyable as others in the series because the action is away from the Sloan Thatcher's bank and much of it is focussed on Henry who's determined to solve the mystery

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    plot coincidence with Night Shades Well crafted

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    Perfect mystery to read during the summer uirky characters and sly humor Really have to pay attention to the details if you do you'll figure out who the murderer is

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