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The Heart of Grace [PDF / EPUB] The Heart of Grace It took serious injuries from a roadside bomb to bring war photographer Drew Michaels back to his estranged wife Larissa His need for adventure had ultimately pushed Larissa toward the warm embrace of It took serious injuries from a roadside bomb to bring war photographer Drew Michaels The Heart PDF/EPUB ² back to his estranged wife Larissa His need for adventure had ultimately pushed Larissa toward the warm embrace of the church and away from him But now being back in such close uarters with his first and only love was stirring up feelings of peace and comfort he'd suppressed long ago Yet his secrets could once again tear him away from the woman to whom he'd uttered the words I do.

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    This book I cannot say enough good things about it It hits you right in the heart It’s a beautiful story of brothers being reunited and not giving up on love There’s no kinky sex and normally I like that in a book This book just didn’t need it though It was filled with emotion love conuering all Great read

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    Third and last in this series this book is about the middle brother and the one the author led readers to believe was dead Since there were 3 books I was pretty sure he wasn'tespecially after I located the third book Book 3 was just as great and emotional as the first two The difference in this one was the brother was already married There is a lot to like about the book It had a great lesson with Larrissa determined to love her husband and stick with him even as he tried to push her away and demand a divorce because he felt so unworthy of her because of his background and feared trying to be a dad to kids she wanted His spiritual journey was inspiring and the final reunion of all 3 brothers was tear inducing for the most unemotional of readers This series gives a great look at the tragedies of the foster system and was based on a situation the author knew of where 3 brothers were separated by the foster system It actually made me wish I could do something along that line but it isn't possible I did thoroughly enjoy this series and it was one of the most emotional ones I have read

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    I loved this three book series The Brothers' Bond Three brothers separated as young boys each affected by their difficult circumstances in very different ways These stories tell how each brother is able to rise above make something of their life find the love of their life find the God who will never leave them nor forsake them and eventually find each otherI love how this author Linda Goodnight always keeps me looking to read on and always includes the love of our Saviour Jesus Christ first and foremost Thank you Linda

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    One of my all time favorites

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    Recovering from a potentially fatal accident while working as a photographer in Afghanistan Drew Michaels has decided that the time is right to pursue a divorce severing all ties with the love of his life his beautiful wife The daughter of an Oklahoma state senator will surely be devastated when the secrets behind the man that she knows as her husband are ultimately revealed Larissa Michaels insists on taking Drew back to the home they have shared for three years in between Drew's globe hopping photography assignments; fueled by her newfound faith to love her husband until death do them part Drew has broken her heart with his declaration of separation upon recovery; her single hope lying in the fact that while his words are saying one thing his eyes are yearning for another Just about the time Drew softens his approach the past arrives on his doorstep Will Larissa and Drew survive the truth or will love never fail? Enjoy this riveting romance as the saga of the three brothers whose bond survived into manhood comes full circle

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    This was a much heavy handedly preachy book than the previous one by this author that I read The heroine seems to have the function of merely perfectly embodying Christian values without an actual personality The hero doesn't seem to ever have rational grown up thoughts; it's never actually clear what sparks his decision to divorce his wife He loves her she loves him and she's just too nice? Right All his self flagellation about the rotten childhood he had and what a bad person that made him just added to the too highly stacked ham and cheese

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    HARD WON HEALING GRACE Drew and Larissa become and real to the reader with each trial they face Some are real and physical and some are psychological The nature of love and the unconditional love from God become and illustrated Twists and turns kept me reading when I should have been sleeping I am sad that the story is ended I wanted to share of the lives of a couple who became friends I cared abouto me

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    Loved Loved Loved this story A disaster photographer running from his past decided that it might be better for his wife if he divorced her before she found out about his childhood criminal behavior The day after he told Larissa he wanted a divorce from across the world Drew's cab was involved in a roadside bomb

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    Drew thinks he's not good enough for his wife After a roadside bomb makes him dependent on her for recovery he wants to leave so she can get on with her life Larissa's senator father has Drew investigated and knows he appeared at 18 with no past Finding his long lost brothers will affect him even

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    The Brothers' Bondthe Grace brothers were put into separate foster homes over 20 years ago Drew has changed his name is married then while taking pictures in a war zone he is injured and has decided he is not worthy of his socialite wife His journey to healing and forgiveness also reunites him with his brothers

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