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Ayoade On Top [PDF / EPUB] Ayoade On Top A message from the Captain 'On behalf of myself and the entire Ayoade team welcome to Ayoade on TopAt last the definitive book about perhaps the best cabin crew dramedy ever filmed View from the Topst A message from the Captain 'On behalf of myself and the entire Ayoade team welcome to Ayoade On TopAt last the definitive book about perhaps the best cabin crew dramedy ever filmed View from the Topstarring Ayoade On PDF or Gwyneth Paltrow' Buckle up for the flight of your life'The most profoundly silly book on film I've ever read and somehow one of the most insightful too' Edgar Wright'A brilliant satire of film academia commerce and Richard AyoadeThe funniest book I've ever read' Jesse Eisenberg'I haven't laughed this much reading a book in a long time The man is a national treasure' Big Issue.

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    Didn't read the book It was bought to hammer small thin nails in a fence for my solar fairy lightsVery disappointing Nowhere near hard enough for a hardback The Paperback must be like a stress ballYou've been warned

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    SPOLIER ALERT in final paragraphIn this book Ayoade performs a thorough dissection of a bad rom com the type of unnecessarily detailed analysis they make you do in English literature classes It’s extremely enjoyable I recommend you watch the film before reading the bookMy only two criticisms would be1 About a uarter of the book is the index I began a 3 hour train journey thinking I had plenty of book left to entertain me but was disappointed to find mainly index2 I would have liked discussion of Donna’s decision to become a pilot What motivated this decision Was it money Status The ability to be based out of Cleveland Surely Ted could have moved to New York so do we assume Paris First Class International was no longer good enough for Donna

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    So I hadn't seen the film but I've been a huge Ayoade fan since Travel Man so gave it a whirl Seriously without hesitation or reservation the funniest book I've ever read Then I watched the film made all the enjoyable having read the book Then I read the book again and fell in love with it all over again Just superb

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    Thoroughly enjoy Ayoade’s oeuvre on television from IT Crowd to Travel Man So hearing Richard talking about this book on the radio i leapt to buy Ayoade warns this is a book to be best read in the throne room and unless you enjoy the reality that he writes as he speaks it seems his thesaurus swallowing isn’t only reserved for the screen it is likely best enjoyed in short bursts Enjoyable as Ayoade is in his style it can be exhausting Do buy it it’s a thoroughly witty and cleverly written book and he clearly knows his subject But be warned This is Richard Ayoade in full glory on many pages

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    I thouroughly enjoyed this book and my copy arrived in an amazing condition There was nothing I disliked I think the size of the book was perfect and I really did laugh out loud I enjoy Richard's links between the film and his own life and will probably watch the film one day I am happy this book exists

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    Funniest book ever written which is coincidentally about the worst movie ever made starring the most plastic actress never to have acted in her lifeI'm sure flicking through reviews yiu see lots of laugh out loud uotes and have been disappointed in your fellow humans to realise it never raised so much as a titter Well never fear because this book will not only make you laugh out loud but uitepossibly leave you on the floor fighting for breath as you wonder is my final moment going to be a joy filled tear streaked suffocation at Mr Ayoade's preposterously brilliant brilliance uite possibly but luckily i fainted woke hours later and continued reading the book in less than a day despite at least three of these episodesI must however point out to fans of Moss and IT crowd you will be shocked at times to find language stronger than ploppers calling that Applegate's character the C bomb on two ocassions although to be fair she is a bit Also ignore the reviews that sayyou should watch the movie first I only watched it after finishing the book to doublecheck the author was being ironic Thankfully the authors words play in yourhead thriughout this cringe fest which has the addedbonus of making the movie bearable as well as once again fighting for breath as you remember his witty brilliance and then you find yourself in the uandaryof this book being so good that it makes an awful movie bearable through his comedic geniusSo in summation i uite like this would recommend it and advise the kindle edition as its much easier to clean the mess off a screen when he makes you laugh so hard you cough burp and sneeze out the toffeepop you were earing than it would be to remove it from paperSo goodit nearly killed me

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    Genuinely hilarious Ayoade is a national treasure

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    What an amazingly funny book Never stopped laughing Unfortunately it made me want to watch this dreadful film but picking up on all the points Richard made gave a very funny and different twist on it Fantastic book

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