A Very Stable Genius: Donald J. Trump's Testing of America

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    Edifiant consternant inimaginable A rire ou à pleurer selon votre goût pour le second degré La lecture permet de toucher du doigt les limites de la démocratie

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    500 pages that are well organized exceptionally edited and full of nothing new it’s just said better without histrionics and has lots of “dialogue” from those who wish to remain anonymousRucker and Leonnis clearly managed a gargantuan mountain of data to fill these pages Collecting interviews articles tweets news broadcasts etc for over 3 years to support this effort is mind boggling and they’re blessed to have had a great team The effort is most evident in the spectacular index It’s set up by person place or event and every nuance you can imagine related to each The Kindle version is interactive and will take you directly to the textThe writing is clear not very concise in fact it’s verbose The language is colorful mostly on the part of POTUS in his direct uotations and there are a fair amount of them There is an attempt at fairness altho’ the decided tenor of this tome is negative towards him More credit is given to his faithful staff and for their willingness to serve nobly Much effort is given to creat first person accounts that permit the reader to decide rather than being dictated toExhaustive and at times exhausting but a good compendium of the facts thus far📚

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    This is a well researched book of course given Rucker's and Leonnig's reputation and a Pulitzer prize each They interviewed nearly 200 people many of them top Trump advisors although most chose to remain unnamed sources There are a lot of uotes enlivening the text and they know how to lay out a strong narrative with often vivid details about the participantsThere's no getting around it President Trump is shown as erratic impulsive ignorant of the things a president should know vindictive profane and mean He runs a chaotic administration and likes it that way Pitting people against each other creating insecure lackeys is his preferred management style He did it at the Trump Organization and the opportunities for testing loyalties and making himself the center of all the attention are even greater nowHow many books describing a completely unfit president will be published before his core support drops significantly Books come Books go and yet Trump's support among Republicans in Congress and voters 95% or so approve of him remains basically unchanged And spoiler The title is ironic at least for the authors Trump who's used it at least four times seems completely convinced of his superiority In his mind it is always others who have to be wrong while he has to get all of the credit The writing was on the wall for Steve Bannon after he made the cover of TIME Trump treats both political appointees and experienced government experts the same with disdain and disrespect He doesn't listen won't learn and thinks he knows than the generalsalso than the communications director the financial experts intelligence officials lawyersand on and on As some previous biographers have noted it would not surprise him to be told he knows than anyone He would agree When things go wrong—and they often do—his first thought is to find someone to blame And blame them he will even if the problems were caused because they did exactly as he told them toTrump’s leadership style is also defined here by his temper by uncontrolled and apparently uncontrollable rages This is not a psychologically well man He is shown freuently ranting raving reducing people to tears Nielsen and Sessions and Spicer are just three of them We've all seen how he insults and demeans his political opponents or anyone who mildly criticizes him But Trump doesn't even treat his people with respect There is no manager in America who would not be reported for this kind of abusive behavior to HR too many examples to list and fired if it continued What Trump creates in the workplace is the definition of a hostile work environmentHis verbal abuse of others including publicly humiliating women who don't even work for the government any like Lisa Page would not be tolerated by law at any workplace in America Why are the behaviors these authors describe tolerated from the nation's top CEO There is no one who can rein him in and it's unnerving to read about his unrestrained tirades including calling the nation's top generals with their aides present suirming babies and “dopes” How is this permitted from the nation's presidentRex Tillerson wasn't a good SOS but at least he shows up in book after book as having the spine to stand up to Trump He was genuinely upset about how Trump who took five draft deferments during Vietnam disrespected the nation's military leaders Tillerson did not deny calling Trump an f ing moron after the above “dopes” meeting Preibus corralled Pence afterward to come and show Rex how to treat Trump with proper deference and how not look to look so contemptuous when he spoke repetitiously ignorantly ramblingly irrelevantly in group meetings Working for Trump means knowing and accepting that that loyalty is EVERYTHING And you show you're loyalty by endless flattery and compliance with whatever Donald Trump wantsLeonnig and Rucker show a profile of the nation from the Oval Office If I had to make a criticism observation really its that it benefits from all their sources but also suffers from them With so much emphasis on information from those who had the willingness to work with Trump in the first place the book fills a certain political niche but lacks the sweep of popular history There's not enough about how Trump policies are impacting real peoples' lives and little about what others are doing in opposition to his policies and why The travel ban is one impactful decision extensively described but the descriptions are largely confined to reactions in the executive branch and in one brief passage what Trump staff sees happening at airports via televisionThere’s ample detail but sometimes it lacks context The Russia investigation for example is gone into at great length but some of Trump's statements are treated as if we all should assume they're true After how the authors' own paper has documented over 16000 presidential lies in 3 years they should be in the forefront of encouraging readers to be skeptical of whatever he says Certainly no one can say with certainty what President Trump feels or believes about anything All we really know is what he says and does This includes reaction to the Mueller investigation which has a number of missing pieces in the retelling and is marred by the idea that Trump believed Putin when he said he wasn't involvedA Very Stable Genius is an up close look at Trump and how he governs It rarely pulls the lens back for a wider view for a look at his impact around America and how he's changing the country with his laws his deregulations his nationalism and his apparent goal of returning to the America of the 1950s They leave it largely to the reader to make those conclusions for themselves Some will appreciate that approach; others will wish for of a sustained argument that a president like this is dangerously unfit for officeThey uote one official who summarizes Trump's impact at the top In the beginning of his administration There was of an ethos in the place of trying to help the institution and to help enlighten him rather than simply to execute his marching orders Now this official said I'm not sure there are many if any left who view as their responsibility trying to help educate moderate enlighten and persuade or even advise in many cases There's a new ethos This is a presidency of one It's Trump unleashed unchained unhinged In the end we are left to imagine with some alarm what a second term would be like

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    The most effective indictment of Trump to date A well researched and cohesive argument detailing how our Oval Office has become a latrine If you only read one book about our national disgrace this should be it America is in turmoil but we should celebrate our free press and the incredible job they are doing to expose the harm being done to our country by this shallow little man

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    A comprehensive record of the first two and a half years of the chaotic Trump presidency A must read for any American voter contemplating supporting this undisciplined impulsive and divisive egotist in 2020 Trump adores fellow tyrannical and anti democratic leaders and hates rule based international organisations that have ensured peace and prosperity since WW2 All the sage wise heads that surrounded Trump in his early years as president have been replaced by enabling dim sycophants Another four years of Trump in the White House will cause untold damage to America and the rest of the world What a chilling prospect Thoroughly researched book

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    A truly scary book which sets out in chronological order the daily battles which rage in Trump's disastrous administration The man is a liar a self confessed sexual predator a hopelessly inept businessman and seriously unhinged It really does make for frightening reading WAKE UP America before you let this tyrannical nutcase destroy everything which you hold dear Trump is incredibly dangerous and no one in government is taking him anywhere near seriously enough Superb reporting everyone should read this When the USA sinks into corrupt totalitarianism with no democracy no free press and a dictator with orange skin do not say that you weren't warned A must read

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A Very Stable Genius: Donald J. Trump's Testing of America [PDF / EPUB] A Very Stable Genius: Donald J. Trump's Testing of America THE NUMBER ONE BESTSELLERIts all here in this stunning first draft of the history of the presidency of Donald Trump Sydney Morning Herald An icy Iago like glimpse of the emotional and moral nullity th THE NUMBER ONE BESTSELLERIts Stable Genius: Epub Ù all here in this stunning first draft of the history of the presidency of Donald Trump Sydney Morning Herald An icy Iago like glimpse of the emotional and moral nullity that may be the source of Trumps power Observer A damning well reported well sourced and clearly written haymaker Sunday TimesDrawing on nearly three A Very PDF/EPUB ² years of reporting hundreds of hours of interviews andthan two hundred sources including some of the most senior members of the administration friends and first hand witnesses who have never spoken before Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig take us inside some of the most controversial moments of Trumps presidency They peer deeply into Trumps White House at the aides Very Stable Genius: PDF/EPUB ✓ pressured to lie to the public the lawyers scrambling to clear up norm breaking disasters and the staffers whose careers have been reduced to ashes to paint an unparalleled group portrait of an administration driven by self preservation and paranoia Rucker and Leonnig reveal Trump at his most unvarnished showing the unhinged decision making and incompetence that has floored Very Stable Genius: Donald J. Kindle - officials and stunned foreign leaders They portray unscripted calls with Vladimir Putin steak dinners with Kim Jong un and calls with Theresa May so hostile that they left her aides shaken They also take a hard look at Robert Mueller Trumps greatest antagonist to date and how his investigation slowly unravelled an administration whose universal value is loyalty not to country but to the president himselfGrippingly told A Very Stable Genius is a behind the scenes account of Trumps vainglorious pursuit of power in his first term.