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Killing Commendatore (English Edition) [PDF / EPUB] Killing Commendatore (English Edition) PrologueToday when I awokefrom a nap the faceless man was there before me He was seated on the chair across from the sofa Id been sleeping on staring straight at me with a pair of imaginary eyes in a PrologueToday when I awokefrom a nap the faceless man was there before me He was seated on the chair across from the sofa Id been sleeping on staring straight at me with a pair of imaginary eyes in a face that wasntThe man was tall and he was dressed the same as when I had seen him last His face that wasnt a face was half hidden by a wide brimmed black hat and he had on a long eually dark coatI came here so you could draw my portrait the faceless man said after hed made sure I was fully awake His voice was low toneless flat You promised you would You remember Yes I remember But I couldnt draw it then because I didnt have any paper I said My voice too was toneless and flat So to make up for it I gave you a little penguin charmYes I brought it with me he said and held out his right hand In his handwhich was extremely longhe held a small plastic penguin the kind you often see attached to a cell phone strap as a good luck charm He dropped it on top of the glass coffee table where it landed with a small clunkIm returning this You probably need it This little penguin will be the charm that should protect those you love In exchange I want you to draw my portraitI was perplexed I get it but Ive never drawn a portrait of a person without a faceMy throat was parchedFrom what I hear youre an outstanding portrait artist And theres a first time for everything the faceless man said And then he laughed At least I think he did That laugh like voice was like the empty sound of wind blowing up from deep inside a cavernHe took off the hat that hid half of his face Where the face should have been there was nothing just the slow whirl of a fogI stood up and retrieved a sketchbook and a soft pencil from my studio I sat back down on the sofa ready to draw a portrait of the man with no face But I had no idea where to begin or how to get started There was only a void and how are you supposed to give form to something that does not exist And the milky fog that surrounded the void was continually changing shapeYoud better hurry the faceless man said I cant stay here forlongMy heart was beating dully inside my chest I didnt have much time I had to hurry But my fingers holding the pencil just hung there in midair immobilized It was as though everything from my wrist down into my hand were numb There were several people I had to protect and all I was able to do was draw pictures Even so there was no way I could draw him I stared at the whirling fog Im sorry but your times up the man without a face said a little while later From his faceless mouth he let out a deep breath like pale fog hovering over a riverPlease wait If you give me just a littletimeThe man put his black hat back on once again hiding half of his faceOne day Ill visit you again Maybe by then youll be able to draw me Until then Ill keep this penguin charmThen he vanished Like a mist suddenly blown away by a freshening breeze he vanished into thin air All that remained was the unoccupied chair and the glass table The penguin charm was gone from the tabletopIt all seemed like a short dream But I knew very well that it wasnt If this was a dream then the world Im living in itself must all be a dreamMaybe someday Ill be able to draw a portrait of nothingness Just like another artist was able to complete a painting titled Killing Commendatore But to do so I would need time to get to that point I would have to have time on my sideEccentric and intriguing Killing Commendatore is the product of a singular imagination Murakami is a wiz at melding the mundane with the surreal He has a way of imbuing the supernatural with uncommon urgency His placid narrative voice belies the utter strangeness of his plot The worldview of Murakamis novels is consistent and its invigorating In this book and many that came before it he urges us to embrace the unusual accept the unpredictable San Francisco Chronicle Some novelists hold a mirror up to the world and some like Haruki Murakami use the mirror as a portal to a universe hidden beyond it He builds his self contained world deliberately and faithfully developing intrigue and suspense and even taking care to give each chapter a cliffhanger ending as in an old fashioned serialized novel When youre under Mr Murakamis trance youre likely to keep flipping the pages The Wall Street Journal Wild thrilling Murakami is a master storyteller and he knows how to keep us hooked The Sunday TimesLondon Killing Commendatore marks the return of a master Esuire More of Murakamis magical mist but its size beauty and concerns with lust and war bring us back to the vividness and scale of his epic The Wind up Bird Chronicle The Boston Globe No ordinary trip get ready for a wild ride Entertainment Weekly Again and again the author of has delivered vast complicated and engrossing narratives that bind together in unpredictable ways that are absolutely worth the wait True to form his latest comes in at just over pages The story of a painters discovery of a lost work of art builds to a superb puzzle of monumental philosophical and emotional depth BookPage Murakami returns with a sprawling epic of art dislocation and secrets Pleasingly beguiling Kirkus ReviewsYes there are mysterious portals a strange world a journey and a uest but these elements are relatively minor in both scale and import in a novel that isconcerned with utterly human concerns including aging love parentage marriage and what it means to be both a man and an adult The fantastic elements are just a part of the narrators journey the meaning and significance of which emerge only gradually for reader and narrator alike Toronto Star A meticulous yet gripping novel whose escalating surreal tone complements the authors tight focus on the domestic and the mundane Consistently rewarding Publishers Weekly.