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The Best of Us: A Memoir [PDF / EPUB] The Best of Us: A Memoir The Best of Us remind s readers to let go of superficial concerns and embrace a deeper appreciation for our lives and the people in themPerhaps with The Best of Us, Maynard will come to have new defin The Best of Us remind s of Us: Epub à readers to let go of superficial concerns and embrace a deeper appreciation for our lives and the people in themPerhaps with The Best of Us, Maynard will come to have new definitions Maynard verbTo The Best PDF/EPUB ² find love later in lifeTo do anything possible to help a loved one in crisisTo let oneself be changed by loveTo write movingly about it all The San Francisco ChronicleThis haunting story, penned by a master wordsmith, is a reminder to Best of Us: eBook ¸ savor every loved one and every day starred review, BooklistIn this touching memoir, Maynard To Die For At Home in the World chronicles her second marriage She beautifully renders the joy of falling in love later in life and the pain of watching her husband die of pancreatic cancer Maynard s heartfelt story will resonate with those who have lost loved ones Publishers WeeklyJoyce Maynard has been through so many ups and downs in her life and she communicates her love, pain and everything in between through her life affirming experiences, written with great emotion and clarity in this beautiful memoir I highly recommend it BookTribMaynard shows us her flaws, her exuberance, her willingness to take risks, to fall in love, and happily, finally, to discover what a mature marriage and loving relationship look like flaws, cancer and all Her readers will dothan connect they will laugh, cry and rekindle hope that the best of us just might be possible Charleston Post CourierThere isn t a happy ending, but their journey is a beautiful one nonetheless BustleJoyce Maynard s memoir The Best of Us about her adored second husband is brutally honest and deeply loving Woman s DayThe famed novelist and memoirist on meeting the love of her life, marrying, and facing loss The Philadelphia Tribune, Fall s Big booksJoyce Maynard shares the heart wrenching but ultimately hopeful story of finding love only to lose it a short time later in The Best of Us Bloomsbury Parade,Riveting Reads to Try This Fall Maynard delivers a moving tribute to her husband s memory and a thoughtful exploration of the connection between love and loss The San Jose Mercury News, books by the Bay The Best of Us feels like a life come full circle, addressing a muchadult kind of love Signature ReadsJoyce Maynard is getting up close and personal in The Best of Us xThe memoir is not about death so much as it is about finding in the deep shadows of illness obvious things, like appreciating time with loved ones and the value of dying at home and not in hospital Importantly, it has Maynard discovering confidence, nobility, dignity and her best self The San Jose Mercury NewsMaynard as caretaker is a revelation, both beautiful and heart wrenching a role she undertakes as everything grows harder with grit, grace and growth Her earlier memoirs may have had their naysayers, but no one can naysay The Best of Us The Buffalo News The Best of Us is both heartbreaking and uplifting, a chronicle of unlikely, unexpected romance and personal tragedy, as well as a meditation on the nature of love OmnivoraciousIn her poignant memoir about losing her husband to cancer, Maynard reminds readers to embrace a deeper appreciation for our lives and the people in them Best books of the Year , The San Francisco Chronicle The Best of Us is so candid, so deeply moving, so powerfula testament to human resilience Joyce Maynard is unfathomably heroic Joyce Carol OatesI love this new work I think it is the most important writing of her life profound, heart wrenching, inspiring, full of joy and tears and life Anne LamottJoyce has captured her all too brief time with Jim in The Best of Us with her characteristic honesty and with so much love that my heart broke and soared on every page Everyone needs to read this book Ann HoodFilled with passion and humor and beauty and aching sadness, The Best of Us gets at the heart of what love is a willingness to open your heart completely to another person despite the risk of heartbreak Christina Baker KlineMaynard s lyrical, moving, break your heart memoir will make you love a little harder, appreciate each second a little , and shake your world in the best of ways Caroline LeavittThis fiercely honest book is as much about life as it is about death We understand the magnitude of Maynards loss because she has shown us the magnitude of her gain the transformative joy of finding love in her late fifties I could not stop turning the pages Anne FadimanJoyce Maynard s memoir of life, death, and love is written with honesty, intimacy and a generosity of spirit that left me weeping, and in awe I loved it Abigail Thomas The Best of Us is shattering in the best possible sense With exquisite honesty, bravery, and large heartedness, Joyce Maynard gives us a love story that we read breathlessly, even though we know how it will end This is a beautiful story about the complexity of ever daring to adore another human being I was moved and transfixed Dani ShapiroOh This book Tender, insightful, ruminative, soaring To find such love and then to lose it, and to capture so much of its beauty on the meager page Joyce Maynard alchemizes life numbing pain into dazzling prose Hope EdelmanJoyce Maynard is the author of sixteen books including the novels To Die For and Labor Day both adapted for film and the bestselling memoir At Home in the World Her essays and columns have appeared in dozens of publications and numerous collections She is a frequent performer with The Moth, a fellow of the MacDowell Colony and Yaddo, and founder of the Lake Atitlan Writers Workshop She is the mother of three grown children, and makes her home in Lafayette, California.

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