Becoming Nicole: The Transformation of an American Family

Becoming Nicole: The Transformation of an American Family [PDF / EPUB] Becoming Nicole: The Transformation of an American Family AnBest Book of October Why IS it such a big deal to everyone what somebody has in their pants Excellent question, posed by an unusually astute transgender girl, the subject of Amy Ellis Nutts emotion The Transformation PDF/EPUB ë AnBest Book of OctoberWhy IS it such a big deal Becoming Nicole: PDF/EPUB ² to everyone what somebody has in their pants Excellent question, posed Nicole: The Transformation PDF/EPUB Ä by an unusually astute transgender girl, the subject of Amy Ellis Nutts emotional and illuminating Becoming Nicole Its also a little ironic, since Nicoles story makes a bit of a deal of it, but in a much different way than other stories weve been hearing lately, from celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner and television shows like Transparent Nicole, her twin brother Jonas, mom Kelly, and dad Wayne, are your typical middle class American family They live next door to you are shuttling from work, to Cub Scouts, to softball practice Theyre also coming to terms with the fact that one of their own has Gender Dysphoria, a medical condition whereby a person does not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth And so Wayne and Kelly Maines discover that they dont have two sons at all, but a son and a daughter This is a particularly hard pill for Republican, Air Force veteran, Wayne, to swallow, and his journey from denial to accepting and championing his daughter, is one of thepowerful and moving side narratives in a book chock full of them That is why I really struggled to write this review, because Becoming Nicole is an important book that imparts important lessons, and the ones that resonate most have nothing to do with whats in anyones pants Be true to yourself, live an authentic life, exercise compassion Erin KodicekFascinating and enlighteningCheryl StrayedReading strictly for plot, Becoming Nicoleis about a transgender girl who triumphed in a landmark discrimination case But the real movement in this book happens internally, in the back caverns of each family members heart and mind Four ordinary and imperfect human beings had to reckon with an exceptional situation, and in so doing also became, in their own modest ways, exceptional If you arent moved by Becoming Nicole,Id suggest theres a lump of dark matter where your heart should beJennifer Senior, The New York TimesExceptionalStories move the walls that need to be moved, Nicole told her father last year In telling Nicoles story and those of her brother and parents luminously, and with great compassion and intelligence, that is exactly what Amy Ellis Nutt has done here The Washington PostA profoundly moving true story about one remarkable familys evolution People Becoming Nicoleis a miracle Its the story of a family struggling withand embracinga transgender child Butthan that, its about accepting one another, and ourselves, in all our messy, contradictory glory The Maines family is as American as they come In the journey they take toward authenticity and justice, we see a model for the future of our country, a future in which all of usmothers and fathers, brothers and sisterssomehow find the courage, and the love, to become our best selvesJennifer Finney Boylan, co chair of GLAAD and author of Shes Not There A Life in Two Genders Becoming Nicole generously traces the parameters of parental lovedelving deep into the case of a single family with a transgender child and discovering in its particulars certain universal truths about the ways children arrive in ones life already themselves The New York Times Book ReviewEditors Choice A transgender girls coming of age saga, an exploration of the budding science of gender identity, a civil rights time capsule, a tear jerking legal drama and, perhaps most of all, an education about what can happen when a child doesnt turn out as his or her parents expectedand theyre forced to either shut their eyes and hearts or see everything differently Time Extraordinarya wonderful and inspiring storyMinneapolis Star TribuneA downright necessary bookand a remarkable act of generosity by the Maines familythat will surely start hundreds of conversations in living rooms across the country about what transgender means But its also a deeply universal book, one that hits the heart of what it means for all of us, no matter how we struggle or not to identify, to be ourselves BuzzFeedGorgeousa really wonderful storyNBC New York.

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