The Open-Focus Brain: Harnessing the Power of Attention to

The Open-Focus Brain: Harnessing the Power of Attention to Heal Mind and Body- [PDF / EPUB] The Open–Focus Brain: Harnessing the Power of Attention to Heal Mind and Body– This breakthrough book presents a disarmingly simple idea The way we pay attention in daily life can play a critical role in our health and wellbeing According to Dr Les Fehmi a clinical psychologist This breakthrough book presents a disarmingly simple idea Brain: Harnessing PDF Ì The way we pay attention in daily life can play a critical role in our health and wellbeing According to Dr Les Fehmi a clinical psychologist and researcher many of us have become stuck in lduo;narrowfocus attentionrduo; a tense constricted survival mode of The Open-Focus PDF/EPUB ² attention that holds us in a state of chronic stressmdash;and which lies at the root of common ailments including anxiety depression ADD stressrelated migraines and To improve these conditions Dr Fehmi explains that we must learn to return to a relaxed diffuse and creative form of attention which he calls lduo;Open Focusrduo;This Open-Focus Brain: Harnessing eBook ↠ highly readable and empowering book offers straightforward explanations and simple exercises on how to shift into a calm open style of attention that reduces stress improves health and enhances performance The OpenFocus Brain features eight essential attention exercises for improving health along with an audio CD in which the author guides the Open-Focus Brain: Harnessing the Power MOBI :ß reader through fundamental OpenFocus exercises that can be used on a regular basis to enhance our health and wellbeingDr Fehmi writes lduo;Everyone has the ability to heal their nervous systems to dissolve their pain to slow down and yet accomplish to experience the deeper side of lifemdash;in short to change their lives for the better dramaticallyrduo; At last readers can learn the techniues that Dr Fehmi has offered to thousands of clientsmdash;the same drugfree safe and effective techniues that have led to remarkable and longlasting resultsThe OpenFocus Brain offers readers a revolutionary drugfree way to;;;bull;; alleviate depression anxiety and ADD;;;bull;; reduce stressrelated chronic pain;;;bull;; optimize mental and physical performanceIncludes a minute audio CD;;;bull;; essential attention exercises from the book led by Dr Fehmi;;;bull;; listeners learn how Open-Focus Brain: Harnessing the Power MOBI :ß to train the brain to reduce stress anxiety chronic pain and ;;;bull;; safe and effective techniues used in Dr Fehmi's clinic for decades.

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    Tout d'abord un caveat: J'ai donné 5 étoiles à la méthode...

    Le livre est fourni avec un cd qui permet de voir à quel point la méthode est géniale, l'ouvrage lui même est assez insipide, 2 ou 3 anecdotes, des références scientifiques qui valident l'hypothèse de départ... rien de bien excitant jusqu'à ce qu'on insére le CD dans la platine. mais là tout bascule, Les Fehmi vous amène percevoir des "espaces" par exemple l'espace entre ses 2 yeux, ou l'espace entre ses hanches, et il vous amène avec son terpnos logos si caracteristique à ne pas être concentré sur quelque chose, mais à accueillir toutes nos perceptions sur un pied d'égalité (visuelles, de premier ou second plan, auditives, tactiles, etc...), dans ce qu'il nomme le 'open focus'
    Le résultat? Un bien-être indicible que je rapprocherai pour les connaisseur de la 'Sedona Method'. Ma seule critique, qui vient certainement de mon manque d'expérience en Open Focus, est la fatigue qui résulte d'appliquer ce type de perception sur une journée entière. Je suppose que l'esprit s'habitue au bout d'un moment à cette perception si particulière.

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    Having read a lot of meditation books, zen books, power of now and attention deficit books, this book is a very interesting perspective on the subject of focus and attention.

    First off the book explains what open focus is but it took me a while to grasp it. It wasn't until I read the first exercise that I 'felt' what open focus is about. I feel the book does require a few reads. More importantly, I felt I was very drawn to re-reading it, especially after listening to the cd.

    Let me try a technique he uses in open focus. So while you are reading this review, imagine the distance of the screen from your eyes while still reading. Then see the edges of the computer screen yet still managing to read. Notice the spaces between each of the lines of words. Can you feel your shoulders? Can you feel if your arms and fingers are tense? Are your eyes relaxed? Still keep reading yet feel your tightness as you are still reading. Perhaps you can soften that tension and still maintain focus. Perhaps that feels more relaxed and now less urgent?

    So one of the ideas is to still function but we don't always need what's known as 'narrow focus' or 'hyper-focus'. This is the focus that uses a high level of energy, tension and focus. We don't always need this type of focus with everything we do. This type of focus is very effective at getting things done, but unless we have a knowledge of 'different types' of focus, we can burn out. We don't always need to use narrow-focus for every task and every conversation. There are lots of other things we could do in open focus, enjoy them more and maybe even do a better job. An obvious one is reading. When I did the exercise he gave while reading I noticed my tension and softened it, especially the tension I was using to hold the book.

    There is a cd with the book. The exercises on them are really brilliant. For me, going through the exercises really helps digest the sense of open focus.

    One of the main themes of open focus training is to focus on space and spaces. Something like the space between your eyes. On the cd there are 15 second pauses between focuses. So imagine the distance from your eyes to the tip of your nose. pause. Imagine the volume of your lips. pause. The idea is not to say "oh its an inch" but more the greater depth of the space, such as the space between the atoms in the space.

    The first of the two long guided sessions is working the head, shoulders and upper back. The second works the whole body. The voice on the cd is very pleasant.

    What this book does very well is point out that we are living as if everything is urgent. Yet a lot of the time we aren't aware of it. Our culture rewards this type of focus. We are taught it at school; "stop daydreaming"; "pay attention"; "concentrate". A lot of the time we were paying attention but we look relaxed, or our gaze wasn't looking 'focused' enough.

    Theres a lot of scientific biofeedback to back up this open focus training to move the practitioner very quickly into alpha waves using what is know as "imageless imagery".

    Les Fehmi has been working with being "a student of how human beings attend both to the world around them and to their internal world of emotions and thoughts" for over 40 years. He's worked with Dallas Cowboys(American Football), the New jersey Nets, and the Olympic Development Committee.

    At the time of writing this review there are no other reviews. So to read more reviews use the link in the address bar, delete the and replace with .com and that should take you straight to and their 20 reviews of this book.

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    I think this is really interesting work and links nicely with Alexander Technique. I didn't like the constant testimonial stories to back the work up - 'Paul had this problem and after only 10 sessions was completely cured ' stuff - like somehting out of cure for baldness advert ! But the work is really good - start thinking in a 3 dimensional way, and your brain will coem to a nice alpha wave state - a balanced alertness that makes movement and life seem easy and effortless. It had an immediate effect on me and my own work in AT and this was just from reading it, not having to listen to CD. I highly recommend the OPen Focus Brain approach.

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    Wonderful, lucid and meaningful 'poetry'

    My personalised take on how to describe such intelligent and diligent writing.

    Les Fehmi has delivered a masterstroke, in that if you've read neuroscience then this book is the extra dimension to your knowledge base.

    A must read and I have to say, a deserved five stars.

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    GREAT read

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    Fantastic book. As an Alexander teacher, this method makes absolute sense to me. Fascinating read. Buy it!!

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