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  • 15 February 2014

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    I heard about this book when Jeremy Vine interviewed Richard Shepherd on his Radio 2 programme and was blown away by the discussion, so I immediately ordered a copy what a good decision that was Knowing very little about forensic pathology apart from what I d picked up on BBC TV s Silent Witness this is so well written that it all made perfect sense.When considered from a biographical perspective, about someone I d never heard of before, it was a fascinating and very touching read.And it s a genuine page turner I have no idea how he managed to write this, let alone make it so fascinating, but whether you like adventure, biography, crime, pathos, anecdote, or just good writing, I highly recommend it.

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    So I had this book recommended to me by another medical colleague who raved about the honesty and openness of the author and this juxtaposition with his scientific insight and knowledge I have to say that I found his writing smug and somewhat arrogant in that he seemed always to have thought about critical difficulties ahead of them happening such as I remember thinking to myself at the time of Rachel Nickell s death that it was unlikely that Colin Stagg was the murderer but then doing nothing about it Additionally, he seemed to get certain things absolutely wrong The Sally Clarke case was the tipping point for me where Shepherd speaks highly about the now very discredited work of Prof Roy Meadows and others yet says next to nothing about the fact that Sally Clarke s conviction was overturned because their work was nonsense He bemoans the fact that they were unlucky and how any professional would have made the same call, but this just sounds like an unwillingness to consider that they were plain wrong to me If you want a book that pretends to be a casebook on a Forensic Pathologist s work, and you don t mind having to wade through some padding, this might be worth a shot If you find it a bit tedious to have to read someone s opinions on matters through the lens of a white middle class male who is clearly very pro establishment and doesn t want to question or even consider what the alternative might be, steer clear.

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    This is the endearingly honest biography of a man who has spent his life cutting up dead people to find out how they died Difficult to read in parts, Doctor Shepherd s professionalism and his evident passion for his job make this book fascinating rather than macabre.He talks about his famous cases Diana, Hungerford, 9 11, ISIS attacks, Shipman but also about the minutiae of routine deaths His own struggle to handle the impact of seeing so many terrible things which eventually lead to PTSD is sensitively discussed.I was educated, entertained and fascinated I would recommend this highly to everyone.

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    Having had the pleasure of assisting you with note taking during my time in the police, you have always been a pleasure to work for Nothing is too much trouble for you You and your wife are very highly thought of by both myself and former colleagues I wish you all the best.

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    What a great read his was a perfect blend of the two types of books I regularly read I am an avid reader of grisly crime reads such as Martina Cole or Jessie Keane but I also enjoy a good autobiography as I enjoy the aspect of reality that they bring, especially read by the author themselves It must have taken a lot to bare all and talk about his PTSD and the years when his credibility was in jeopardy Well done to Dr Shepherd for being able to put all that in writing and out there in the public.Dr Shepherd managed to hook me in from the very beginning and I ended up finishing it in just a few days as I was desperate to hear I also enjoyed his recognition that not all readers would understand the medical language and he explained the medical terms, whilst not coming across condescending in any way.I would definitely recommend this book and absolutely loved it I ve bought a couple of Christmas presents which I m sure will go down really well

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    I spent time learning from Dr Shepherd during UK DVI training without knowing much of the background he pulls out in this book Clearly his approach to talking to people during post mortem procedures had become finely tuned as he was able to impart information to a non medically qualified person in away that helped to assuage any fears of death but also provide the key answers to loved ones This book draws out the professionalism but also very personal impact on the lives involved in this work Also,the fine line between being an expert and possibly incompetent in court hearings and subsequent inquiries Thank you for writing your story in an honest and enthralling manner, but would have not expected anything different from a serious professional.

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    Pedestrian style, padded with a boring marriage Maybe four or five interesting cases, covered in a couple of pages each and off we go back to a humourless home.Plenty of judgemental observations on other professionals, but not acceptable when directed at the author.I have worked in mortuaries and can identify with some aspects of the narrative, but there is so much that can be described in depth I learnt nothing of forensic pathology from this book.He learns to fly, but we discover nothing much about it He argues with his wife or rather, he doesn t and then goes to work, which he manages to make boring.

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    This is an eminently readable account of the life of a forensic pathologist Dr Shepherd balances his professional work with the effect on his marriage and his personal life and thus the reader gets to know him as a person, as a human being The personal details are important as they make the autobiography rounded, offsetting the cut and thrust of the professional side against the ordinariness of the home life, the fantastic, bizarre even, against the mundane It would have been easy to have just concentrated on his work, to ignore the private side, but that would have been a mistake and one that, fortunately, Dr Shepherd doesn t make.How he got on with the various authorities and his colleagues, giving evidence in court, was also interesting, as was the whole Post Traumatic Stress Disorder saga, which, it seems, will remain with him, even though he will find it easier to cope with as time goes on.For me, the book has provided useful insights for the benefit of someone who is writing a crime thriller into post mortem procedures, effects of different trauma, accidental or deliberate, on a body, how a body decomposes, etc, etc A thoroughly gripping book from start to finish and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

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    The book is a fantastic read unfortunately as can be seen in the photos several pages are unprinted or have sections cut out of them For this reason I cannot award 5 stars.

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    The book did not develop as I had thought it would I was expecting a series of potted summaries of this forensic pathologist leading mots famous cases In fact it laid bare his personal life and the strains that the job placed on it and that of his family.The book is, for the most part well written The first few chapters would have benefitted from better editing as his text is clumsy in places.More importantly his description of the cases is fascinating and is not overly explicit in detail.A fine book, unlike any other I have read Highly recommended.

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    Yet to read book which may be great because as delivered it was hundreds of loose pages with no spine Quite unbelievably bad quality control

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    I haven t read a Non Fiction medical science book written by a professional before so I didn t know what to expect But this blew my mind in many ways I am heavily maybe a little to much into anything that is a crime, forensic, psychology and anatomy and what hides behind it all.Although this was not completely based on just the facts of his career as a forensic pathologist, I still personally enjoyed looking into his personal and family life and how it affected him And how Later on in his life, it began to affect his mental health and he was diagnosed with PTSD He shared how it started, him getting help and also how writing this book has helped him towards recovery I can sympathise with this as I use my reading and writing as a coping mechanism from my own battle with mental health and chronic pain.I understand that we all mainly want to hear just the cold hard detailed facts and the ins and outs of just the forensics etc in his career but we forget about the humans who are carrying out these jobs.He has a wonderful way with words and he wrote this book respectfully, truthfully with compassion and empathy for all those involved including changing some of the names etc.He has worked consulted on many many high profile cases including Princess Diana s death, baby deaths, serial killers, murders etc He also specialises in deaths using knives.I have learnt so much from this book and also how pathology has changed over the decades How much politics and money comes into it as well.Final ThoughtsIn closing I absolutely loved this book, it was a well written interesting book and I would highly recommend this book if you are interested in forensic pathology.

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    Recently I have read a number of what in effect are medical memoirs All have had their points of interest, but this one stands out from the others Richard Shepherd comes across as professionally dedicated, as a man of real integrity and thoroughly honest There is none of the veneer of egocentricity which to a greater or lesser degree weakens all the other books.It is an account of his life as a pathologist He presents the processes he undertakes with clarity and meaning Even engaging, and for him often stressful, are his numerous court apperances Some feature high profile trials such as the Shipman case, whereas others are less celebrated notorious but required the courage to face hostile examination by either crown or defending barristers We see how often he has to agonise faced with the most complex forensic information All this takes its toll.Into this world, Shepherd weaves the consequences of his total absorption in his work for his private family life He finds the balance between home and medical possibilities all but impossible to maintain and he reveals the consequences As time goes on Dr Shepherd s life finds calm in his new marriage and his love of flying However, he is tormented by the worst of the deaths, particularly the young deaths that he has had to confront Increasingly he is assaulted by panic attacks and eventaually driven to psychiatric counselling The pain he suffers in this phase of his life is harrowing not just for him but the reader he relates the events without a trace of unnecessary drama, giving them all the powerful an impact Very near the end of his full time career Shepherd has to face a crucial challenge to his professional expertise, one that he faces woth great humility and dignity until eventually exonerated from any wrong doing He comes across as an immensely impressive man, generous to friends and rivals alike, a loving husband and father and without a trace of conceit This is a very fine book I recommend it whole heartedly.

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    I found Dr Shepherd s ego kept intruding, despite his efforts to show himself as modest, open, and mindful of the feelings and views of others His use of his family and first marriage, however, rather tended to confirm the opposite as did his put downs of colleagues such as Iain West All that remains, by Sue Black, is a much better book Not only is it informative about death and the specialty of forensic pathologyher humanity shines through without the need for anecdotes that try to show her in the best light

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    His hero Keith Simpson wrote an excellent book about his work, analysing the cases he worked on and how the scientific evidence helped to establish the guilt or innocence of the perpetrator This book is rather a pale imitation If you want to know what makes the author tick, how he came to be a forensic pathologist, how it put a strain on his marriage and how he ended up in a happier marriage, this is the book for you None of that is in the least interesting to me, I m afraid The accounts of cases in which he was involved are sometimes interesting but usually banal and routine It s true that he offers some educational comments about how a pathologist goes about his work, but I had the impression that what really excited him in his professional career was mingling with fellow professionals and with barristers, and helping to edit the latest version of a well regarded pathology textbook This book is just a pot boiler to entertain the public.

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Unnatural Causes[PDF / EPUB] Unnatural Causes The dead do not hide the truth and they never lie Through me the dead can speak Dr Richard Shepherd is the UK s foremost forensic pathologist his job to understand the deaths which may have no natural The dead do not hide the truth and they never lie Through me the dead can speak Dr Richard Shepherd is the UK s foremost forensic pathologist his job to understand the deaths which may have no natural cause From crime scene to court room his findings are crucial to the pursuit of justice His work has seen killers put behind bars exonerated the innocent and turned open and shut cases on their heads Shepherd s obsession with revealing the secrets of the dead is personal At medical school while performing his first autopsy he held the heart of the patient in his hand and thought of his late mother taken too early by heart disease He became driven by the challenge of finding the truth of seeing justice and by compassion sometimes for the dead but always for those they have left behind Thoughtful revealing chilling sometimes bizarre and always unputdownable Unnatural Causes is the true crime book of the year.

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En tant u’auteur connu certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs comme dans le livre Unnatural Causes ui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Richard Shepherd auteurs dans le monde.