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    First I don't work for the company that produced this book nor am I affiliated with them at any level I am just your average Dad trying to help others who want to pass the Bar ExamHonestly speaking I didn't want to write a review for this book since I am studying for the CA Bar Exam and really do not need any competition than there is already out there; but I want to reach out to those in my position who are in their 40dz with a full time job and familyTruth be told I have purchased just about every supplement there is for the CA Bar Exam and all of them contain the same information with the only difference being in the manner in which the information is presented to the readerThere are excellent supplements for law school but very few effective supplements for the CA Bar Exam with this book being the best for those with little time to study Why Because this little gem provides you with a highly condensed summation of the black letter law and potential issues testable on the BarI'll say it again this book contains ALL the possible ISSUES that are TESTABLE on the BAR EXAM and is geared toward just that PASSING THE BAR Whereas Barbri Themis Kaplan are all geared toward overcharging anxious worried highly stressed students that are made to believe that they need to spend thousands of dollars on information that will not show up on the examWe have already proven that we know enough law to graduate from law school so there is no need to panic now and drink the proverbial you can only pass with us cool aid that big name bar review courses are handing out like candy on Halloween Big name review courses simply just give too much information that you DON'T NEED TO KNOW to pass the BarTo my fellow dads out there don't make my mistake and spend needless hours weeks burying your nose in the big Barbri books relearning everything you were taught in law schoolRather study smart and only learn what you need to know to passRead the index of this book and compare it to the supplements that you may already have purchased and you'll see why I can't recommend this book enough I am truly thankful to the people who produced it My essay scores have doubled using this bookMessage study the black letter law for essays using this book; study for the MBEs doing past REAL MBEs; and take past PTsDo this and you will passGood luck on the Bar Exam

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    This book was amazing Let me start out by saying that I failed the July 2015 exam and used this for the Feb 2016 exam AND PASSED This book was seriously the reason for my success I talk about it in greater detail on my blog but briefly wanted to share my thoughts on This book included memorization attack sheets that are super easy to copy and take wherever you are headed Having memorized this book and also using Kaplan I wrote 91 practice essays the second time around and honestly had little trouble remembering rules unlike the first time around During the feb bar exam I had little trouble with the essays I wrote out my attack sheet that I had memorized and addressed the essay accordingly I spotted enough issues to at least pass the exam on my second attempt HIGHLY RECOMMEND as a supplement to a main course Practice memorizing the attack sheets passing

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    I like most law students was very stressed about the bar exam Of course I took one of the standard bar prep courses However this book was extremely helpful I would go so far as to say that if you are one of those people who does not need to listen to lectures it is all you need to pass the essay portion of the exam I was lucky enough to pass the first time and I attribute at least part of my success to this bookThe book has the following features1 A very short one or two page outline of each essay subject2 A longer but still pretty short comprehensive subject outline This is one of the best features of the book I did not find anything in my exam July 2014 that was not covered in this outline Much better than all the outlines I got from the bar prep course3 Sample uestions and an analysis of the answers4 General tips and advice on writing the essaysA friend of mine who had failed on his first try but succeeded on his second recommended this book to me and told me how much it helped him the second time around I totally agree and have been recommending this book to my friends that still have to take the bar exam

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    The subject matter outlines are relatively helpful although they could in certain places be organized a little logically Overall however they are a good resource for covering most of what you might need to know to pass the essay section of the barThe issue I have with this book is the sample answers to the essay uestions which often not only contain issues that are not truly discussable but in fact state they are reuired to pass For example some of the issues the book states are reuired to discuss go outside the scope of the call or the facts are not present to discuss them eg discussion of an offer to pay medical expenses in an evidence uestion where no offer to pay medical expenses is present in the fact pattern As such it's a good book to read through some old essays and get exposure to a lot of different fact patterns but you may need to rely on your own judgment for self grading

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    After paying over a thousand dollars for a commerical test prep course Themis I failed every single essay on the July 2013 CA bar exam With just this book and the past exams available for free on the CA bar website I passed the February 2014 examI found that Themis' course wasted so much time teaching every minute detail of the law that it left me with little energy for the single most important test prep strategy TAKE AS MANY PRACTICE EXAMS AS POSSIBLE PERIODThis book helps you with this most important strategy for the following reasons1 The rule outlines provide all the rules you need to know written very concisely in the way the bar examiners want you to regurgitate them on the exam2 The book includes 6 sample essay uestions for each subject with answer outlines that identify the must get issues making self grading your own essays a breeze3 If you're having trouble with analysis there are couple sample answers for each subject written by the actual author ie not student samples that you can learn from and practice imitatingIn short this book is the reason I passed the bar exam

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Essay Exam Writing for the California Bar Exam (Bar Review) [PDF / EPUB] Essay Exam Writing for the California Bar Exam (Bar Review) Based on the authors' proven effective methodology Essay Exam Writing for the California Bar Exam contains everything you need to pass the essay portion of the California bar exam Your roadmap to succ Based on the authors' proven effective methodology Writing for PDF/EPUB å Essay Exam Writing for the California Bar Exam contains everything you need to pass the essay portion of the California bar exam Your roadmap to success it combines instruction and practice in essay writing fact analysis and issue spotting with a remarkably efficient review of substantive law Along the way you'll learn how to manage your time develop a Essay Exam Epub / strategy for improving your testing performance and ensure the consistent uality of your answers Essay Exam Writing for the California Bar Exam From beginning to end it's all here The elements of a passing essay Format Issues Rules Analysis Conclusion How to spot the issues and cite the rule correctly How to use the facts to craft effective analysis Making it easy for the exam grader to Exam Writing for eBook ↠ locate your analysis of the issues Practice Essays and Answer Gridsbased on analysis of previous California bar exams Sample essay answers that provide a model of a passing answer Self assessment and strategyhow much time to spend on each issue in light of time constraints Troubleshooting tips to improve exam performance An efficiently condensed user friendly review of substantive law Focusing on the relationships among the rules Exam Writing for the California PDF \ Prioritizing most freuently tested topics Issues Tested Matrix a detailed graph that analyzes the uestions asked in each subject over the past years broken down by sub topic freuency Issues Checklist a one page list of the issues tested in each Exam Writing for the California PDF \ subject organized to aid issue spotting Memorization Attack Sheet a bulleted list of the rules that apply to the Issues Checklist a tool for memorization that also reinforces issue spotting skills Annotated Rule Outline acomplete version of the rules in grammatically correct language annotated with fact triggers where helpful to assist with issue spotting.

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