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    As an investigative reporter, Evan Ratliff deftly uncovered the dark organization of Paul Le Roux, a megalomaniac driven by crackbrained grandiosity and fueled by paranoia Le Roux had created encryption code that the NSA could not break He leveraged his technical brilliance to exploit ambiguities in the U.S drug laws, and he enlisted thousands of legitimate pharmacies doctors into a complex, opaque network They prescribed millions of doses of painkillers as a result of Le Roux s sophisticated and relentless email spam solicitation.Obsessed with power and greed, Le Roux used a twisted combination of financial incentives, psychological control and death threats to expand his empire into gold, illegal drugs and arms deals to rogue states He ultimately ruled a vast empire ranging from North Korea to Somalia from his safe haven in the Philippines where he controlled the police and judiciary.Ratliff weaves this journey into an incredible story Just when you think it can t get bizarre, it does.

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    I was intrigued by this non fiction story after reading the prologue, and indeed the first few chapters are riveting Paul Leroux is a devious mastermind who helped fuel the opioid epidemic in the US The way in which he skirted the laws and laundered his money were genius because it was almost legal The author makes a very good case that had Leroux continued in that vein, instead of breaking all the way bad, he would have been a celebrated billionaire.This is a fast read, though, I read it over a weekend, and look forward to the TV documentarysome day.

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    This book has it all a brilliant criminal mastermind, a cast of sometimes bumbling mercenaries, a dogged DEA agent, and a trail of blood that Ratliff follows from the Philippines to Israel to Brazil to a nondescript bureaucratic office in Minneapolis Reads like a thriller, but it s all, unfortunately, totally true A terrific book.

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    This is one of THE best books I have ever read Wonderfully written, and you just will not believe some of what you read, but it s true I could not put this book down Paul Le Roux is a true monster, as evil as they come But this book You won t regret it

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    Perhaps scholarly and determined erudition best describe this manuscript of events so connected to one man s brilliance, corruption and savagery as they evolve into years of ruthless dominion over relentless crimes from the allure of power, wealth and sex.No, you won t find any quotes from the likes of Ben Franklin or Billy Graham in these pages Author Evan Ratliff recounts his four years of inquiry and source materials from individuals on six continents in nearly 400 pages of events that really happened Events such as drug and gun running, murders for vengeance and for hire, extortion for pecuniary needs, and much where page turning becomes another adventure into human greed and other familiar receptacles.A sociopath is defined as one lacking conscience with attendant defective mental or emotional disturbances Was the protagonist and central character in The Mastermind, Paul Leroux, sociopathic in his daily routines Readers will likely consider this a rhetorical question as they absorb the sequences in these chapters.Umbriago

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The Mastermind: Drugs. Empire. Murder. Betrayal. [PDF / EPUB] The Mastermind: Drugs. Empire. Murder. Betrayal. PROLOGUE Monrovia, Liberia September 26, 2012 I can see why you picked this place, says Paul Le Roux, as he shifted his significant bulk deeper into a leather couch, pressed against the wall of a mode PROLOGUE Monrovia, Liberia September , I Drugs. Empire. PDF/EPUB ¶ can see why you picked this place, says Paul Le Roux, as he shifted his significant bulk deeper into a leather couch, pressed against the wall of a modest Liberian hotel room Because its chaotic, it should be easy to move in and out, from what Ive seen The mans cadence carries a twinge of Southern Africa, Afrikaans mixed The Mastermind: ePUB ☆ with the sound of his native Zimbabwe, flattened out after years of living overseas His large white head is shaved close, and what hair remains has gone gray as he approaches He has the look of a beach vacationer cleaned up for a dinner out, with an oversized blue polo shirt and a pair of long khaki cargo shorts His outfit is out of keeping with Mastermind: Drugs. Empire. Epub á the discussion he is about to conduct, with a man he believes to be the head of a Colombian drug cartel, and whom he refers to only as Pepe Very easy, replies Pepe In a video recording of the meeting, Pepe is seated just off screen, on a matching couch His disembodied voice speaks in flawless, if heavily accented, English Very few people, not too many eyes It looks like the right place Trust mewhats your name again Paul Paul, trust me, its the right place Ive been here already for quite a bit of time And always, me and my organization, we pick places like this First of all, for corruption You can buy anything you want here Anything You just tell me what you need Yeah, its safe here, Le Roux says, knowingly If theres a problem here you can fix it I understand this type of place Everything is easy here Just hand to hand, boom boom boom you can see, Pepe says, laughing Well, thanks to your guy here, now we are meeting He gestures at a third man in the room, an employee of Le Rouxs who goes by the name Jack Anderson It was Jack who had made the initial connection between Le Roux and Pepe The deal Jack has brokered was complex enough that, when I meet him years later, I need him to walk me through it several times The Colombians, who dealt primarily in the cocaine produced in their own country, were looking to expand into methamphetamine, which they wanted to manufacture in Liberia and distribute to the US in Europe Le Roux, the head of his own international organization based in the Philippines and Brazil, would provide the necessarily materials to build the Colombians meth labs precursor chemicals, formulas to cook them into meth, and a clean room in which to synthesize it all And while they got up and running, he could give Pepe the meth itselfhed already stockpiled a ton of his ownin exchange for an equivalent amount of cocaine at market rates After months of back and forth, Jack had urged Le Roux to travel to Liberia and meet his new associate boss to boss to finalize the deal Over the half hour recording of the meeting, Jacks face never appears So where do you want to start Pepe says First of all, is the clean room Its already shipped, says Le Roux We already sent it to you this week I will get the bill of lading and I will give it to my man here to give to your guys Ok So its on the boat now Its on the boat, its on the water Also you have the designs we sent to you If you have any problem assembling it, Ill send guys here to assemble it like that He snaps his fingers We shouldnt have any I got my guys here, my chemist Its going to work To compensate you for the delays, we will just, when we do business, we will give you back the money Paul, you dont have to compensate me for nothing Le Roux flicks his hand in the air We feel bad it took so long This is just business, Pepe says We dont have to compensate, just doing business This is about money Pepe walks through his cartels plans for building up his operation in Liberia He is ready to arrange a trade of his high quality cocaine for Le Rouxs finished methamphetamine, a sample of which Le Roux has shipped to him from his base in the Philippines Let me ask you a question, Pepe says Sure You are not Filipino, why the Philippines Same reason you are in Liberia Basically, as far as Asia goes, its the best shit hole we can find, which gives us the ability to ship anywhere Its a good position For example we can ship to Hong Kong, we can ship to Japan, we can ship to Australia from there And the prices are very good I mean, for the product that you are manufacturing, in Australia its around , dollars a kilo If we move the other one, the one you want, to Japan, its around , a kilo Its the best position in Asia And its also a poor place Not as bad as here, but we can still solve problems You are cooking your shit in the Philippines , Pepe says Actually right now we manufacture in the Philippines and we also buy from the Chinese Were getting it from North Korea So the quality you saw was very high Thats not just very high That is awesome Yeah I was going to tell you that later on, but now that you talk about it That stuff is fucking incredible That is manufactured by the North Koreans, Le Roux says We get it from the Chinese, who get it from the North Koreans So my product is going to be the same, the amount that Im going to buy from you The same Exactly the same Le Roux nods I know you want the high quality for your market Yeah because the productyou know that one of the best customers and you probably know that, is the Americans Number one Its the number one They are fuckingthey want everything over there I dont know what the word is from Spanish Consumistas Consumists Consumers, Jack interjects, off camera Yeah they buy everything and they never stop, Le Roux says So everything that I ship is to America, Pepe says Trust me, when I brought this, fucking everyone was asking me for it Everyone That stuff comes from the North Korean government, thats why its so good, Le Roux says They dont care, they have a building like this size just to make this stuff Le Roux and Pepe consider different payment possibilities First they will trade the cocaine for meth After that, Le Roux says that he will be happy to be paid in gold or diamonds If they need to conduct bank transfers, he works primarily through China and Hong Kong, although he sounds a note of caution We just had, in Hong Kong, million dollars frozen By bullshit They dont need any excuse Just be careful It still works, but you need to be cautious It becomes worse, because the American, he likes to control everything And they are there, making a lot of trouble I say fuck Americans, Pepe says Americans, like you say, they think that they can control everything, but they cannot Its not impossible, but they cannot We have to be very careful They discuss shipment methods, and how many kilos of each drug the other could move in a month Le Roux owns ships picking up loads in South America and traveling to Asia, but he much prefers to work in Africa, territory he knows well His customers are in Australia, Thailand, China We are not touching the US right now, he says Why not Actually we move pills in the US What kind of pills Oxycodone, hydrocodone, tramadol, phentermine, Le Roux says These American fucks, they have an appetite for everything They are like whores They will just spend and spend and spend, they dont give a shit They buy everything Indeed, Paul Calder Le Roux has gotten rich, fabulously rich, by selling tens of millions of pills to Americans over the internet, for nearly a decade But unlike Pepes organization, Le Roux avoids shipping street drugs like meth to the States It generates too much heat, he says The Mastermind is a tour de force of shoe leather reportingundertaken, amid threats and menacing, at considerable personal risk Ratliffs reportage unfolds in crisp, atmospheric prose, and he brings a dispassionate eye to a milieu lousy with unreliable narrators, triangulating where possible to separate fact from legend Los Angeles TimesA complex tale of true crime on a global scalea wholly engrossing story that joins the worlds of El Chapo and Edward Snowden both disturbing and memorable Kirkus Reviewsstarred review With his relentless and fearless reporting, Evan Ratliff has pried open a hidden world filled with high tech gangsters and drug kingpins and double crossers and stone cold hitmen The story is as fascinating as it is terrifying, and it is one that will hold you in its gripDavid Grann, author of Killers of the Flower MoonA true crime classic Publishers Weeklystarred review If truth is stranger than fiction, then The Mastermind is the truest book youll read this year The only thing predictable about it is how quickly youll turn the pagesNoah Hawley, author of Before the Fall and creator of the TV series Fargo As directors, we spend countless hours imagining heightened plots and memorable characters that will leave a lasting impression on audiences The true tale of obsession, genius, intrigue, and vengeance detailed in The Mastermind is as gripping and cinematic as anything we could endeavor to conjure upJoe and Anthony Russo, directors, Captain America andAvengers Infinity War This is a mesmerizing, absolutely bonkers story about a man as brilliant as he is villainous Youll find yourself sucked in, freaked out, and ultimately blown away by Ratliff s storytelling and tireless reporting The Mastermind is a masterpieceNick Thompson, editor in chief, Wired.