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The Singer's Guide to Complete Health [PDF / EPUB] The Singer's Guide to Complete Health Anthony Jahn, MD, internationally acclaimed for his work as an opera doctor with some of the most prestigious opera companies in the world, offers a thorough and comprehensible guidebook on all aspect Anthony Jahn, MD, internationally Guide to Kindle Ò acclaimed for his work as an opera doctor with some of the most prestigious opera companies in the world, offers a thorough and comprehensible guidebook on all aspects of health and disease that affect the voice A vital tool for singers, voice instructors, and choral directors without formal medical training, The Singer s Guide to Complete Health empowers vocal performers to take charge of their own minds and bodies Along with a full range of experts, Jahn provides advice about the various health disorders that affect professional well being as The Singer's MOBI :ß well as remedies to the most important and common health problems that singers face in their careers Jahn has invited a diverse group of health care specialists and music professionals to share their expertise and tips with singers and instructions The chapters cover a broad range of topics, including psychological well being, age related changes, travel, diet, and exercise, accompanied by easy to follow illustrations, diagrams and charts Each chapter provides a clear explanation of the relevant vocal anatomy, as well as detailed descriptions of the most troublesome disorders for singers The book enables singers Singer's Guide to Kindle Ð to make informed decisions about their own health, and gives guidance on seeking appropriate professional help and self remedies It includes numerous suggestions on ways to maintain a healthy vocal lifestyle, not only with traditional methods such as diet, exercise, and Alexander technique, but also holistic approaches such as yoga, tai chi, acupuncture, and Chinese herbs The book also features assistance for singers who are interested in osteopathic, chiropractic, and craniosacral therapies A comprehensive blend of professional voice expertise and medical science, The Singer s Guide to Complete Health is an essential addition to bookshelves and medicine cabinets of all professional and aspiring singers and instructors.

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    Excellent Book with wonderful advice and guidance

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    This book gathers together the years of experience of Dr Jahn in a very readable format No excessive scientific jargon Easy to reference when looking for a particular concern Highly recommended.

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    Do not let the title fool you This text has valuable information for doctors, singers, speech pathologists and any professional that needs to nurture and preserve their speaking voice With the combination of eastern western medicine, along with homeopathy, this book in genious Dr Jahn is an excellent doctor and this book is truly a spot on example of his unique approach to patient care The book has collected a variety of treatment ideas from a wide range of professionals , and all chapters are not only interesting but valuable I learned information not only for the clients I treat as a speech pathologist, but for my own speaking voice when I lecture for other professionals Highly recommended for a wide audience way beyond the professional singer.

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    Great, well formatted info.

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    Came in great shape.

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    Great resource for professional singers, voice teachers, choral directors

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    This book covers the basics as well as nuances of voice and singing that are not that well known Really appreciate the different viewpoints, different authors Dr Jahn did a superb job coordinating it all.

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    Any questions about health choices we make are included Anything that will affect singing is detailed, from allergies and ibuprofen to rhinoplasty.

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