Blood Brothers: The Story of the Strange Friendship

Blood Brothers: The Story of the Strange Friendship between Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill [PDF / EPUB] Blood Brothers: The Story of the Strange Friendship between Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill Winner of the 2018 Ohioana Book Award for Nonfiction The little known but uniuely American story of the unlikely friendship of two famous figures of the American WestBuffalo Bill Cody and Sitting Bull Winner of the The Story MOBI ï Ohioana Book Award for Nonfiction The little known but uniuely American story of the unlikely friendship of two famous figures of the American WestBuffalo Bill Cody and Sitting Bulltold through the prism of their collaboration in Codys Wild West show in Splendid Blood Brothers elouently explores the clash of cultures on the Great Plains that initially united the two legends and how this shared experience contributed to the creation of their ironic political alliance Bobby Bridger Blood Brothers: PDF \ Austin ChronicleIt was in Brooklyn New York in that William F Codyknown across the land as Buffalo Billconceived of his Wild West show an euestrian extravaganza featuring cowboys and Indians It was a great success and for four months in the Lakota chief Sitting Bull appeared in the show Blood Brothers tells the story of these two iconic figures through their brief but important collaboration in a compelling narrative Brothers: The Story of the PDF or that reads like a novelOrange County Register Thoroughly researched Deanne Stillmans Brothers: The Story PDF É account of this period in American history is elucidating as well as entertainingBooklist complete with little told details about the two men whose alliance was eased by none other than Annie Oakley When Sitting Bull joined the Wild West the event spawned one of the earliest advertising slogans Foes in Friends in Cody paid his performers well and he treated the Indians no differently from white performers During this time the Native American rights movement began to flourish But with Brothers: The Story of the PDF or their way of life in tatters the Lakota and others availed themselves of the chance to perform in the Wild West show When Cody died in a large contingent of Native Americans attended his public funeral An iconic friendship tale like no other Blood Brothers is a timeless story of people from different cultures who crossed barriers to engage each other as human beings Here Stillman provides an account of the tragic murder of Sitting Bull thats as good as any in the literatureThoughtful and thoroughly well toldjust the right treatment for a subject about which many books have been written before few so successfullyKirkus Reviews starred review.

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    I am a big fan of the brief time of the romantic West and accounts of the relationshipraw deal the only true natives this land has known got at the hand of the their conuersand I guess I was expecting something as the title lead me to believethe whole story seemed to dance around an issue that while it may be the most accurate account I feel could have been approached differently or at least have had a accurate titleperhaps something like 'The Events The Lead Up to the Brief Friendship of the Blood Brothers Sitting Bull and William Cody'a little less about Cody and about Sitting Bullkind of an even handed rendering

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    The book was not as well written as I anticipated The bond between Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bull is well documented but the connection was somewhat disjointed

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    Blood Brothers is a great work of synthesis I was amazed how much ground the author covered in so few pages without sacrificing any key element from the Little Bighorn to the backstory of Annie Oakley Someone who knew nothing of those events and figures would come away with a clear understanding And of course as anyone familiar with Ms Stillman's writing would expect it was beautifully written

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    Good book Really interesting

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    I really did like this book I started with hardback and switched to digital I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the 1880s

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    Love Deanne Stillman’s writing Another great one from her

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    Reading now great writing and clear eyed vision of the tangled and bitter history of the West a history very much still with us A modern classic

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    Note from November 26 2017 I cannot believe how many other reviewers are giving this book high marks and stating how great it is and how well researched The ignorance is astounding But it explains the persistence of supernatural religion despite how clearly false it is Apparently most people just don't care about facts and truth or the closest that we can get to them This book is clearly not a case of the latter But just look at the shameless plugs When I picked this book up at a nearby store that gets advance copies of books the author's photo in the back made me think of Sedona AZ land of new age woo woo and of the Long Island medium she claims to talk to the dead for some reason But I collect books so bought it anyway I started to read it that night On p xiii the author wrote I have communed with wild horse herds I started to worryNow before I continue it is expected that history books even those written by historians well steeped in the topic will contain some errors It just happens Sometimes it's just a typo and sometimes it is an error of fact But with this book many of the errors don't feel like simple accidents but like the author doesn't really know the history so is perhaps a bit overwhelmed with getting things right When Stillman writes that the Grand Duke Alexis set sail for America in August of 1872 I know that she means 1871 But when she calls Bloody Knife a Crow Indian p 79 and mistakes the Arikara scouts for Crows p 75 states that Myles Keogh is from Garryowen Ireland p 81 says that the Apaches are known for taking scalps p 86 thinks that the Nez Perce had been holding out for months along the Canadian border p 100 that cavalry officer Eugene Asa Carr was perhaps the most famous Indian fighter of them all p 181 that Fire Cloud was of the Blackfoot Nation p 194 instead of the Blackfeet tribe of SiouxLakota for those really into tribal affiliation I have also seen it listed that a Fire Crow was Hunkpapa assuming they are the same man and lastly that thousands of Indians were gunned down in massacres in US Cavalry attacks p 182 not to downplay the numbers but I'm fairly certain this is an exaggeration I know that she doesn't really know her topic that well Yes none of that is directly related to the main theme of the book which by the way is perhaps overblown since the two men were only together for about 4 months But it does cause concern for the informed readerHere are some points of clarification and corrections if you read this bookp 63 bottomThe way Stillman writes it it sounds like Sitting Bull was at the Fort Laramie Treaty council in 1868 but he wasn’tchokengtitiktitikchokeng 65Gall signed the treaty of 1868 but it was at Fort Rice not Fort Laramie which is implied in Stillman's narrative see Sitting Bull by Stanley Vestal pp 109 110pp 72 73The AlexisCodyCusterSheridan buffalo hunt took place in Nebraska uite far from where Sitting Bull ranged primarily in Montana and North Dakota He wouldn’t have happened upon the dead buffalo left behind from the Grand Duke’s hunting tripchokengtitiktitikchokeng 87Regarding the Cheyenne Indian killed by Cody on July 17 1876 His correct name or at least the one that is now accepted as accurate was Yellow Hair not Yellow Hand she gives both names then prefers Yellow Handchokengtitiktitikchokeng 100Crazy Horse surrendered at Fort Robinson on May 6 1877 not May 7chokengtitiktitikchokeng 187 topshortly before the cataclysm at Wounded Knee” should read “shortly afterOkay now here are some examples of what I will refer to as new agemystical thinking this is not a complete list and I don't think they belong in a history book; one such comment could be cute but it uickly grew tiresomep 79When exactly he Crazy Horse arrived at the LBH fight is a mystery; perhaps as per his vision the gopher dust made him disappear until he galloped onto the battlefieldchokengtitiktitikchokeng 98 and overhead a falcon may have ridden the current for that was one of Sitting Bull’s protectors and surely the winged and the four leggeds would have been on guard in some way alerted by a derangement in their surroundings and the silent news that an important member of the circle Sitting Bull would be leaving it for a whilechokengtitiktitikchokeng 101It was the most treacherous weather some had seen in years nature’s response to the departure of a thunder dreamer Sitting Bull who years later would perform a ceremony that ended a droughtchokengtitiktitikchokeng 117Stillman writes about friendship meaning between Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill and then states there are those friendships in which mysterious forces the hand of the Creator please explain perhaps necessity desire brings two people together even former enemies Talk about nonsense It wouldn’t be a stretch then that the “creator” did this just so that Deanne Stillman could eventually write this book It was her preordained destinychokengtitiktitikchokeng 136Little Miss Sure Shot was bound to be a superstar for it is inside the act of pulling the trigger that America resides Mysterious are the forces that lead us to one another at certain times for certain reasons and looking back on that era it would seem that Sitting Bull’s meeting with Annie Oakley in St Paul was written on the winds for without that nickname she would have been billed differently and uite possibly different things would have happened The pulling the trigger uote is pretty good But the rest of this uote implies a creator who is causing things to happen In effect this makes us all just puppets playing out someone else’s drama Of course with all the possibilities of things that could happen in the universe there are going to be what look like fortuitous events in hindsight The uestion is was it a natural event or was some mysterious force guiding it And if that last point is true then really everything that happens was just meant to happen good bad or otherwise I just don’t believe that This is a case of counting the hits and disregarding the misses Sure there’s going to be some nice hits such as Annie Oakley being given the name Little Sure Shot by Sitting Bull That doesn’t mean there is anything else going on here some mysterious force that caused it to happen If so then the same mysterious force caused me to write this reviewDid I like anything in the book Yes here and there For instance this made me laugh As a boy Cody engaged in tasks and acts that would now violate every child labor law on the books p 33 A great line And I like this paragraph from p 143 that starts with “The primary attraction of course was William Cody who seemed to fulfill a national need for one man to step forward from the stage of Manifest Destiny and own it A paragraph worth uoting Those two I took note of I'm sure there were a few This book could just as easily have been a magazine article about the relationship between Sitting Bull and Cody And unless it was going to be published in some new age magazine the author would be best served by just sticking to the historical facts and keeping any conjecture in the land of realityI've got about 25 pages to goI'm sure the author is a very nice woman But this isn't my kind of book

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