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Erma's Attic: Angels of the Appalachians Book 2 [PDF / EPUB] Erma's Attic: Angels of the Appalachians Book 2 Ermas Attic is a heartfelt and humorous tale filled with historical facts folksy phrases and amusing adages of the Southern United States When Annie a young doctoral student living in Charleston West Ermas Attic Angels of Epub Û is a heartfelt and humorous tale filled with historical facts folksy phrases and amusing adages of the Southern United States When Annie a young doctoral student living in Charleston West Virginia takes the advice of an elderly friend and spends a few nights at a farmhouse up Black Hollow Road she discovers a journal in the attic The aged diary she soon realizes was written by her dear friend Erma who had recently passed on over to the sweet by and by Her friends memories transport her on an adventure that defines and Attic: Angels of the Appalachians eBook ã embraces Erma's Attic: MOBI :ß involvement in the womens suffrage movement chatting with Mary Mother Jones and standing vigil outside collapsed coal mines in the first half of the twentieth centuryTales from the past and from the present when the journal is uncovered are woven together to ultimately offer readers a compelling picture of life in the West Virginia Appalachians Ermas Attic Angels of the Appalachians Book renews the stories of Annie Will Erma Ida and of course Hank If you enjoyed Angels of the Appalachians you are invited to explore this account of a friendship that spans across decades If Attic: Angels of Epub ß you havent read the first book dont fret because you will still find yourself wishing to call on the fine folks of the Appalachian MountainsIts time to kick off your shoes relax for a spell and meet some of the angels who have made West Virginia so gloriously wild and wonderfulThis delightful fictional novella is available on Kindle and in Paperback.

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    eviews Erma's Attic Angels of the Appalachians Book 2Erma's Attic by Deanna EdensErma's Attic Angels of the Appalachians Book 2by Deanna Edens Goodreads AuthorF 50x66Linda Husvar's review Dec 27 2016 · editit was amazingRead from December 11 to 14 2016The author used PhD student Annie's voice to give us the back stories of Erma and Ida's lives from Book 1 of Angels of the Appalachians They championed women's right to vote and the horrible conditions coal miners face each work day The journal Erma left in her attic gave Annie deep insights as family secrets including a life long love story were revealed The best news was learning that Erma and Ida were real life people We were treated to detailed historical facts at the end of the book Recommended as one of the best Appalachian novels ever published

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    I loved these books and read them in order You learn so much about Appalachian people and the area they live in No one has much but they are always willing to offer what they do have to help others These 3 books shows their kindness to others and even people they don't know I think you should read these books It will give you a good feeling about people again

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    Although this is the second book in the Angels of the Appalachians series it can be read as a stand alone book The writing flows very well and the transitions between time periods are well done Sit back and enjoy while learning a little about the early 1900s before women could vote and before unionization

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    I enjoyed reading this uncomplicated story of real life people laced with historical information about early 20th century West Virginia juxtaposed with a modern 1980's woman's discoveries about her past The plot is unpretentious the characters well meaning and kind and the collouialisms amusing I found it refreshing to read about good hearted people making their way through challenging times with an individual human's perspective on the women's suffrage and unionization movements I found it short simple unpretentious and often heart warming a pleasant read while eating dinner alone

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    I absolutely LOVE Deanna Edens' writing style and all the research she puts into her books Cannot wait to read Book 3 in the series The characters have so much depth I can see them in my mind totally Always a message I am writing down Will' s interpretation of the Ten Commandments priceless and so simple that I can hear and feel GOD OUR FATHER and HIS ANGELS Smiling When the books in this series end I can't stand it Love these people Keep writing Deanna Edens you are one wonderful story teller with depth and meaning

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    This is a very nice and pleasant read nice clean entertainment and I recommend it to someone looking for very light and predictable reading This book was good to read during a time I was very busy I could pick it up and put down uickly and easily This book was not one I found impossible to put down The book promotes very nice values and personal encouragement

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    This book gave a wonderful insight to the world my grandmother then my mother grew up in over so many years This was full of delightful resilient honest and hard working ppl from the hills of West Virginia I thoroughly enjoyed this book Thank you 🤗

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    Erma's Attic provides us another opportunity to visit with Annie and Will the delightful characters whom we first met in Angels of the Appalachians After losing their dear friends Erma and Ida Will and Annie are trying to deal with Erma's estate and while involved in this process they discover additional evidence of Erma's and Ida's exploits as they traversed the difficult lives and journeys of living in the historical period in which they lived This story is told with wit humor and compassion Take another trip into the lives of these wonderful Angels of the Appalachians Erma’s Attic is a very enjoyable historical read

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