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Molly on the Range: Recipes and Stories from An Unlikely Life on a Farm: A Cookbook [PDF / EPUB] Molly on the Range: Recipes and Stories from An Unlikely Life on a Farm: A Cookbook Star of Food Network's Girl Meets Farm and winner of the Judges' Choice IACP Cookbook Award Molly Yeh explores home and family and celebrates herJewish and Chinese heritage and her current Midwestern Star of Food Network's the Range: Kindle × Girl Meets Farm and winner of the Judges' Choice IACP Cookbook Award Molly Yeh explores home and family and celebrates herJewish and Chinese heritage and her current Midwestern farm life in this cookbook featuring than recipesIn food blogger and Molly on MOBI :ß classical musician Molly Yeh left Brooklyn to live on a farm on the North Dakota Minnesota border where her fianc was a fifth generation Norwegian American sugar beet farmer Like her award winning blog My Name is Yeh Molly on the Range chronicles her life through on the Range: PDF/EPUB é photos new recipes and hilarious stories from life in the city and on the farmMollys story begins in the suburbs of Chicago in the s when things like Lunchables and Dunkaroos were the objects of her affection; continues into her New York years when Sunday mornings on the Range: Recipes and Kindle - meant hangovers and bagels; and ends in her beloved new home where shes currently trying to master the art of the hotdish Celebrating Molly's JewishChinese background with on the Range: Recipes and Kindle - recipes for Asian Scotch Eggs and Scallion Pancake Challah Bread and her new hometown Scandinavian recipes for Cardamom Vanilla Cake and Marzipan Mandel Bread Molly on the Range will delight everyone from longtime readers to those discovering her glorious writing and recipes for the first time Molly Yeh can now be seen starring in Girl Meets Farm on Food Network where she explores her Jewish and Chinese heritage and shares recipes developed on her Midwest farm.

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    I had never heard of Molly until I saw this book I enjoy reading memoirs and cookbooks that reveal the life and times of the author And I like reading recipes and even cooking occasionally But be warned there is completely unnecessary language in this book I am not naive and I realize people use foul language But it is completely unnecessary especially in a cookbook Perhaps NYC talks like this as a norm but I would hope most don't I haven't read the whole book yet and will do so with pen in hand to blot out those words

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    I was surprised and disappointed by her language I found it offensive and crassI returned the book

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    Nearly every recipe from this cookbook isa crowd pleaser I've cooked over half the recipes in this cookbook and would say so far only 2–3 have been sub par but even so they weren't badawful The other 65 I've cooked have been a HIT Every time my boyfriend loves a dish he'll turn to me and ask if it's a Molly Yeh one and 9 times out of 10 it comes from this bookWhile some recipes are intimidating and seem like they may reuire work there are some great easy ones tucked away often easily skipped or missed For other complex ones what always surprises me is that they're actually not that hard at all However if you're just buying this book I love these to start Chicken Paprikash Shakshuka Couscous Spaghetti and My Ex Boyfriend's Meatless Balls The Token Green Salad Hummus Tomato and Suash Soup No Knead Garlic Bread Brown Sugar Cookies Tahini Blondie Ice Cream SandwichesI love also how Molly Yeh has such a distinct voice It feels like a friend talking to you and teaching you how to cook so that I love to read from it as much as I love to cook from itIf the language the other reviewer mentions bothers you I encourage you to get a sense of humor and lighten up Molly hardly uses it and when she does it is so light hearted fun and such a welcome authentic voice in a world where cookbook writing can be stuffy and pretentiousI've bought this book for many friends and recommend you do too

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    I couldn't believe such language would be possible in a cookbook She seemed so nice on her cooking show I'm deleting it from my Kindle

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    I bought this Cookbook for a Christmas gift Upon receiving the Reader finds the Author using God's name in vain on page 145 and on page 19 discussing farting while kissing her boyfriend now husband Seriously Really Why does the Author feel a need to use God's name in vain and discuss her passing gas in a Cookbook Does the Author really believe the reader wants to hear this in a Cookbook Maybe there are reader's out there clamoring for this content in a Cookbook but I have not met them yet Very disappointing

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    Over the years I've stopped buying cookbooks because I've never really found one aside from my Moosewood cookbooks that seem to have a recipe on almost every page that I want to make However once I found Molly's blog I found myself making recipes from it two or three times a week I finally bought the cookbook and everything about it is perfect I want to make every single thing inside it and the joyful and fun personality of Molly is on every page I was delighted to see how thick it was it's almost 300 pages long and how much of her writing appears The book itself is very high uality and the pages are not the BPA filled glossy ones they're top notch matte paper that still are able to feel silky smooth and have high uality images Some matte pages lose the luster of the photos printed on them but her paper choice for this book was perfect Please forgive the adulation over paper I'm a photographer and paper uality is something about which I feel very strongly This book is aces across the board

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    This is absolutely my favorite cookbook I have ever purchased or seen I've bought copies for all my friends I've also made almost everything inside it some multiple times and people always ask for the recipes Her writing style is wonderful and I love reading about her life I'm so sad I couldn't go to her book signingSome of my favorite recipes inside include Pistachio Loaf I adore pistachios and pistachio butter this was a dream come true Dark Chocolate Marzipan Scone Loaf One of the reasons I bought the book everyone wanted scones rae the best Challah Waffles I made them in the heart shaped waffle maker I have and they were beautiful Brussel Sprout Rosti the first Latkes I made for Channukah last year The Token Green Salad This is dependable for weeknight dinners as something everyone will like Za'atar Monkey Bread My friends were entranced Sufganiyot I used the dough to make donuts for my birthday and Channukah Chicken Potstickers One of my mother's favorite comfort foods it passed her testThough honestly everything inside is fantastic and it's really the best ever I also adore her blog and searched for all of her recipes online and in the Forward

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    I am an unrestrained consumer of cookbooks I like ones with great pictures food porn Yay and it's even better when there are stories about the author's life and why they live where they do and cook the way they do Molly Yeh's Molly on the Range does all that and Her photos are seductive her recipes are not too easy and not too hard Many of them are just right and I look forward to working my way through the cookbook without gaining 25 pounds preferablyI stumbled onto her blog last year and while many of the email blogs I subscribe to get deleted without reading sorry my bad I read and look at the pictures multiple times I often save the recipes But really I prefer actual cookbooks so I was thrilled when she announced this book was soon to be releasedMolly's stories and the names she gives some of her recipes make me want to be Molly's new best friend but not in you know a creepy stalker kind of way Thanks Molly for opening a door onto your life and sharing your stories and recipes with the rest of usNot to mention cake

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    Molly is very sweet and her journey resembles my own big city girl turned farmlady But this book is just very inaccessible I like to read through recipe books to see what I want to make and not and already there I just stopped because this is a book than a recipe book I doubt I'll actually end up cooking from this book

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    This is than just a cookbook it's also an autobiography Molly the author and blogger shares stories from her childhood and life with Eggboy her Husband which all relate to food If you're familiar with Molly's blog then expect the same content humorous stories fabulous photos and delicious food If you are not aware of Molly and her blog here's a uick heads up; Molly is an extremely cute witty talented musician turned farmers wife who lives on a farm in the Midwest Formerly from New York and Chicago she is also half Chinese half Jew Her culture and the places where she has lived have all influenced her cooking There are some delicious exotic fusion sounding recipes in this book but I started with a pretty basic recipe the Chicken Tater Tot Hotdish which I made the day I received the book because I had all the ingredients and I love tots It was perfect winter comfort food I also made the Goulash but didn't make the Knodeln dumpling Molly suggests you make with it because I was time challenged instead we ate it with mashed potatoes This dish was disappointing it didn't have enough seasoning and lacked flavour I'm guessing the Knodeln is the star of the show here but the goulash should still taste good without it It didn't Tonight we're having the Gruyere Mac and Cheese with caramelised onions for dinnerRecipes to try laterScallion Pancake ChallahZa'atar Monkey Bread with garlic and onion LabnehChicken PotstickersHoney Ricotta Blintzes with Caramelised OnionsShakshuka CouscousJerusalem Bagel Hot DogsFeta MuhammaraFunfetti Cake and many The recipes are divided into chapters which are all named after a person or period in Molly's life for example Eggboy Life on the Farm Juilliard her university Chrismukkah recipes inspired by Christmas and Hanukkah Molly celebrates bothAlthough I haven't made many recipes from it yet I couldn't possibly give it less than 4 stars because it's been an absolute joy to read so much than just a cookbook Would highly recommend

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    I recently saw Molly's show 'Girl Meets Farm' on HGTV and tried her Coconut Cream Pie which was an absolute hit with my family I made 3 pies in the space of 2 weeks for birthday celebrations Molly's recipes are delicious and fun to make

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    Love this book

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    Wow so glad I got this Mollys recipes are so original and taste great

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