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Inside the Criminal Mind (Newly Revised Edition) [PDF / EPUB] Inside the Criminal Mind (Newly Revised Edition) From expert witness Dr Stanton E Samenow a brilliant no nonsense profile of the criminal mind updated to include new influences and effective methods for dealing with hardened criminals In 1984 this g From expert witness Dr Stanton E Samenow a brilliant no nonsense profile of the criminal mind updated to include new influences and effective methods for dealing with hardened criminals In this groundbreaking book offered readers an illuminating window into the workings of the criminal mind and a Inside the MOBI :ß revolutionary approach to habilitation In armed with twenty years of additional knowledge and inside Samenow explored the subject anew using his vast expertise to explain the thought patterns of those who commit the crimes we were most concerned with in the new millennium such as domestic violence Internet victimization and terrorism The fields of criminal behavior have expanded demanding another updated version which includes an exploration of computers as a vehicle for criminal conduct; new drugs and pharmaceutical influences; exposure to the rawest forms of violence in video games films and television broadcasts; social media as an arena for illicit activities; and updated genetic and biological research into whether some people are wired to become criminals Throughout we learn from Samenows four decades of experience how truly vital it is to know who the criminal is and how he or she thinks differently Only once euipped with that crucial understanding can we reach reasonable compassionate and effective solutions.

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    While there are personalities as the author describes these are the habitual and career criminals who have a very extreme level of narcissism Whether sociopathic or extremely narcissistic they are functionally very much alike He does tend to lump all criminal activity into this category at least in the way he has presented his argument I find the work shallow and incompleteHis section on terrorists is actually very inaccurate He admits to have no personal experience with this and relies on a few works by other people in attempting to apply his theory to this area It does not work He misses much in the way of accurate data even lacking in sufficient anecdotes to support his theoryI can't recommend this book

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    I was recommended this book by a counselor that my wife and I are seeing to help us address issues related to our son's behavior and subseuent incarceration This book has given me insights into the minds' of those who choose to think that they are above the law and can do as they pleaseI learned much about myself after reading this book and my wife is currently reading it as I write this reviewIf you have a loved one who is behind bars or one that you believe is headed there I think that this book will give you much insight as to what makes them tick what drives them and what they see when they view the world I believe this should somehow be reuired reading for every parent who has a child behind bars as well as anyone who's significant other is behind bars Stop blaming yourself

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    Review will sound kind of funny I bought this book for my daughter last CHRISTMAS She is studying psychology in college She wants to find out what is going on in the criminal brain I have heard Dr Laura Speak of the Doctor Who wrote this book only a few times on the air I saved the name of the book and planned to buy it for my daughterLet me tell you this was her most favorite Christmas present this year If you found my review helpful please give it a thumbs up I would appreciate it Thank you

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    This book opens up on a new perspective on how criminals think It uite surprised me at the end because for criminals crime comes inside their minds as thoughts as easily as for example wanting a sweet when on a diet and the author urges criminals to control their thoughts because it is the only way they can truly change their behavior Based on what I've come to learn and see so far this book hits the nail with the hammer regarding the mental process and psyche of a criminal This book is absolutely stunning

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    This is a book everyone should read I first read it back in college ca 1985 while studying Engineering and found it to be an eye opener I bought the revised edition because well it's a book that deserves reading twice The author uses case histories to illustrate how the criminal thinks and what is important to him This book helped me to banish from my thinking some of the pervasive myths about criminal behavior I had absorbed I don't work in law enforcement nor in any related field so for me the best remembered lesson from the book is that the choices I make matter and why making good ones is so important

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    The book describes various types of criminal behavior that have the same selfish thought processes Focus is on criminals that get caught and choose or refuse to change However criminals that don't get caught due to having powerful positions or cunning are not discussed It seems most people have criminal thoughts and the only thing thing that separates them from those that are labeled as criminals is acting on the criminal thoughts The basic premise of the book is valid but the analysis is incomplete

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    This book is a great insight from the opposition of what we've been conditioned to It will introduce theories and facts that you probably never considered It will give you an insight of how we've come about to where we are in the studies of the criminal mind and it's conclusions I highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to understand the dysfunctions of some individuals and you might even learn something about yourself

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    It is simply the best book I've read on the subject Forget about self pity and all the excuses what is needed to habilitate a criminal is a 180 degree shift in thinking errors as the author explains Anything less than that will not make a dent in a criminal's personality I was particularly touched by Leroy's story at the end of the book and Dr Yochelson's death at that specific point in Leroy's life brought tears to my eyesHighly recommended reading

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    I think its a comprehensive account of the criminal mind but I am wondering if by criminal he is referring to Psychopathy or Anti Social Behaviour disorders which are very similar to the descriptions in this bookI'm also dubious about the way in which he describes drug use some of the information I feel was not written from experience whic will be clear to anyone that has experience in this field He is very unforgiving to those that suffer with addiction as a disease he implies that this idea does not exist and that someone with a criminal mind will take advantage of this theoryBut all in all worth reading however I think he should have seen the similarities between Psychopathy and The criminal mind and confronted the differences somewhere within the book

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    While a fascinating book about the thinking that characterizes the criminal mind and how a changing in thinking is the only way to change criminal behavior all by itself this book's great value for everyone is to help identify errors in our very own thinking so that we can have a better opportunity to improve ourselves and our lives by first identifiying and then not falling into related kinds of thinking errors

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    Item arrived fast in good conditionThe book itself is great I just started reading it and it was worth buying it

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    Along with the Gift of Fear and Games Criminals Play this book give valuable support information for compling documents for publishing or for reference within the british judicial system However it is American and you will need to de cipher every page to understand the message wich is not that hard just a bit off putting at times

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    As a non typical therapist and a martial artist this book was recommended to me and is well worth the money

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