A Taste of Cowboy: Ranch Recipes and Tales from the Trail

A Taste of Cowboy: Ranch Recipes and Tales from the Trail [PDF / EPUB] A Taste of Cowboy: Ranch Recipes and Tales from the Trail Irresistiblerecipes from pantry ingredientsby an authentic cowboyand TV veteran Whether hes beating Bobby Flay at chicken fried steak on the Food Network catering for a barbecue bar mitzvah or wedding Irresistiblerecipes from pantry ingredientsby an of Cowboy: PDF Å authentic cowboyand TV veteran Whether hes beating Bobby Flay at chicken fried steak on the Food Network catering for a barbecue bar mitzvah or wedding or cooking for cowboys in the middle of nowhere Kent Rollins makes comfort food that satisfies This gifted cook TV contestant and storyteller takes us into his frontier world with A Taste ePUB ò simple food anyone can do A cowboys day starts early and ends late Kent offers labor saving breakfasts like Egg Bowls with Smoked Cream Sauce For lunch or dinner theres minute Green Pepper Frito Pie hands off four ingredient Sweet Heat Chopped Barbecue Sandwiches or mild and smoky Roasted Bean Stuffed Poblano Peppers He even parts with his prized recipe Taste of Cowboy: PDF È for Bread Pudding with Whisky Cream Sauce The secret to its lightness Hamburger buns Kent gets creative with ingredients on everyones shelves using lime soda to caramelize Sparkling Taters and balsamic vinegar to coax the sweetness out of Strawberry Pie With stunning photos of the American West and Kents lively tales and poetry A Taste of Cowboy is a must have Taste of Cowboy: Ranch Recipes PDF/EPUB ² for everyone who loves good honest food and wants a glimpse of a vanishing way of life.

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    I have been waiting almost 4 months for this book to be released and delivered I saw Kent Rollins on 'Chopped' and loved him I had already tried his 'Sparkling Taters' and loved them so when the book finally came I just had to try something IMMEDIATELY Mexican Tortilla Lasagnafast easy so darn good I paired it with Fiesta Cabbage Salsa Oh yeah While the lasagna was in the oven I started reading Cooking tips stories a song or two Fantastic And the thing that I like best is that all the recipes are easy to make with ordinary ingredients so that I don't have to go to a specialty store for a special spice that I will never use again I have a lot of cookbooks but I think that this one is going to be right by my old Betty Crocker cookbook as I will be using it often I want to try almost every recipe in it sigh I might even try the meatloaf recipe And I HATE meatloaf

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    What can I say I found Kent Rollins on Youtube one day and just had a blast watching him cook and share his stories Some may not like his way of talking but get over it The man knows how to put on a spread and have fun doing it I wish I could afford to have him come to my house and cook up a bunch of good chow for me and our friends It would be a hoot In the mean time I can't wait to make a recipe from this cookbook The hardest thing is which one to begin with firstThere are great photos and humor to go along with your cooking I appreciate that a lot and Kent fits my style and the way I have to cook up a bunch of good food Don't get me wrong I have had some formal training in the culinary arts but this is the way that gets my friends attention good food and lots of it

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    What do you get when you ask for a man who loves his God loves his wife loves his country loves cast iron and loves to cook Cowboy Kent Rollins He is an actual working chuck wagon cook who rides with the cowboys when they are movinggathering the herd His manner is absolutely genuine and he is full of boyish charm His recipes are easy to follow and there are fantastic pictures and a history of the chuck wagon lifestyleHe uses cast iron almost exclusively and has the best videos on his YouTube channel of how to season and maintain cast iron He also reviews new cast iron skillets and his reviews are honest and in depth His wife is his partner and camerawoman and they are hilarious togetherI could not recommend this cookbook and his YouTube Channel Cowboy Kent Rollins You will be hooked

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    I like Kent Rollins I watch his youtube channel on cooking outside mostly So I Bought his Recipe book thinking it would be for cooking in a dutch oven or at the very least have notes about it but sadly I was wrong So now I have to make notes in the book to convert the recipes for outdoors Dutch oven cooking It a good book if you cook indoors but if you like cooking in outside in a dutch oven you will have to make some correction to the recipes

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    I found Mr Rollins' book after watching his tutorial on cowboy coffee on youtube I've tried his techniue twice with different brands and grinds of coffee and confirmed he KNOWS what he's talking about I've tried several times to make cowboy coffee that tastes good I love the simplicity but could never get past the bad flavor Mr Rollins' techniue nails it It's not the best coffee I've ever had but pretty darned good considering how simple the method isAs a result of my success I have complete faith that the author knows how to cookbake everything he's claimingso I ordered his book I'll update my review after I receive the book and try a few recipes For those who uestion my rating prior to reading the bookI'd normally agree But in this instance I've got NO doubts my five star review will remain unchanged

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    I received this book today and immediately started reading it I read the dedication and the acknowledgments then on to the stories THIS BOOK IS AMAZING Kent talks about the people he has met My favorite is Leon Titled Leon goes to church I was reading it aloud and my husband was just laughing I told him this is like a great story book with recipes rather than a recipe book and some stories I can honestly say This is the first recipe book I have actually read I have other recipe books i just glance through until I see something i may like I would definitely recommend this book and the price is great

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    This is one of those rare keeper books definitely not one to be given the once over lightly treatment and then passed on The stories are gems that bring up vivid thoughts of an almost gone era of Americana And the recipes are easy to follow and good I have tried several so far and intend to use them allWell worth the money and a long hard look

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    I’ve been a fan of Kent Rollins’ youtube channel for several months now and his cookbook is a wonderful way to have a “hard copy” of a bunch of his recipes Unlike most cookbooks this one is a good read too Kent and his photographerproducerpartner in crimebride Shannon have put together an easy to follow easy to cook collection and their good nature and character come shining through Thanks folks Oh and Kent’s seasonings trivets and salsa are all top notch too

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    Had been watching Kent on YouTube for a while so brought this used from a company in the US The book arrived well packaged and well within the timescale stated although stated as used this book was like new Very pleased excellent serviceThe recipes are very interesting but you would need to convert as measurements are in cups and sticks of butter But this is easy to doHave tried some of the recipes and they have come out well although he uses cast iron cook pans you don't have toAll in all very interesting book well worth a read

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    Thank you very much Kent for an interesting book giving an idea of your lifestyle much appreciated

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    This was a giftSeems to of been well receivedGreat book

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    Great book which has been written with humour and honesty which makes a great read I’m also working my way through all the recipes which are awesome

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    Good read as well as the care of dutch ovens and recipes

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