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  • 04 May 2015

13 thoughts on “The Snail and the Whale

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    The Snail and the Whale is one of the best if not THE best children's books we've ever read And we've read many hundreds by now This one excels in every aspect1 What a jewel of a story about an unlikely friendship globe trotting adventure creative problem solving and resourcefulness thinking beyond the confines of one's limitations perceived or otherwise2 The book is beautifully written The rhymes and prose flow seamlessly It's lovely to both read and listen to3 The artwork is excellent too The pictures are vivid colorful and engaging We've read the book dozens of times by now and we'll still often notice some new little detailThis was our first Julia Donaldson book but remains my favorite The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom have also been hits and they're also very good The story and prose uality of The Snail and the Whale are better in my opinion But we will try other books by this author Thank you for this amazing contribution to children's lit Julia Donaldson

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    This author has several great picture books for kids and this is one of them although this one isn't my favorite I think my drawback is that it isn't humorous like some of her others Regardless this has been one that the kids want reread again and again

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    Yet another book by Julia Donaldson to join my kids' favourite books listA story about a little snail who longs to see the world beyond the little rock he lives on All the other snails on the rock try to hold him back but despite that the snail catches a 'ride' on a whaleDuring their adventure the snail realizes how huge the world isOne day the whale ends up in trouble and the little snail proves again that being small does not stop you from achieving great things if only you have the will and persistence to achieve themThe snail saves the whale and they both travel back home All the other snails seeing them happy hop on the whale's back to see the world

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    My husband and I love reading this book to our baby and I am sure our baby will love it when he starts being able to understand as well I love the epic journey that snail and the whale go on The story has such wonderful flow and rhythm to it The rhymes are perfect never awkward The illustrations have rich color and are very fun We love the way all of the birds look with their beady eyes I did not realize when I bought this book that Julia Donaldson is also the author of The Gruffalo The Gruffalo's Child and Room on the Broom We love The Snail and the Whale and had read the Gruffalo before so much that we went and purchased all of Julia Donaldson's other books Our second favorite is Room on the Broom We definitely recommend this book and all of Julia Donaldson's books They are SO clever and a real treat to read over and over again

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    I bought my daughter the regular copy of snail and the whale when she was 9 months and we read it over and over again She loved it After a year of steady use the pages were ripped I decided to get her the board book which I was so excited about but here's where things get tricky We love this book and basically any book by Julia but the board book came misprinted It no longer says ride wanted around the world or colorful fish with feathery fins The replacements completely mess with the rhyme and timing of the story and was really disappointing That is the ONLY reason for three stars

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    The book is amazing BUT I bought this copy in hard cover because I loved the softcover version so much The print uality of the hard cover version is utter garbage Misaligned artwork muddy colors and flimsy binding The vibrancy of the softcover version is so beautiful This hard cover bind was just an all around letdownThe story is amazing Just buy it in softcover

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    Rarely does a book for little ones hit top marks on the three things that matter most but this one does 1 vibrant clear colorful and engaging drawings 2 rhymes that really connect with strong measures sophisticated structure and emphasis and flow that works whether read silently or out loud 3 a heart warming story with multiple positive messages self reliance friendship resourcefulness nerve imagination and a general sense of generous good heartednessPerfect for bedtime the story starts calmly leads our snail and whale friends through interesting and exciting adventures then turns into a rescue drama moves on to a happy ending and then winds down with a calm upbeat conclusion I can feel the grandchild drifting off with a happy smile as the story concludes Plenty to look at lots to think about just a solid satisfying engaging and rewarding read for both your youngster and possibly you A very nice choice

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    I got a but tongue tied the first couple times I read this book I'm not going to lie Just like all of this authors stories it's written like a poem to a very nice rythemThe structure of the story was great in the sense that it made my brain work a little to read it how many toddler books do that And my 25 year old ADORES the story She actually can now uote a lot of it and all of The Gruffalo's Child another of our alltime favorites by this author I've probably read this book 50 times to her since purchase a few weeks ago and forsee many many times for years to come It will go in our permanent collection

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    I am totally in awe of Julia Donaldson and her amazing talent Just how does she do it Time after time she comes up with the sweetest stories and characters and then as if that isn’t hard enough she transforms them into fun catchy rhymes I can’t imagine any toddler not being totally captivated by every one of her booksThere is so much to love about The Snail and the Whale it’s hard to know where to begin The story of course is magical A tiny snail with ‘itchy feet’ hitches a ride on the tail of a ‘great big grey blue humpback whale’ and sets off on a fabulous adventure around the world When disaster strikes it’s the little snail despite her size and feelings of inferiority who uses her ingenuity to save the day and get them both safely home What a lovely lesson to teach young childrenThe sweeping rhyming narrative is a work of genius lilting evocative and an absolute joy to read aloud It has everything alliteration onomatopoeia and an exuisite collection of adjectives to spark little imaginations and boost vocabulary As always Donaldson’s narrative is showcased to perfection by Alex Scheffler’s stunning illustrations which offer lots to talk about and explore You can see a few of my favourite pages in the photos aboveThe book itself is a high uality hardback with thick board pages to withstand the envisaged heavy use I honesty cannnot recommend highly enough this and all other DonaldsonScheffler collaborationsThanks for reading my review I hope you found it helpful Check out my profile page for reviews of toddler books and puzzles and educational toys and games

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    Julia DonaldsonAxel Scheffler books are works of art The stories are written beautifully rhyming with a rhythm that sets the pace This ensures that as an adult I do not get bored reading the same stories over and over again as the familiar the story becomes the I can work on my expression and how I deliver giving me almost as joyful an experience as that of my son listening to them I feel excited when he brings me a book and then we can have a short bonding session over the story before he goes off to play again The books describe simple everyday scenes and experiences that a child might encounter helping them make sense of the world around them mixed with magical characters like dragons witches Santa etcAlex Schefflers artwork is beautiful complements the stories perfectly The same characters often pop up in different books whether it be the Gruffalo Child’s stick man in his own story or simply a suirrel and a frog This helps my son who is fifteen months old develop his own narrative He does not understand the words I am reading but gets plenty from the rhythm and my intonation whilst building his own story and understanding from the pictures he is always pointing different characters out to me or finding them when I ask where they are He loves books and I think that these books enhance a joy of reading and learning He brings the books to me time and time againThis story has fast become one of my personal favourite Juliua Donaldson books My son loves having me read to him and because he is not speaking yet cannot tell me what it is about the book but as we turn the pages of the different scenes from around the world I can see that it has a very special meaning and fascination for him making it a journey of discovery for me too Perhaps one day he might tell me what was so special for him or maybe he won't remember But right now we're enjoying the magic

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    Storyline One tiny snail gets a lift on a whales tail to go on an amazing journey past icebergs volcanoes sharks penguins and the little snail feels so small compared to them all But the tiny snail saves the day when the whale is beached in a bayEarly Years Teachers This book proved to be an invaluable resource on my teaching placements As with this well respected and loved children's author Julia Donaldson this is a great book with a good story line It is so versatile and can be enjoyed by many ages It is really easy to engage with as there are so many possible themes in the story which can be explored to a suitable depth dependent on the children's agesThemes help under the sea sealife journeys transportActivity ideas Children could drawpaint their own seaside picture Children could draw a map of the snail and the whale journey Children could write a letter to the snail saying how great he is saving the day Children could compare the size of a snail and other creature putting them in order of size The snail slithered so the children could think of other words about how other creatures move eg the whale Children could explore what snails and whales eat where they live and how fast they go Children could explore a variety of sea creatures and look at the food chains

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    This is a classic story for every child It is the tale of a snail and a whale the whale helps the snail by allowing him to travel the world on his fin and the snail helps the whale when he is beached on a shore by asking a group of school children to help It is a story of adventure with a great message no matter how small you may feel you can change somebody else's lifeOnly 4 stars because although of a great uality and with fantastic illustration even beautiful on some pages the book itself is a little small Which means the text is a bit small and difficult but possible to read on the page where the whale travels to the deep blue see with the snail on it's finMy son reuests this book time and time again I recommend other's get this book too but in hindsight I would have bought the larger paperbackPros engaging story beautiful illustration great message uality bookCons size is a little too small would recommend buying the a larger version or paperback

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    I think I like this book even than my children do It's a cute story about a little snail who is desperate to see the world and hitches a ride on the tail of a hunchback whale Towards the end its the whale that needs the help from the snail Its heartwarming and always makes me smile I love all of Julia Donaldson's books because the language is rich and the stories amusing Many children's stories can be badly written but hers never are If you need a book for your small ones this one will not disappoint I would definitely recommend

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The Snail and the Whale[PDF / EPUB] The Snail and the Whale From the creators behind The Gruffalo is a delightful tale of adventure and friendship with Julia Donaldson'strademark rhyming text and Axel Scheffler's brilliant characterful illustrationsWhen a tiny From the creators behind and the eBook ☆ The Gruffalo is a delightful tale of adventure and friendship with Julia Donaldson'strademark rhyming text and Axel Scheffler's brilliant characterful illustrationsWhen a tiny snail meets a humpback whale the two travel together to The Snail Epub / far off lands It's a dream come true for the snail who has never left home before But when the whale swims too close to shore will the snail be able to save her new friend.